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India was a country where women were respected and even worshipped in form of deities about 7 centuries ago. But post invasions from the North Western invaders and Islamic influences, there has been a detrimental influence post partition. The society has woken up to the reality of the fact that sometimes rape should be a crime punishable by death, but even that would not solve the problem. Men across not just India but Asia as well as the middle East need to be taught to respect women, just the way they would like their mothers, daughters, sisters, wives and girlfriends treated.

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Not 2, but 15 over and above that.. producing US2 in India on a joint collaboration with Japan would bring down the cost by 1/3rd due to availability of composite material at lower cost..

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Finally a foundation is being set for the new age of Indo-Nippon ties. This time it will move beyond culture and economics and assume a strategic dimension. Let us hope to see a peaceful Asia assuming new partnerships for Security and Soverignity :)

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Highball7 Tibetans are the largest refugee group in India. They were also once the same in Nepal, but thanks to the Communist rise there, the Reds have either handed them back to the Chinese OR arrested them OR pushed them into India. Japan by far has been one of the countries that has helped the Tibetan people to survive and protect their already endangered culture through financial and social support, a culture that the Chinese are so hell bent on making extinct. While the Chinese keep talking about Nanking all the time, do they know what PLA had done in Tibet. An Arab would blow himself up and kill a couple. But when a monk carries out Self Immolation, he kills more than himself. He kills himself for there is hope that's been killed within him and the community he is a part of.

Nanking was wrong but what happens in Tibet wherein the Tibetans have become minority. Japan didnt make Chinese minority in CHina. Who explains that ?

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I believe India and Japan are ancient Civilisations which have not been hijacked by the Communist thought and continue to respect the individual freedom and culture. The People's Republic of China has been playing the Chinese Checkers game with all its neighbours and encroaching upon their land without empathy and regard for their inherent values and tradition. Tibet stands out as an example wherein the PLA has gobbled up an entire nation and made its enthnic people minority in their very own land. Post WWII, Japan does not have a full fledged Military of its own and is largely dependent on the United States for its protection. Today, even the US seems weak in front of China who has even become the largest creditor of the United States. This leaves Japan and India with no option but to assume their Ancient Military Prowess against a Red Dragon that shows no remorse towards its own people, leave alone the ones invaded by it. Time Japan and India did the unthinkable, but now very probable.

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