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If Japan was smart they would sever diplomatic relations

Er... do that for your own peril. South Korea is Japan's one of the most profitable countries in terms of trade even more than China (Japan has a huge deficit with China), and more South Koreans visit/spend money in Japan, than the other way around. It will hurt Japan far more. More importantly, it will make Japan look like a dork of a country to the world's eyes for severing diplomatic relations over the very fact that Japan can't admit their WWII history is fake.

Japan is simply not worthy or capable of transformative change.

Agreed. It's unable/unwilling to transform. Koreans will have to accept that it will never change. No matter. Japan's a country that is rapidly sinking in its importance to the world, no longer there's a need to dwell on them for so long. Koreans should just be the better man, think of it as having being unlucky to have met a horrible drunk, and just move on. However, I do feel so sorry for the remaining 46 sex slaves who fought so hard to keep this history alive when Japan has done so much to smother that part of history. In the end, Japan lost out and were brought down to their knees by these old tiny women in their 80's and 90's.

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Posted in: S Korea's Park urges public to support WWII sex slave deal See in context

Political suicide. Damn woman, at least don't "urge" people especially at this very emotional moment. You're sounding like a Japanese politician.

Not exactly. About half support her initiative according to the polls. Plus next year is her last year in the office, she's almost lame duck. Plus despite what all the raving Japanese nationalists claim, quite a number of Koreans are also sick of this and want this to be over finally, even if it means accepting phoney fake apologies to make Japan look better to the world than it really is.

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half of South Koreans opposing the deal and 43% supporting it, according to a survey by Realmeter polling agency published on Thursday.

I wonder what Japan's poll would look like. Probably 85% opposed to the non-legal apology because they believe the comfort women were prostitutes, and it insults Japan's dignity.

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I hate to say this, but it's time to move on.

Well.. there's the matter of Taiwanese comfort women who are now demanding Japan. What about Chinese, North Korean, Filipino, and Indonesian comfort women who would also not just stand by? One down South Korea, five more to go for Japan.

Does this mean that Japan will stop rewriting history?

Well now that Japan admitted their wrong doing and apologized in front of the world's video cameras, if they rewrite history to claim the women were volunteer prostitutes, then they will prove themselves that they are lying. Either they are lying about the women as prostitutes, or they are lying about Japan having 'apologized'. Japan has to pick one explanation when they rewrite their history.

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$6 billion is still peanuts in 2015.

Forgot to mention that 70% of the 1965 Treaty money from Japan ($800 million at that time), were loans with interests, and not even grants. And they were repaid by South Korea long ago. So Japan essentially paid only $250 million which is nowhere near the $6 billion value that the poster erroneously have come up with.

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This is nothing short of plain money extortion

Oh come on, are you serious? It's $8 million US dollars, do you seriously think South Korean government is so broke they'll do anything for $8 million dollars? But it's amusing to read such comments.

Adjusted for inflation, $800,000,000 in 1965 was worth $6,020,820,512.82 in 2015

$6 billion is still peanuts in 2015. Consider that Japan stole from Korea for 35 years, taking so much of its raw materials, shipped tons and tons of Korean food production, used forced slave manpower, etc etc, Japan got off pretty lightly. What Japan stole from Korea for over the 35 year period, is far far more than $6 billion. Also consider what Germany paid to all the European countries that it pillaged - they all add up to hundreds of billions of dollars in today's monetary value. What did Japan pay for its pillage and destruction of Asian countries?

“Insisting that Japan take legal responsibility is the same thing as saying we don’t want to resolve the issue of comfort women,” said Jin Chang Soo, an analyst at the Sejong Institute think tank

That's totally false reasoning. So why can't Japan take legal responsibility if Japan is really sorry? Well.. because they're not really sorry.

Japan, however, doesn’t consider the 1 billion yen as compensation,

There you have it, it's not compensation. So what is it then? Oh yes, it's not compensation because they're not really apologizing, only making it look they're apologizing. Words for the international audiences, and totally different words when the international attention is shifted away. Is it that hard to say "we're sorry, and this is the compensation we will give you, as a token of apology"? Is it that hard to say one or two sentences? Instead, they're still playing word games yet again.

But the apparent finality of the deal - both sides called the matter “resolved finally and irreversibly,” if faithfully implemented

Yes, the key word here is "faithfully implemented". With that, I have very low confidence that Japan will keep their part of their bargain. Look what happened six months ago when Japan won the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Status for 23 industrial sites after conceding to South Korea’s demand that the registration make clear that some of the locations used forced laborers from the Korean Peninsula. Japan was supposed to raise a memorial for the visitors to see. Yet Japan went back on their words merely after few hours after the agreement was signed. Japanese government insisted that "forced labor" wasn't "forced". And Japan never raised a memorial for the forced laborers at the UNESCO sites. They went back on their words, and they'll do it again, in similar fashion with more doublespeak. Japanese government is an organization that is a master expert at doublespeak. They've perfected the science down to a tee.

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Posted in: U.N. chief praises S Korea, Japan for settling 'comfort women' row See in context

Now that Japan already paid $$$ like she did in 1965, I think Koreans don't have more reasons to complain or cry about that. If she does, she will recognize that she is dumb.

Before you make that comment, I suggest you read what your foreign minister said in front of your country's press:

Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida said the one billion yen payment was not compensation but aimed at restoring the women’s dignity.

His own words, the $8.3 million which is by the way is a pitiful small change, is not even a compensation, as your own government insists. None of the women demanded that Japan pay them money to restore their dignity. They wanted direct no BS compensation with a straight out apology from the government. Did they get that? No.

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan reach deal on wartime sex slaves, including Y1 bil aid fund See in context

Japan got off pretty easy with couple of million dollars in fine and a grudging apology to their enemies.

Next time the Japanese right deny there were comfort women, just whip out the video of Mr. Abe's heartfelt "apology" to the Comfort women, and remind them that they admitted their guilt and have apologized for it. That is proof enough that the crime existed.

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Posted in: Japan to propose new fund for former 'comfort women' See in context

Further quotes from the sex slaved women:

"We want to meet someone in charge who can solve the problem and hear our demands. Unless the Japanese government admits its involvement in forced sexual slavery, we cannot accept the apology."

They agreed that they would not accept any such gesture from Japan if there was even one objection from among the 46 survivors.

They also urged Japan to show sincerity before mentioning any "resolution," such as a fund.

"Even before apologizing, they talk about relocating the girl statue. This is why we think Abe's plan to send a letter of apology lacks sincerity," said Yu Hee-nam, another victim.

"The Japanese government should fully admit to its wrongdoings including operating brothels, drafting young girls against their will to subject them to forced sexual enslavement, which was an egregious human rights violation in history," the group said in a statement.

"The statue does not belong to the council but to the whole country. It is impossible to relocate or remove it."

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Asked what they thought about reports of Japan trying to throw some paper pennies at them, the former sex slaves weren't impressed.

"Abe should come and apologize to us," Lee Ok-seon, one of the victims, said at a media briefing at a shelter run by the Korean Council for the Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan.

The sex slaved women and the Korean government also issued separate criticisms of Japanese media printing false stories that S.Korean government is considering the removal of Comfort Women statute.

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Japan just still don't get it. It's not just money. They think throwing money will make the problem go away? Far from the truth.

The SK government is reported to be considering the 'removal' of the statue outside the Japanese embassy.

SK government issued a flat denial, saying Japanese government is playing games again. No such consideration was ever considered since the statue was put up by civilians, and it's right of free speech.

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Posted in: LDP forms group to review modern history See in context

I will just sum up Japan's official position.

Japan signed the 1965 war reparations treaty with Korea. And Japan apologized, however what Japan apologized for, were all fake issues created by Korea and China. Japan had nothing to be ashamed of and apologize about anything, but it did anyway. That was 1965. Treaty was signed and it's over. Japan can now do whatever it likes with its own history. Western history about Japan is unfair. Japan was a great power that had the right to rule over the less capable Asiatic peoples. Japan only was thinking of helping and bringing peace to Asia, against horrible Western colonialism. Japan will rise again to take its rightful place in Asia as a great Asia Cosphere Empire! Long live the Emperor god!

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Posted in: Moody's, S&P cut Toshiba's credit rating to junk See in context

I'm now in Vietnam and quite a few laptops, air conditioners, fridges, etc I'Ve spotted are Toshiba

Maybe because they are cheap. You're not going to see too much Toshiba appliances in developed markets in US/Canada/Australia/EU who don't care about price, as much as wanting quality and better technology.

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Posted in: LDP forms group to review modern history See in context

but but but but... Japan apologized! Why is Japan asked to apologize again? Why everyone here against anti-Japan?

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Posted in: Moody's, S&P cut Toshiba's credit rating to junk See in context

Moonraker, if they started jailing people for accounting frauds, the prisons would overflow with Zaibatsu leaders. It's just best to pretend it's only Toshiba with irregular numbers.

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Posted in: Toshiba to cut 6,800 jobs See in context

Walk into Bic camera and there's Samsung TV's and other non-Japanese brands all over. Walk into Docomo and there are Samsung phones and iphones everywhere.

Moon1, I don't know what part of country you're living in, but Samsung TV's were completely pulled out of Japan like five years ago. I think Samsung's highest market share in Japan was at 0.1% at one point before they pulling out. Samsung also had to take out their Samsung logos from the phones, and the sales have improved.

I'm not really surprised why Japan's electronics market is struggling. It's consumers don't like any kind of competition from non-Japanese brands, so the electronic goods producers don't care to improve, and don't know what's happening outside of Japan, with both consumers and manufacturers thinking that they're still the best - sort of like the frog in the well syndrome.

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Toshiba is the world’s second-largest maker of “flash” memory chips, behind Samsung, but its sales declined slightly last year, according to research firm IHS.

I tried to buy the Samsung Evo 950 Pro, which is rated currently the world's most advanced SSD chip with 2.5 gig per second in bus transfer speed. But no chance in Japan. I asked the clerk if he can show me the Samsung SSD, and he tried hard to steer me to the far less advanced Toshiba branded SSD. Disgusted, I just walked out.

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Posted in: Angry single men stage anti-Christmas rally in Tokyo See in context

LOL. certainly explains a lot about Japan.

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Posted in: Seoul court acquits Japanese reporter of defaming president See in context

Why am I not surprised OssanAmerica will say about this South Korea, but totally ignore Japan's problem with free speech restrictions? International press organizations considers and rates Japan worse than South Korea when it comes to freedom of press.

OssanAmericaDEC. 18, 2015 - 12:07AM JST While it's alarming that South Korea is so right wing that it teeters on the brink of losing democracy, there are many in South Korea who are now speaking up against this self-damaging nonsense. Why a journalist from ANY country should have been charged in the first place when his sources were the South Korea media boggles the mind. The next issue is South Korea's prosecution of Professor Park who "dared" to express her studied view that 200,000 women were NOT kidnapped, a fact that Asahi Shimbun has admitted was a fabricated story back in the early 90s , which South Korea chooses to ignore. What's noteworthy is not just Japan and the United States pressing South Korea to stop this move towards authoritarianism but that now many South Koreans are beginning to speak out against it.

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Posted in: Photos of WWII refugees saved by Japanese official are ID'd See in context

Yes, same government.

The same government? Are we still in the 30s?

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Posted in: Photos of WWII refugees saved by Japanese official are ID'd See in context

Ironic that the person that disobeyed and betrayed the Japanese government at that time, is now considered a hero by the same government because of the praise he got as a Japanese, making Japan's image look good.

Image and nationalism is the most important thing here.

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Posted in: Bangladesh asylum seeker deported after working for years in Japan See in context

Note to US car buyers. Do not buy Subaru.

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Posted in: S Korean man arrested over Yasukuni shrine blast See in context

SK govt said he went back voluntarily. How did SK know it was voluntary unless they talked with him.

Well, SK govt certainly didn't extradite him since Japan never asked for extradition nor named the suspect even. So how did he end up back in Japan unless he few over in voluntarily? You seem to lack any logic in this case.

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I feel sorry for Muslims already living in the US and are citizens, are they to be made stateless and deported?

If Trump had his way, they'd be in concentration camps. And it's not just one man who is crazy. There are lot of Americans that agree with him, and vote for him. That's the crazy part about it.

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Stop cherrypicking on Int'l Law

The only international law Japan respects and falls to are the ones that they think favors Japan. When did Japan care about international laws? They don't even respect international laws regarding refugees (the same law Japan had signed into), or what about Japan's blatant rejection of illegal whale hunts? Was it internationally legal when Japan grabbed those Chinese islands which the Chinese are disputing? What did Japan tell China? They said to "get over it already". Well Japan need to get over it too.

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So if Japan attacked Russia and "reconquered" the islands, that'd be okay? And how about if the Palestinians "conquered" Israel? No problem?

You are forgetting one pretty important piece of information. Japan and Russia were at war, beginning 1905. Japan beat Russia in the Russo-Japan war, and kept all their territories, including Korea. Throughout the next 20 years, Japan attacked and conquered Manchuria then often skirmished with the Russians, jockying for territorial positions over all of Asia.

So don't give us this cry me river Japan as a victim of aggression. Japan was one of the biggest aggressors during and pre-World War II, Japan's didn't lose their territories because they were just innocent victims. They lost them because they were greedy territorially and they were racist nationalists who killed, tortured, and murdered their ways across Asia.

In other words, Japan deserved what they got. It was one of the rare punishments meted out to Japan for their actions. The US protected the Emperor, protected much of the Japanese government officials from war crimes, as well as gave fat jobs to biological warfare units of Japanese medical experimentors who should have been tried for war crimes. Only the very few were singled out, when the war crimes against Asians went totally unpunished, while war crimes against European and US POW's were punished with token hangings. Half of the executed where the lowly Korean POW guards, while most of the Japanese who were commanding the camps were let off with leniency.

So excuse the people if they don't feel too much sorrow for Japan. It could have, and should have been much worse than losing a few worthless islands.

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LOL, you say that as if you believe Putin gives a hoot about J-investment on Kuriles? Its pretty obvious he doesnt give a toss asn you can be assured Russia,s sanctions will be lifted regardless.

Russia has been currying South Korean investments in these islands. South Korea has been opened to that ideal, and I think if they did go ahead, that's going to make Japan even more angrier at Sk, than they are now. I think SK can really stick a fork on Japan, as real time revenge (instead of just complaining about Japan's history revisionism).

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Japan started the war in the Pacific. The loss of the islands was the just punishment for being the aggressor. Germany lost big chunks of land to Poland, and nobody argues that those lands should be returned to Germany. Can you imagine the outrage in Europe and America if that were to happen? Yet Japan refuses to let go of history while telling other countries to do what they fail to do themselves. So absolutely hypocritical. Japan grabbed islands and lands when they were in the strong position. Yet they can't accept the fact that Russia did the exact same thing that Japan did. Japan has being crying victim for decades. Hilarious. Russia, keep the islands. They are your islands. Develop them and who cares if Japan cries. What are they going to do? Go to international courts?

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Posted in: Gamba striker Patric says he was racially abused by Urawa fan See in context

How dare he score a goal@!!! Doesn't this guy know only Japanese are allowed to do that!

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Posted in: Japan's tiny refugee community urges Tokyo to open doors wider See in context

The refugees should look elsewhere, somewhere that's not Japan. Why should the refugees be subjected to mistreatment and abuses from Japanese? The refugees would suffer greatly, it's best to go somewhere that's better than Japan with modern 21st century mindset which is not as racist and crummy. Leave Japan alone by itself, as it deserves.

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