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Posted in: Abe cabinet rate support rises to 45.6% despite data scandal See in context

I don't see why people keep attacking the poll.

The problem is that the voters of Japan lack either the intelligence or foresight to recognize that sticking to Abe and the LDP is going to ensure the destruction of the nation, first by the loss of most of its population, then, far later, probably by a cultural and economic takeover by China or Korea.

This is the heart of the issue. It took me a few years to get it, but I finally do. Japanese people just don't care what happens to them, especially if it's not going to happen to them right NOW.

Enjoy the fireworks. I am content to buy a secluded property in the countryside and not need to deal with the coming destruction of social infrastructure once the aging crisis peaks. Only 10-20 years away folks.

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Posted in: Amid tensions with Japan, S Korea to boost world awareness on wartime sex abuses See in context

I find it odd that many of those who support the #MeToo movement just as vehemently defend Japan regarding this issue, repeating the points that the governments signed an agreement x years ago, Japan apologized x number of times and that the issue is too old for anyone to care anymore.

I'd like to remind you people that these women were the victims of very personal crimes by a military well known for committing some of the worst atrocities against anyone in all of recorded human history.

Given the fact that Japan still refuses to accept the reality of things which most people accept as fact such as the rape of Nanking, is it such a leap to accept that some direct victims of similar atrocities may still be alive, may not be represented nor consoled by whatever deal two governments struck decades ago, and may want Japan to actually atone for its sins like Germany did?

If you think these womens' plight ought to be forgotten I would say that you need to rethink exactly where you stand on human rights. Just because these women are old and the number of survivors is shrinking does not mean we should accept that governments conspired to buy them off for a few thousand dollars in hush money. The same people who bash Japan Inc for its hush money practices are telling these women and the nation of korea itself to shut up and be happy with the hush money. Grow some spines and stand up for what is right, or at least don't let Japan try to rewrite history as it is currently doing with it's most undemocratic government in recent memory.

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Posted in: Court upholds 'sterilization' rule for gender change See in context

Anyone need more proof that Japan is reverting to extreme right wing governance?

Government mandated sterilization is back in Japan after a 15ish year pause.

I dont understand trans people very well but forced sterilization of people undergoing their change is against global human fundamental rights.

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Posted in: S Korea says Japan showed no definitive proof of radar lock-on See in context

If SK will not comply with Japan’s request for the radar data, quid-pro-quo; there is no reason Japan should reveal the detection capabilities of the P-1, or risk angering nations like Italy, Portugal and Spain, who use the same radar system.

this is only an issue to laymen with no understanding of the systems involved.

every single aircraft assigned to missions like this is capable of receiving FCR threats and recording the frequency of the radar. you do not even need a military vehicle to do this, you can go buy equipment that will do this for you on ebay for under 50 USD. people used to have radar detectors in their cars. far simpler maybe, but with additional components built in, it is not at all difficult to identify the frequency of the source radar.

japan's reluctance to hand over the frequency of the supposed radar lock makes it very difficult to believe they were actually locked on to. according to the audio, the crew of the aircraft determined the "lock" by looking at the direction of the antenna or sensor array on the ship (exactly what they were looking at is unclear). this is not a reliable way to determine a radar lock. optical sensors can track aircraft and i'd imagine on a ship like that an optical sensor can be used to slew the radar to it without the radar actually emitting anything.

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Posted in: S Korea says Japan showed no definitive proof of radar lock-on See in context

i'm not sure what samit basu's comments are being downvoted so much, bots maybe?

pretty much everything he's saying is backed up by verifiable fact, all of these radar systems, and radar warning systems have a certain amount of information available freely on the internet. anyone who can be bothered to study them can learn the basics of how they operate.

if japan can't provide the frequency for a fire control radar, it means there never was a radar lock.

warships have a number of radars onboard. some are used for surface navigation, some are used for air search. a low flying aircraft WILL be painted by surface search radar energy, but it is not a fire control lock. there is no real way to avoid this other than to turn off the radar.

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Posted in: Ghosn's wife says he is suffering 'harsh' treatment in detention center See in context

People routinely die in these detention facilities.

Human rights watch, amnesty international etc. All know about what Japanese police are doing as well as the immigration centers. Which is the next place ghosn is going to be sent for unlimited detention.

He should take his money and break out. He is never going to receive justice and statistically he as at a much higher risk of premature death inside one of those detention facilities. I forget the actual stats but IIRC simply being in one of them increases your risk of death by a major amount

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Posted in: Son of ex-Nissan head Carlos Ghosn predicts court surprises on Tuesday See in context

Hope he drops a bombshell on the dirty Nissan execs that conspired to create this situation

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Posted in: Japan most popular choice for Vietnamese laborers in 2018 See in context

report for nuclear waste cleanup duty!

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Posted in: Tokyo court approves detention of ex-Nissan boss Ghosn until Jan 11 See in context

japanese detention centers routinely restrict access to pens and may restrict access to paper depending on the person.

cells are not heated. blocks of cells are heated but all detention centers in japan are built in the same way, a + shaped building with cells on the inside and two corridors for guards, one in front and one behind the cells. those areas are heated.

i don't know why ghosn doesn't just use his money to bust out and leave. he is never going to receive justice in japan.

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Posted in: Ex-M'bishi Hitachi Power executives admit to bribing Thai official See in context

Anyone still think the Japanese justice system is anything other than a steaming pile of something?

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Posted in: Taliban dismiss Afghanistan's peace talks offer See in context

Yup, every last one of the Taliban just needs to be put down. Their entire regime has got to be wiped off the planet and anyone responsible for radicalizing / talibanizing people taken with them. One of the most disgusting groups of people to exist in modern times. Never forget what they were doing to their own people in the 90's - the mass executions of innocent children and women in soccer stadiums, skinning people alive. Disgusting group of animals.

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Posted in: Japan releases video of alleged radar lock-on by S Korean warship See in context

a true fire control lockon would light up the RWR / similar systems like a christmas tree.

simply claiming you've been locked on to because an antenna is following your aircraft is ludicrous. a P-1 is well equipped enough to know when it's been locked onto by radar. alarms and beeps will be blaring everywhere inside the aircraft. take a look at ANY actual anti aircraft engagement video on youtube if you need proof of this.

sorry but unless japan can provide this proof (and it is ALL recorded, EVERY time, even if the lock is only a milisecond long) i am not very convinced an actual lock on happened.

besides all this, this incident is stupid, the countries are supposed to be allies. what are they doing provoking eachother? there is a big red country with a billion people in it, and a nutcase with nukes just hours away, both salivating at the prospect of these two nations acting like children.

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Posted in: Gov't to allocate foreign workers by region, sector See in context

Let me guess.

They're all going to be sent to Ibaraki and Gunma to do agricultural work.

Anyone want to take bets?

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Posted in: U.S. military declares five missing Marines dead after crash off Japan's coast See in context

air to air refueling at night is one of the hardest things that can be done in aviation.

the air above and around japan is notorious for sudden gusts and severe turbulence which makes it very challenging to fly in the close formation that's required to refuel.

"flying a training mission" is not a very good descriptor of what they're doing. they're putting a tiny pipe on their jet into a tiny receptacle hanging by a hose from the aircraft in front. if anything goes wrong the nose of the jet will hit the tail of the refueling aircraft and then it is all over for everybody.

it is a dangerous operation and there are plenty of videos on the internet showing how easily it can go to hell in a split second. usually the only damage is to the refuel probe or the nose of the jet. in this case, people were not so lucky.

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Posted in: Abe says he is aiming for constitution change by 2020 See in context


A nation whose biggest problem is the death of a third of its population within 30 years wants to protect itself against a nation whose biggest problem is overpopulation, and the best solution it comes up with is to change the laws so they can send its few remaining young people out to die in a war with a country producing enough children per day to fill a city. Let's not even get started on the disparity of equipment and the fact that China has nuclear weapons.

Comedy. He just hates the Chinese and that is what this is all about.

The non-computer using cyber security minister appointed by Abe dealio made me understand perfectly about Abe. He just doesn't know what he is doing, especially in military matters. He really doesn't.

Abe's passing of this law is going to be handled exactly how Japan under his and his successor is going to handle an armed confrontation. Ineptly. The people will obey whatever he says and they'll be cut down in enemy action for their efforts.

If you have kids in Japan you have a duty to protect them against his madness and ineptitude. The Chinese army is the largest in the world with over 2 million active members, with plenty more on tap. Japan is going to have a little under 8 million boys between the age of 0 and 14 in 2020.

Do you really want to send your kids out to face those odds, all because of a corrupt lunatic and his vanity?

Send this guy to a deserted island somewhere already.

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Posted in: As Japan OKs law to let more foreigners in, tiny rural town wants to go further See in context

As long as they have their bags packed the next time the japanese government decides it doesn't need foreigners anymore. Hey, it's a precedent they've set numerous times.

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Posted in: Mongolian sumo wrestler retires over assault See in context

better lock him up indefinitely so he doesn't destroy evidence, like they're doing with ghosn.

confess i say, confess!

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Posted in: Kevin Hart out as Oscars MC over anti-gay tweets See in context

They should just find a trans actor/comedian/singer with children to run the whole show. Don't forget to ban heterosexuals from attending. Heteros should also no longer be eligible to win oscars because that's homophobic.

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Posted in: Japanese boy drowns during school trip to Australia See in context

Tragic death, but I hope to god it is not another incident of a young Japanese person not knowing how to swim well yet being in the ocean. It happens so frequently it is a bit of a national issue.

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Posted in: Ex-Nissan chief Ghosn to be served with fresh arrest warrant See in context

Consider this.

In Japan, police and prosecutors hold someone in perpetuity on the basis that releasing the suspect creates a risk that the suspect will destroy evidence. This is the defacto reason prosecutors hold suspects. Nearly every person arrested is held permanently on this basis.

When the suspect is held like that, ALL information regarding their case is also controlled by police. This means that, for example, if Ghosn recalls some information that may be able to help his case, he has to relay that to his lawyers during an in person visit. The lawyers need to try to find out what is going on without Ghosn having any way to review his documentation. When you're talking about tens of thousands of documents and files, it is nearly impossible.

Not only that, even if the lawyer finds documents which may be relevant to Ghosn's defense, if he tries to pass the documents along to Ghosn, the chances are high that they will be blocked by the detention facility police on the basis that they're related to his "crime".

In otherwords, not only are they holding him without putting him on trial first, they're actively preventing him from defending himself.

This is the case for virtually every person who is arrested in Japan.

Police have unlimited power in Japan, and the entire system is stacked against you, to make sure that you cannot defend yourself. And if you think that only guilty people get arrested by the police, you're wrong, especially for a foreigner. All it takes is a single person to make an an anonymous tip against you. If you're a foreigner, an anonymous tip from someone who does not like you, about ANYTHING, is reasonable grounds to arrest you.

The police and immigration authorities in Japan have numerous laws on the books that enable them to detain and arrest foreigners without warrants at any time of the day, on the street or at their houses without probable cause as the modern world would interpret it.

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Posted in: Ex-Nissan chief Ghosn to be served with fresh arrest warrant See in context

Now people are beginning to see the reality of the Japanese justice system which they did not believe was true until this point.

He'll be held in perpetuity until he either confesses or is put on trial. He will be found guilty no matter what he does because that is the nature of the Japanese justice system.

The justice system is that of a despotic police state

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Posted in: Japanese prosecutors say they will detain Ghosn as long as needed See in context

What if someone in your neighborhood driving the same kind of car as you hits and runs a little child?

Would you still be so supportive of this?

To those who are trying to defend this practice:

Let's say he goes to trial and is acquitted of all charges against him.

Does that mean he just spent 1-3 years in jail (Oh, sorry, "detention") for committing no crime?

What exactly is his compensation going to be for that? Can something like that even be compensated for?

The system is clearly broken, if you do not comprehend this you need to get your head out of the edo period. The world has moved on. Always keep it in mind that someday it could be you in the crosshairs of an insane Japanese prosecutor. Every time Japan incarcerates someone without a trial, without access to lawyers, without recording interviews, they are just reminding the world of how far behind the society is.

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Posted in: JAL pilot, 10 times over alcohol limit, jailed for 10 months in UK See in context

The prevalence of drunk pilots is higher than you would imagine.

It is happening every day, it just doesn't get caught.

I used to run a training program using simulators. I saved the most important lesson for the final day of the course. We'd have a little celebration/graduation party, a few drinks, then I'd have the student get in the simulator and try to do some of the things we had been practicing. Nobody was able to handle the scenarios anymore. Every single person failed when they had alcohol in their system. I tried to illustrate to them the extreme danger of drinking and flying. If you're drunk or on sedatives, take the day off. They can find another crew or reschedule the flight, you only die once.

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Posted in: GM to slash jobs and production in Canada, U.S., drawing Trump's ire See in context

GM isn't trying to do anything.

I have actually worked in their factories, including one major factory being shut down in Canada.

It is an unfixable mess. The employees are EXTREMELY entitled brats who will fight tooth and nail for more benefits, more salary, more more more, even when given the facts that operations are going to be stopped if concessions can't be made.

The management is just as bad.

It's a childish, foolish organization and I won't shed a tear when they go bankrupt again. They have not done anything to stop it. They should have completely changed management and done away with all the unions when they had the chance to do so. They've had 10 years and taxpayer money to do it.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stabbing 2 policemen in Hiroshima See in context

Most modern police vests are stab and cut resistant but not stab proof. If the tip of the knife lands between the strands of the kevlar fiber it will go through it. 100% stab proof kevlar vests exist but are expensive and their bullet stopping characteristics change, generally meaning they need to be more bulky. It is a trade-off.

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Posted in: GM to slash jobs and production in Canada, U.S., drawing Trump's ire See in context

One of the worst managed companies and greediest unions to ever exist

The management and unions form a symbiotic relationship of dysfunction that will lead GM to collapse once again.

They still haven't learned their lesson and still design and produce junk. It is no wonder they are being trounced by Japanese and Korean automakers.

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Posted in: Ghosn's income under-reporting 'may reach $71 million' See in context

The police with their unlimited power, will hold him for eternity (Literally) without Ghosn even being convicted of anything.

The prosecutors will just make new charges every 20 days and they'll rearrest him inside the police station over and over and over again.

He could be in jail for years without actually being tried for the crimes he's accused of.

Of course, if he just puts his prints on that confession statement, it'll all be over - til they ship him to prison. Then deportation, if his jail sentence does not exceed his life span that is.

I wonder if a millionaire like Ghosn can use his money to force change on the corrupt judicial system of Japan.

I have a strong feeling that his tax evasion was done legally and that the authorities have moved the goalposts with greased up palms.

This does not send a good message to foreign investors either.

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Posted in: Gov't plans to raise working age limit to 70 See in context

oh dear lord, japan.

what are these 70 year olds going to do exactly?

most of the current generation of 45+ year olds can't even use computers. Japan already has the lowest PC and technology literacy rate of all developed nations in the world.

just how are these people going to be useful in a global economy that is going to rely on technology for nearly everything within 15 years? what are these senior citizens going to contribute?

the government should be finding ways to reduce the retirement age and encourage tech literacy on a national scale.

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Posted in: Japan's tax agency gears up to pursue hoarded funds abroad See in context

Inheritance taxes can and should be dealt with by having the person giving the inheritance put the money into a trust fund in your or anothers' name. Boom, less taxes.

I would suggest that anyone attempting to reduce tax payment in Japan be very careful about how they go about things. As the Ghosn case illustrates, as a foreigner you will be treated much more severely than an ethnic Japanese person will be. The tax authorities will also likely have info on you from the government in your native country, since tax info sharing has become a bigger thing in recent years.

If you are reducing taxes legally, it needs to be done in ways that keep your name out of the picture as Japan is liable to charge you anyway even if following the letter of the law. Offshore corporations are one tool that can be used cleverly. Playing with revenue and loss statements can impact taxability.

Be careful out there. With Japan raising the retirement age to 70, it appears that the government is beginning to claw at the proverbial walls as they close in on the nation. They're more likely to go after a foreigner than ever.

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Posted in: Ghosn to be detained for another 10 days; Nissan board to vote on his dismissal See in context

Japan's going to pay for this with the loss of tens of thousands of jobs.

Ghosn is the only reason Nissan still exists. When Japanese CEO's are back in charge it is going to crumble just like it was before Ghosn came onboard.

Why are the authorities not chasing after the CEO's of Japanese megacorps? You know, the ones that have all been outed as having fraudulent accounting practices? Why Ghosn?

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