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Posted in: Murder, outrage, impasse: How gun crime bedevils U.S. See in context

Let's check the history books @Nick in Japan and see when the last mass killing incident involving a teenager at a school in the UK was.

Hmm, I'm drawing a blank here.

Maybe you can find an incident I've missed.

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Posted in: Manchester City squad most expensive in history: report See in context

All that money and none of it helps the England national squad either as most of the money is on non-English players.

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Posted in: Not much to smile about See in context

I watched the 1st period of this game an Japan did a seriously good job keeping Switzerland on the back foot, I knew they were doomed though when they couldn't take advantage of a power play where they had 2 extra players on field and never looked like scoring.

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Posted in: Trump wants military parade in Washington See in context

The inevitable tweet by Trump after the event.

"Hey Kim, my parade is bigger then your parade so nyah :P"

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Posted in: Russia says it met nuclear limits, questions U.S. compliance See in context

I trust what the Americans say these days as much as I do the Russians.

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Posted in: Strong iPhone prices buoy Apple shares after muted revenue forecast See in context

My heart bleeds that Wall Street is missing out on a couple of billion dollars, how will they ever feed their families?

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Posted in: U.S. gov't shutdown begins as spending bill fails in Senate See in context

I await the resident Trumpeteer's opinion on how it's all the lefts fault (his cut & paste argument for everything), how Trump is such the brilliant strategist whilst also conveniently forgetting what happened in 2013. Funny thing is, 5 Dem's actually voted for the bill I believe yet 5 Rep's didn't so what does that say?

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Posted in: Tillerson hopes to visit controversial new U.S. London embassy next week See in context

The media just like to blow out of proportion how much Brits seem to care about Trump, if fact most of 'em just couldn't care less about him and his opinions. The fact he hasn't been yet doesn't concern your average Brit one second, there's more important things to think and worry about then another loud-mouth from America.

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Posted in: Ideguchi to play for Leeds See in context

If Leeds can keep things going in the league and stay in the top 6, Ideguchi could possibly be a Premiership player next season.

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Posted in: Trump threatens to cut aid to U.N. members over Jerusalem vote See in context

It's on my to-do list.

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Posted in: Trump threatens to cut aid to U.N. members over Jerusalem vote See in context

The more Trump carries on the more I'm seeing North Korea's point of view on how they view America.

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Posted in: Foreign minister wants his own plane for overseas trips See in context

I'm seeing a lot of down voting but not one of those voters seem to be speaking up as to why this guy should be getting a private jet.

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Posted in: Popular Japanese comic 'Detective Conan' to go on hiatus See in context

One day I'll actually get round to giving this a manga/anime a try.

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Posted in: Honda restructures its F1 operations See in context

It's astonishing how Honda just hasn't gotten it right since their return, I'm under no illusion that building an F1 engine is an incredibly complex job but with their expertise it shouldn't have been as under-powered as it has been. F1 needs more than just Ferrari to take it to the Mercedes team but I still think they will have the only engine that will do the job.

Hopefully the new owners of F1 will steer the sport in the right direction and when the broadcasting rights come up for renewal they will do the right thing and take it back to the mainstream audience.

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Posted in: Arabs, Europe, U.N. reject Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital See in context

Lets always blame the democrats and the left, rinse and repeat ad infinitum. This stuck record needs to be nudged to see if anything else worth listening to comes forth.

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Posted in: Arabs, Europe, U.N. reject Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital See in context

Like the faithful Trumpeteer that he is, the first thing that is written is to blame it on the Democrats/left. Totally ignores the condemnation by World leaders.

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Posted in: AKB48 and S Korean idol groups perform hits at music awards; turns out to be a disaster See in context

The biggest cheers were for those feminine looking boy band members whenever they were shown, both idol groups lost out to them.

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Posted in: Amazon to produce 'Lord of the Rings' TV series See in context

250 million odd dollars for LOTR spin-offs is a lotta money and that's just for the licence, they'd probably need to spend that much again to bring whatever stories they decide to go with to life. I'm a Prime subscriber but that's for the quick deliveries and occasional movie, I've not watched a single one of their Original Prime TV shows and don't really plan to either.

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Posted in: Politician apologizes for saying serial killer was heavily influenced by anime See in context

Here we go yet again, people making the same baseless accusations and blaming some kind of media, in this case anime for the actions of an individual. Far easier to point the finger and say "has to be the anime that done it" rather then going into the far harder to research like background of his upbringing, influences with people and the World around him and how he felt he fitted into society in general. Plus the fact he may have had undiagnosed mental health issues all his life or in more recent times developed issues.

Nah, screw it lets just blame anime, far easier than waiting to hear actual factual accounts from professionals and go along with what some random politician and anonymous woman have said.

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Posted in: N Korean soldier, shot and wounded, defects to South See in context

I do hope there are no reprisals for any family that he's left behind.

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Posted in: Japan eyes imposing departure tax ahead of 2020 Olympics See in context

It starts off at 1,000 yen but how long before they find an excuse to slap another 500/1000 yen to the tax. Then another reason for an increase, then another....

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Posted in: 1,235 fish found dead at Tokyo aquarium See in context

I enjoyed the aquarium, has been one of the highlights when I've visited Japan. I didn't know they've had issues before though.

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Posted in: Abandoned cars take advantage of blind spots in legal system See in context

Just ask a guy with a tow truck to move it to another location for a 'small fee' and claim no knowledge if anyone asks where its gone.

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Posted in: No dialogue yet between rivals in Gulf crisis: Tillerson See in context

The US like most of the big Western nations rely on the oil under the sands of Saudi Arabia so won't rock the boat and annoy them.

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Posted in: Mugabe removed as WHO goodwill ambassador after outcry See in context


Mugabe and Tedros no doubt struck a nice little deal with one man getting a nice cushty job and in return promising to hand out a nice title to make an horrible little man look more human when a chapter in the history books are written about him.

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Posted in: 'Blade Runner 2049' pulls in older guys but few others See in context

Good to see the UK leading the way in international ticket sales, pretty huge fan base of the original film in this country.

Not watched the film myself yet, will be doing that this weekend hopefully if I can find the time, glad that their hasn't been too many trailers so I'm still pretty much clueless as to what to expect from this film... which is nice.

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Posted in: Green fingers: Japan sending garden-repair teams abroad See in context

Could they stop by my garden and transform it into a Japanese style one?

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Posted in: Catalonia moves to declare independence from Spain on Monday See in context

Tell them that if they become an independent state then their very precious football club would have to be banned from partaking in La Liga. Pretty sure that would change a fair few minds on the spot.

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Posted in: Macron: Europe is too slow, blind to dangers of nationalism See in context

Well done Macron on calling for the US of Europe, one of the main reasons why over half of Brits voted to get the country out of the EU and why there is a rise in Nationalism is a lot of countries within the EU.

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Posted in: Aso refers to shooting armed N Korean refugees in crisis See in context

Does this man seriously think a regime like NK's would allow its citizens to own firearms? If refugees did turn up with weapons it would be because they were either coerced into taking them or they are firm NK Nationalists who probably would use them. It also wouldn't surprise me if trained military personnel would be placed among genuine refugees in order to get them into the country.

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