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Posted in: U.S. cars do not fit Japan's market or Japanese consumers' requirements because of size, high fuel consumption and higher prices. They need to have a line-up that suits Japanese consumers' preferences See in context

Just the same as saying there is not such a thing like " Japanese consumer's preference". someone decided what your preferences should be. Same old Japan.

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Posted in: Panic buying leaves shelves empty following earthquake See in context

Japanese people use to buy daily food for one or two days and are not accustomed to accumulate food or stuff at home. Suddenly they are in a situation in wich nobody knows when supplies are resume to normal. In a situation like this I will go to the next super and buy anything that i can or need to endure the shortages. Logic, isnt it? Unfortunately I got late and Maruetsu was a rice, milk, canned food and juices free country.

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Posted in: Prices going up See in context

@knews What an exciting photo...

Yeah, the next pic will be the same guy kissing the floor with the hands in the pockets.

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Posted in: Ehime man secretly films over 1,000 women with collection of hidden cameras See in context

A tiny camera shaped like a remote infra-red car key a ball-point pen, a wristwatch, a lighter and so on. You can get all in Akihabara at very low prices.

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Posted in: Are you going to buy an e-reader or do you already have one? See in context

The new update for Ipad comes with Aromabooks. You can read and feel the dusty smell for the classics, the love stories comes with rose and lavanda, the thrillers and mistery section comes with blood and if you use 3d glasses you can se the bloods pouring through your hands. Politics smells like %$##it. Not recomended.

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Posted in: Are you going to buy an e-reader or do you already have one? See in context

Im a book adict. I love reading and i do it everywhere. Read two or three books at a time. This add load to my bag and pain for my back and it feels "good". So, please, you have to buy an ipad or something to know what are you talking about. Since I have it, i stop buying books.Im sorry but there is not much room in my tiny japanese "mansion". No more global warming, polluting, space taking, dirty books. And that what you call smell, is just dust and mold acumulating is your room wich leads to more allergies and respiratory diseases. Im not rich, so libray in my house is not even a dream. People who opposes e-readers should be opposed to mobile phones, cars, trains, boats and airplanes. Or they are making money from the books business.

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Posted in: Galaxy S handset See in context

Thanks for pointing out. 2nd from left, right? I got it.

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Posted in: Man, 19, arrested for beating girlfriend's 2-yr-old son to death See in context

Everything happened in ten days. The kid was maybe scared enough to tell the mother and there wasnt any bruises.There is a way of not leting bruises or lie about the small ones. The mother works at night so sleep the hole morning. She knows? She does? Only she can say that. And she said, no idea. I really dont care about them, just the little boy moves me. AND I had tested my father`s belt several times without crying and without tell it to my mother. The man, 19 years old, he does know about bullies and harassment. But about love and childcares...So, when somebody does something like this (and we see that very often here) the problem is...

RIP, poor boy, i wish you were mine to care you with love.

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Posted in: Which company makes the best cell phones? See in context

iPhone is the number one, two and number three. The others take your line and learn. BTW, I type in English, Spanish, Japanese and Russian in my iphone in the Yamanote sen 7:30 am every day, and while walking to workplace, and when riding my mamashari. No problem.

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Posted in: Jeans please See in context

marcels at 09:06 AM JST - 18th February

.......by the way if they are models i,m a model.......

Every one is a model. They are models of not smiling old fashion, super skinny legs. I`m a model of... "metabo" gaijin? BTW, is really hard to undress a girl wearing those jeans just to get a sack of bones. No, sorry, I love my "metabo" girl.

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Posted in: Why is there so much criticism of the quake relief effort in Haiti, whether it is of the U.S., Japan, China or others? See in context

Icewind007 at 03:01 AM JST - 21st January

They'd be better off... they've been there for so long surviving on handouts from other countries. they need some order and direction instead of freebees

Yes, you are right. Then we are the best to give orders and directions. Said who? We are too good and smart, so we help then now and we are not leaving till we make very sure they can walk by their own feet. That will be...never. We`ll cover that too.

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Posted in: Tens of thousands feared dead in Haiti quake See in context


Hate to say it, but once again, us sumbitch Americans are gonna be expected to take the brunt of the rescue-recovery efforts, and a fat stinking bill to match.

Looks like you skip this part.

Cuba, which ALREADY had hundreds of doctors in Haiti, treated injured in field hospitals.

Maybe you think Cuba is not a country. But, while cubans are starving and surfering their socialist regime, they are doing more for the people of Haiti than others. Not waiting for a thank you. Till now Haiti is a island full of blackies, but they needed the recue efforts from a long time ago

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