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Posted in: Canada government ends legal fight to ban niqab See in context

One more nail in the coffin of Canadian democracy, Majority works and feeds the minorities that rule over it. Besides courts accepting a claim of religious connection that is known to be a lie proves its bias and incompetence, Niqab or face covering is not a religious requirement but a custom practiced by some but not all Muslim woman just like the dress of orthodox Jews has nothing to do with Torah.

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Posted in: France seeks united U.S.-Russia assault on Islamic State See in context

Russia should lead and the rest should do as told since the Russians are the only sincere party there. Up to now Russians are the only country not benefiting of oil black market and weapon sales to Daesh and other Muslim extremists.

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Posted in: At least 120 killed in six Paris terror attacks; police hunt for accomplices See in context

Since Muslims believe that their Muslim countries should be only for Muslims and Jews believe that Israel should be strictly a Jewish state than send everyone from this countries back there. They can enjoy their purity and rest of the world can enjoy its own purity. If Europe and America want the cheep labor there are millions of civilized candidates from Latin and east Asian countries available.

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Posted in: Sanders has most to prove as Democrats gather for 2nd debate See in context

While Sanders is Americas best choice Americans are to stupid to take that choice.

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Posted in: A stunned Europe steps up security following Paris carnage See in context

Creation of Israel as a religious Jewish state instead all embracing single state for Jews and Palestinians triggered stronger Muslim awareness and led to religious extremism. Oil became the source of Muslim power but also it was the reason for American and western European demolition of only progressive secular Arab countries namely Iraq, Libya and Syria. while Most of the middle east and Afghanistan are still living in the dark ages this trio was way ahead of the rest. By destroying that balance Western evil empires triggered what will be their own demise and Frances shrimp, Mr Sarkozy was very eagerly on the front of this. Now his countryman are paying the price for his stupidity.

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Posted in: Syria's Assad blames France as Arab world condemns Paris attacks See in context

Damascus considers all its opponents—including peaceful activists and non-Islamist groups—as “terrorists”. There was never any peaceful activists in Syria Just as there was never any peaceful activist in Libya. There are only armed western organized gangs that killed most of civilians if they were suspect of agreeing with the government. They are all terrorist regardless what makes them to be so.

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Posted in: Syrian army, Iranian forces preparing attack in Aleppo area See in context

After thousands of western mercenaries and terrorists armed by USA and NATO finally someone is doing right thing to help the government of Syria to restore the peace. Only after the terrorist are expelled and various warring factions disarmed could Assad be asked to democratize his country. Iraq abs Libya are definitely not good examples to follow

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Posted in: Clinton debate boost may keep Biden on 2016 sidelines See in context

I think this article got it all wrong, If you read more local American media and look at the posting on social internet sites it is definitely Sanders that got more out of it than Clinton.

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Posted in: NATO denounces Russia for violating Turkish airspace See in context

NATO denunciation is akin to a serial killer denouncing a petty thief for stealing some water.

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Posted in: Yemeni forces besiege rebel pocket near key strait See in context

It is a civil war of two equal strength tribes of Islam, instead of making an equal opportunity state that Huti are demanding Saudi and the Americans will rather settle the issue by slaughter of Huti and re imposition of segregated state regime.

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Posted in: Sailing for Japan See in context

Americans are in Japan because Japan attacked them and than lost the war. They are there to make sure Japan does not do it again. Of course that is only an excuse, they are there to control the surrounding countries and to dictate relation between them. And as long the threat of American presence is there Japan will not sort out any of its differences with China or Russia.

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Posted in: Nikon's digital SLR camera D5500 receives EISA Award See in context

There is a very little difference between D5500 and my very satisfying D5300.

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Posted in: China slammed over lack of transparency after Tianjin disaster See in context

It was an regretful and big accident, no one here is showing any sorrow or real concern for the people or the country but are all busy with hateful Sinophobia. And of course it only happened because the government is communist. At least this mafia government does show some sorrow when something bad happens in other parts of the world. If you hate them so much why are you all having your cheap badly made goods manufactured by them under your brands, why not do it to hi quality standards in your countries.

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Posted in: Old and new See in context

Just like any American or Canadian veteran he fought for his country while the country fought unjust war. He is not to blame for the wrong orders, soldiers job is to follow the orders. American paid mercenary type soldiers that fought in Vietnam, Korea, Iraq and Libya did exactly that, blindly followed the orders and fought unjust wars. Soldiers job is to be brave and strong not to think and be smart.

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Posted in: Kerry calls for democracy as U.S. flag raised in Cuba See in context

Last country in the world that has right to talk democracy is USA, They destroy the nations and create the terrorist states around the world. I feel sorry for Cuba, they will be next Libya or Iraq where law and order gets replaced by anarchy and murder.

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Posted in: Japan committed to nuclear power despite Fukushima disaster See in context

Just because the Fukushima incident Japan should not fail to use what is most reliable source of electricity. They should learn how to make the safety adjustments, definitely protect against Tsunamis by having a water towers and elevated backup generators. It looks as the earthquakes alone re not real problem, in Japan everything is built with those in mind but no one was prepared for a major tsunami. Japan needs energy and those that are demonstrating against nuclear power are probably demonstrating against coal and oil as well but they are types that can afford to heat their homes at any cost. USA and Canada have enough oil and water generated power but still use the nuclear power plants.

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Posted in: Male nipples become tools of 'sexual harassment' during summer, complain Japanese women See in context

Just like in any country, government employees are spoiled brats and spend half the time complaining and other half the time barking at the public they are suppose to serve. Bet you that people working in a private sector do not have time or taste for this kind of ridiculous observations. Well cultured person should not even notice this kind of things.

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Posted in: Cooking rice in a coffee-brewer could remove arsenic: study See in context

Japanese and Chinese have eaten rice as a staple food for thousands of years, it would be easy to compare the cancer and other ailments statistics against those of Europe where Staple foods are wheat and potatoes.

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Posted in: Lower house OKs security bills despite opposition boycott See in context

Good bye peaceful and world respected Japan, now you are the part of the evil empires of the dark side.

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Posted in: Greek lawmakers back bailout as violent clashes erupt in Athens See in context

Tsipras is just another politician wannabee at any cost. Traitor of his own party and of all of those that said no in referendum. He has no moral right to sty on and enforce the bad and nondemocratic deal.

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Posted in: Greece struggling to convince creditors it's for real See in context

since the end of WWI until now Greece has been ruined by the western Europe. They were always controlled by outside forces directly or through inside dictators supported by the western Europe establishments. They never got properly compensated for the German atrocities during the WWII and the so called civil war was enforced on them by UK and USA. tens of thousands of Greek resistance fighters, my father amongst them were wrongly outlawed as war criminals and all their property confiscated, their citizen ship taken a way and they were forced to flee to various countries of eastern Europe. From there on most Greeks lived in poverty while all the resources were controlled by a few oligarchs and western interests. Greek youth was forced to go out seeking jobs in western European countries and the money they brought back was half of the Greek GDP. At this time they are asked again to give themselves up unto the hands of foreign banks and loan sharks who are already proven them selves as unable to fix the problem but rather they have made it already worst.

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Posted in: Greece closer to desperately needed deal with creditors See in context

how did EU expect to fix the problem by enforcing the one-sided measures that over the period of four years reduced the productivity and employment by 25 percent and brought the youth unemployment to 50 percent. when many pensioners are sole source of income for three generation in the same household how can they ask for pension cuts and when half the population has no jobs how does it makes sense to extend the retirement age further? Is someone in EU very stupid or very evil? They have to start new projects, produce exportable goods, increase the tax on stagnating money and get the jobs for young people. And they should not sell any government assets that make profit. That is a long term income to pay of the loans. When they are forced to privatize that means someone behind the force wants to get the assets way below their value and that is the bad business. It is like selling a tree loaded with apples for a price of one apple.

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Posted in: Let's make a deal: mega-mergers drive M&A frenzy See in context

All this mergers are the reason for millions of unemployed world wide. almost every time one company buys another they buy the goodwill of the company but get rid of the work force, this is how they make the hi profit right from the beginning. For small number of the rich that gamble on the sock markets that is good, they sleep on pillows filled with sorrow and hunger of the millions who lost their jobs in process.

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Posted in: Greek PM urges 'No' vote to 'live with dignity in Europe' See in context

Tsipras is doing what every decent ruler should do, let the people decide their own destiny. It is called democracy. World money mongers are against it because they want to squeeze the blood out of Greeks, They got the country in to this position by pumping money in to the hands of previous governments. Meanwhile while the Troika dictated the way the country is governed Greece went deeper and deeper in to the abyss. All mayor manufacturing was moved out to other countries and unemployment tripled. Greek pensioners paid during their working lives in to the pension fund but that money was stolen by the previous governments and the large percent of the upper middle class and the wealthy tax evaders. I just see no other way for them now than to default on all the loans and start living by their own means under their own government.Foreign troika dictatorship showed that they cant resolve the problem without starving the population to get their interest money.

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