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Posted in: 'Grand Theft Auto VI' trailer drops, flagging 2025 release See in context

It's hilarious reading all the quotes by fanboi's on social media absolutely creaming themselves over the trailer, so many believe the trailer is what the game will actually be like.

Apparently though, I won't get to play the game until at least 2026 as I use a PC for all my gaming needs, though I won't buy the game until it is at least half-price so maybe 2028 at the earliest.

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Posted in: Heavy snow in northern England causes havoc on highways and knocks out power See in context

It's hilarious that the UK just fails at managing snow.

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Posted in: Diplomatic spat over the Parthenon Marbles scuttles meeting of British and Greek leaders See in context

The real issue is that the museum has so many artefacts from other cultures, that to give one set back to a country will open the flood gates for other countries to demand the same. The British Museum would end up half empty so the Government are deliberately gatekeeping it all. Your average Brit couldn't care less and wouldn't miss a lot of this stuff being sent back to where they originated.

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Posted in: Rosalynn Carter, outspoken former first lady, dies at 96 See in context


I can see Mr Carter joining her soon as no doubt his heart has died with her.

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Posted in: Luton 'saddened' by tragedy chanting in Liverpool clash See in context

Luton will hopefully be relegated into the lower leagues soon, where they belong.

A bit harsh to condemn an entire club over a minority of idiots who were doing the chanting.

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Posted in: New Beatles song set to reach number one on UK singles chart See in context

I found the song to be OK and enjoyable, I would've preferred an unreleased song written in the 60's then just a Lennon demo again. I do hope it gets to number 1 in the UK, even for one week.

One thing I didn't like though is the music video, the goofiness just doesn't sit with the song in my opinion and they could've done a lot better with the archive they had on hand.

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Posted in: David McCallum, star of hit TV series 'The Man From U.N.C.L.E.' and 'NCIS,' dies at 90 See in context

He's mostly remembered in the UK for his role alongside Joanna Lumley in Sapphire & Steel, well, at least for those old enough to remember the show.

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Posted in: YouTube cuts off Russell Brand's ad revenues after sexual assault allegations See in context

Once again, another man who is guilty until proven innocent.

I can't stand Brand and find him extremely annoying and unfunny but he's being proven guilty in the court of social media by accusations alone and no evidence.

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Posted in: Rolling Stones launch new album 'Hackney Diamonds' See in context

The album where we finally get a member of The Beatles playing alongside The Stones. I'm intrigued to know which song McCartney plays bass on.

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Posted in: Renowned British talk show host Michael Parkinson dies at 88 See in context

Muhammed Ali, Billy Connelly, Rod Hull & Emu, Miss Piggy and Kermit, Roy Castle/Buddy Rich and running late surprise guest Sammy Davis Jr, and Kenny Everitt. Just some of the guests that spring to mind for me.

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Posted in: Pig kidney works in a donated body for over a month, a step toward animal-human transplants See in context

You kidney make it up.

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Posted in: UEFA chief says soccer must 'eliminate cancer' of hooliganism See in context

Good luck with that, I expect it to go as well as the war on drugs.

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Posted in: Neymar quits PSG to sign for Saudi Arabia's Al-Hilal See in context

Right, I'm quite sure that the critics on here would turn down 100 million euros a year if given the choice. Easy to go "blah, blah, blah, human rights, I wouldn't do it" when that sort of cash isn't being waved under your nose.

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Posted in: Disney to shut Lucasfilm studio in Singapore See in context

Usual corporate response when things get tight. Sack as many people as they can so the Execs and share holders don't lose too much of their money.

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Posted in: New York drives towards first US congestion charge See in context

walk unsafe streets to violently assaulted or killed (especially if Asian) doesn’t help.

Says more about the state of 'murica then anything else.

Not something a Londoner would have had to put forward as a counter argument when the congestion charge was brought in.

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Posted in: U.S. stumble into World Cup last 16 but Dutch, England rampant See in context

It's good to see that unlike the Men's game which are dominated by the European and South American countries, the Women's game shows that it really is a World Cup.

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Posted in: Man deemed eligible for workplace compensation after sexual orientation outed by boss See in context

How can a country like Japan be so 21st Century is some areas yet so 19th Century in others.

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Posted in: Jury awards Florida girl burned by McDonald's Chicken McNugget $800,000 in damages See in context

'Murica, where stupid people can sue others for their own mistakes.

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Posted in: Leeds confirm approval for takeover by 49ers' owners See in context

Farke was a good decision for a manager having taken Norwich up twice, the relegation between promotions was mainly due to not having the transfer budget to bring players in with Premiership experience. This time around if he gets the promotion with Leeds then with the 49's backing and money he could do a decent job in keeping the team up.

First up, lets see which of the star players he is able to keep and who he brings in to replace those that will/have been transferred out.

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Posted in: Hospital doctors walk out in UK health service's biggest ever strike See in context

The Tories are in the process of trying to privatise certain parts of the NHS or at least tendering off bits to private firms for a set number of years with a set budget for them to work with. Some of them are then doing the bare minimum so they can maximise the profit from that budget by the time the retender is due.

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Posted in: British actor Glenda Jackson, two-time Oscar winner, then left-wing politician, dies at 87 See in context

She has regularly said that the appearance on the Morcambe & Wise show was the height of her career and it was the reason she got the role which led to her second Oscar. She was stunning playing Cleopatra in that skit, showed what great comedic timing she had.

She will be missed.


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Posted in: Freddie Mercury's draft lyrics for Queen hits unveiled See in context

@BertieWooser - My guess is the highest readership is from the US and UK going by the stories covered on this website daily.

I'd be interested to hear what @JeffLee and @NipporiNick consider good music? Then again, probably not.

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Posted in: Huge price hike for Japan Rail Pass triggers huge drop in foreign travelers who’ll buy it See in context

Well, the price increase has confirmed my decision to get a car rental for my next visit and only visit locations within a couple of hours drive of Tokyo.

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Posted in: Superstar singer Tina Turner dies at 83 See in context

It's good to know that she found the Love and happiness she craved for when she met Bach.

As has been said by many people already, Tina, you were Simply the Best.


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Posted in: 'The Phantom of the Opera' closes on Broadway after 35 years See in context

Surprised that Michael Crawford didn't make an appearance as he was the original Phantom for both London and NYC.

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Posted in: First image of a black hole gets a makeover with AI See in context

@jimizo, seems one downvote for you has triggered one person at least. I always find it amusing that they flat out deny this stuff without providing proof or any logical reasoning behind it. I see one comment has already done this "I says it is fake and so it is".

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Posted in: WWE's WrestleMania extravaganza draws sponsors to the ring See in context

Vince decided that the streak was gonna end with Lesnar, thus, it happened.

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Posted in: British comedian and TV star Paul O'Grady dies at 67 See in context

A genuine man who used his fame for all the right purposes, always spoke his mind, never afraid to stand up for what he believed in. The world is a poorer place today without him.

RIP Mr O'Grady.

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Posted in: ‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ comes out blazing with $73.5 mil at box office See in context

Cheers for the heads-up about the post-credits, at least I'll know to stick around for it.

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Posted in: 17-year-old student shoots 2 administrators at Denver high school See in context

In today's episode of 'Murica, another shooting at a school. The ratings are going to fall if they keep rehashing this story.

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