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Posted in: Ill-fitting suit tips police off to con man in Tokyo See in context

Here's an example of illegal police tactics catching a fish.

Only in an oppressive police state can an ill fitting suit be considered suspicious and grounds for police to stop and interrogate someone.

Great, they caught a con-man, but in doing so they broke the law themselves. Why bother with the badges? Just go vigilante.

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Posted in: Japan to introduce electronic system for tourist visa applications in April 2020 See in context

Given Japan's government's way with technology I'd say anyone who uses the system will have their data siphoned off by Chinese hackers within a few moments of even looking at the page.

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Posted in: New Zealand fines travelers who won't unlock secure devices See in context

You may be surprised to know this is legal in many countries including Canada.

Basically, at border crossings you are subhuman and have no rights whatsoever. You may be groped, all of your property searched and seized, personal data hacked etc. And you have no legal recourse.

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Posted in: Decapitated, limbless body found in Chiba estuary See in context

those are still blades

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Posted in: Trump's Supreme Court nominee tearfully denies woman's sexual assault allegation See in context

Unbelievable what some people are saying here.

Nobody has provided any evidence proving any accusation supporting either person's story.

But according to the majority of JT commenters, Kavanaugh is guilty because he is an old white man?

Let justice run its course - have the FBI investigate.

I find it very odd that this incident decided to rear its head at this particular moment and that political parties on both sides of the spectrum are taking advantage of both individuals to push agendas.

Let the downvotes roll in. You ought to be ashamed of yourself for casting judgement with absolutely no judicial process. The range of reactions I've seen in these comments has covered everything from sexual discrimination to age discrimination and racism. Stop behaving like animals.

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Posted in: U.S. experts cautious on Abe seeking constitutional revision See in context

What kind of brain damage is required to think Japan can ever win a military battle with China?

If China decides to conscript even a tiny fraction of its population, its army would be larger than the entire population of Japan.

Please get real. A happy future for Japan is one where Abe is gone and forgotten and Japan is forging friendly relations with ALL of its neighbors, rather than trying to undo them through chest beating, indoctrination of children at right wing preschools and revisionism.

Japan does not need a large military (Even if Japan managed to sign up 20% of all able bodied men in the nation, it would still be minuscule in comparison to a Chinese invasion) and Japan does not need nuclear weapons. Forget it. Japan has had peace for many years and it ought to remain peaceful.

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Posted in: Putin says Russia has identified suspects in Novichok poisoning See in context

I wonder which unlucky individuals from the Siberian countryside were selected to be suspects this time.

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Posted in: LDP leadership contest between Abe and Ishiba set for Sept 20 See in context

Choose between a guy who wants to revert Japan to pre-war aggression policy, or another guy who wants to revert Japan to pre-war aggression policy

Again, what a lovely democracy we have here

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Posted in: AI robots to help teach English in 500 classrooms next year See in context

AI Robots which can understand native English speakers cannot understand the average Japanese person's English

It is logical to assume, that since this is Japan, the programmers will reprogram the things to understand Japanese English and speak Japanese English back to students.

Nary a worry folks, the cycle of robotic, bad English will continue unabated, with all politicians able to pat themselves on the back after billions of yen are pumped into this wonderful idea.

I sure do wonder how every other nation on earth managed to get its population speaking English though, you know, before AI and robots were around.

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy arrested for attempted murder of newspaper delivery woman See in context

The frustration phrase as usual. The police coerce people to use specific phrases and sign off on them.

He is obviously a disturbed boy but police interrogations really need to be recorded and scrutinized - how is it that every maniac on a killing spree gives the exact same reason for their crimes unless they are being coached to say it by police?

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Posted in: To fend off Netflix, movie theaters try 3-screen immersion See in context

No problem, get the government to ban Netflix just like Airbnb or uber

Crush all competitors through bribery, that's the way to do it in jp

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Posted in: Transgender Hollywood seeks recognition, and not just roles See in context

it is less a battle of recognition and more of a war against average people by special interest groups.

stop forcing non minorities to bend over way backwards to accommodate. the large majority of people are at least tolerant of lgbt, but do not want it force fed down their throats

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Posted in: Aspiring Canadian cosplayer living in Tokyo arrested for sham marriage See in context

Foreigners married to Japanese are held to different standards than regular Japanese couples (Surprise surprise?)

You may not have known it, but if you live separately from your spouse for an extended period of time, whether it's work related or not, you are in violation of JP immigration law and you can be deported at the drop of a hat, like this woman was.

I'm sure people think I'm fear mongering, but look on the JP Immigration website itself, this is all written there. Immigration agents who start an investigation about this are able to enter your house and search your belongings with impunity. They do not need a warrant to start an investigation, as others have mentioned, anyone angry at a foreigner can call in an anonymous tip and that is enough for them to start.

Again, check the laws. Immigration agents have unlimited power, exceeding that of police, whenever a foreigner is involved. They can do anything they want and have IIRC a 60 day time span in which to do it, during which time they are able to detain you in their facilities.

I'm always reminded of how tenuous our status is and how badly we're treated by the government. This lady was abusing the system, but the fact that random people can have immigration rifling through your underwear without probable cause is pretty sad.

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Posted in: Aspiring Canadian cosplayer living in Tokyo arrested for sham marriage See in context

Immigration must be pretty freaking bored if they're investigating Canadians for marriage fraud what with the thousands of Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Philippine sham marriages happening every single year.

What a joke.

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Posted in: 'Simpsons' creators bring feminism, young talent to new show See in context

Oh, more feminism is exactly what is needed

Might want to add a few other divisive and special interest agendas in there too

The show used to be a comedy about family values. What has it devolved into, pandering to feminism and "social commentary"

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Posted in: 76% of LDP lawmakers support Abe's re-election as party leader: poll See in context

What a lovely democracy

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Posted in: The Japanese summer as an ALT without air conditioning at school See in context

Science has proven that student test scores significantly drop when classroom temperatures are this high. The score difference is something like 40% lower on average.

Good job, government.

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Posted in: Japan's population declines at fastest pace yet to 125.2 mil See in context

no problem here, just enact more foreign trainee visa laws. nothing to worry about. make sure to increase tax too. don't forget to tell those damned women to have more kids because that's their only worthwhile job.

sarcasm impaired alert: These are things that have been spoken of or done by JPolitards in the past 6 months.

the country is doomed, live in Japan if you love it and have loved ones with you, otherwise there are greener pastures just about everywhere.

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Posted in: Justin Bieber engaged to model Baldwin: reports See in context

1 month.. Get the divorce story ready for printing too.

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Posted in: 2 Tokyo university officials suspected of bribing bureaucrat resign See in context

Put them all in Jail, NOW.

No more of this.

LDP needs to be held accountable for these things. Jail them all permanently.

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Posted in: Outcry as Japanese winemaking couple ordered to leave France See in context

I'm sorry to hear this is happening to them.

But for all the outrage, Japan is even more strict on income. I think that owners have to earn a salary of over 250,000 per month in addition to having two full time Japanese employees and revenue of over 50,000,000yen per year, +50,000,000 investment in the first year to be eligible for visa status as an investor.

The hurdle in France appears quite low in comparison.

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Posted in: Airline industry on cusp of major investment wave See in context

some electronics (almost none of them used commonly by most people) CAN cause interference with radio signals especially during takeoff and landing phases.

this is becoming less of a problem because most aircraft now rely on RNAV which is basically GPS mixed in with inertial navigation systems, unconnected with radio frequencies.

but on landing, aircraft still use ILS (radio) and so anything which could cause interference should be turned off.

bad chinese electronics which emit spurious RF are probably the biggest threat, but these days stuff like cell phones and wifi transmitters are unlikely to emit RF on frequencies that would affect ILS.

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Posted in: Not having children is selfish, says LDP Secretary-General Nikai See in context

These morons never shut up do they.

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Posted in: Anger mounts in Hollywood over Fox immigration coverage See in context

Japan has been doing the exact same thing for a longer period of time, where's the outrage?

There needs to be a solution for complicated immigration cases, I don't think it should involve unlimited detention periods and it certainly shouldn't involve detaining kids in jails.

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Posted in: S Korea conducts war games to defend islands against Japan See in context

They should have put these off, the timing couldn't have been worse.

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Posted in: Over 75% of Japanese women say they’ve slept with a male coworker: survey See in context

Isn't it a statistical fact that most Japanese women meet their husbands either at work or school?

The amount of infidelity also lends credibility to the 75% figure. Something like 40% of unmarried women admit to cheating on their partners, and that's just the women who decided to be up front about it. The amount of "double furin" where both partners in an affair are married is also very high and it is most common among coworkers.

Frustrating cultural problem, and a sign of a sick nation IMO.

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Posted in: Indian man dies in immigration detention center in apparent suicide See in context

And as far as I am concerned, medical issues should necessitate the involvement of a qualified translator.

The failure to provide adequate medical translation may have resulted in the deaths of at least 4 people over the past 3 years. From memory, 4 detainees have requested medical treatment, been denied, and have died or suffered massive medical complications (Paralysis) due to lack of translation and medical staff at Japanese detention centers.

It is a gross violation of the refugee convention (Most long term detainees in these facilities are covered under this convention) as well as numerous Japanese laws protecting the citizenry.

I do not understand why the Japanese immigration authority is exempted from basic human rights laws. I do know for a fact that Japanese police detention centers observe basic health and sanitation laws outlined by the UN, and I do know for a fact that the immigration detention centers do not observe the same laws.

There is literally a second stream of justice being administered to foreigners, be they illegal or "disputed". Regardless of your feelings on the matter, please keep in mind that not all people being detained in immigration detention centers are illegal immigrants - many of them have complicated circumstances but are not illegal. Simply having their immigration status in dispute or "pending" should not relegate them to a death sentence. I would hope that you of all people would understand this given your posting history. Please try to see things with both reason AND compassion.

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Posted in: Indian man dies in immigration detention center in apparent suicide See in context

I don't think it matters to be honest.

It is still a violation of all UN protocol and is a violation of various treaties which Japan has signed.

It's not acceptable.

I am not so free as to calculate the suicide and unnatural death statistics inside these facilities but a quick glance at the figures will quickly lead you to understand that simply being detained in an immigration facility in Japan puts you at extreme risk of premature death. Japan's stats for sudden/premature death in immigration detention centers are worse than most (All?) other developed nations.

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Posted in: Indian man dies in immigration detention center in apparent suicide See in context

By Geneva Convention laws I refer both to the 1949 war laws and the 1951 refugee and human rights laws, both of which Japan signed.

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Posted in: Indian man dies in immigration detention center in apparent suicide See in context

Yubaru, immigration detention centers do not provide translators for detainees other than for official proceedings directly related to the flow of the immigration judgement.

Medical translation is done by other detainees, none of whom have any qualifications in translation. Reuters has reported on this before. Requests for official translators are ignored and an official translator will only be provided if A) The immigration guard in charge of the ward happens to like the detainee and B) There is a qualified translator who happens to be at the center on other business at the exact moment the doctor is seeing patients from the specific ward that detainee is in.

Not sure how the police and police detention facilities handle similar cases, but the immigration facilities in Japan are in violation of a whole slew of Geneva Convention laws.

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