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With all the horrible squealing noises a train makes... people actually give a shit about other people talking on the phone. It isn't even a no-talking-train, it is a no one-sided conversation train. I can never get over how stupid this is. People just like to cause trouble, and they love when there is a "rule" like no phone calls on the train because it gives them an excuse to cause trouble. If you don't like noise, and you actually are genuine about it, why in the HELL would you give people the power to subject you to it? The only real solution for someone honestly interested in noise blocking is ear plugs or ear plugging headphones, both of which are incredibly portable.

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@taiko666: His comment was only ignorant if he was making a wild guess. I don't have to make wild guesses -- being in China, I can absolutely confirm you'd have an absolute HELL of a time finding a single person anywhere in this country who didn't learn on pirated compilers, and they openly admit to it. At an international software co. I have coworkers who openly tell me they have never purchased a piece of software of any sort whatsoever in their entire life, even though they make their living by it. This does give them an unfair advantage over me for sure because I'm not willing to do the same, even if it's "just for learning".

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