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ParisTiltin comments

Posted in: Mane event See in context

smartacus, Okinawamike is right. Emobile only seems to have towers set up in major centers, so if you're bound to the kanto or kansai region, you're good but if you go anywhere else you're screwed.

I prefer docomo's because they are accessible over almost all of the country, and the speeds are the same.

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Posted in: Iran steps up threats to close Strait of Hormuz after EU sanctions See in context

well put, some14some. too many are so easily swayed by the media and forget the facts. they forget who is in control and who has been having their way of it all across the middle east, and who has bases all over the world. just another money (oil) grab happening in iran.

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Posted in: West edges closer to confrontation with Iran See in context

good to know japan is 'very concerned' ?!?

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Posted in: Coming of age See in context

they're dancing with mickey and minnie and are how old???

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Posted in: Fujitsu introduces docomo STYLE series F-04D See in context

why are the colours of the phone in bold letters? flip phones are like betamax and VHS.

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Posted in: Olympus sues 19 current, ex-board members for Y16.54 bil in damages See in context

only problem, they'll never get past the considering part. why consider? what else is there to consider??

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Posted in: 18.3% of American women have been victims of rape or attempted rape at some time: study See in context

phenomenal stats, america. always the leader

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Posted in: Former sex slaves hold 1,000th protest outside Japan's embassy in Seoul See in context

you'd think after 100 or so, they would try another strategy

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Posted in: 5 dead, 122 wounded after man with grenades, rifle attacks holiday shoppers in Belgium See in context

white, black, red, yellow. evil knows no bounds. RIP all the victims of this terrible incident. whether it happens in poor, war-torn countries, or in wealthy, flourishing countries, the result is the same. extremism, at either end of the political or religious spectrum ultimately causes death.

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Posted in: Kameda retains WBA bantamweight title See in context

MJM, their fights are always in japan cuz they are truly not worthy of fighting internationally or a stage like say, vegas, where all the real, top boxers fight.

the reason they only fight thais, mexicans or venezualans is because those fighters need the money. they are set up with weak opponents to fatten their records.

there are many boxers out there, but these bozos havent yet proven that they deserve such a chance. they are as good as staged 'fights' over here. no real value, nor meaning in the bouts, except for the small japanese boxing market.

hey daiki, no singing after a loss, huh. keep praying, maybe someday you'll dream you are like manny pacquiao. that's right, dream, cuz in reality you stink.

i foresee a life of terrible variety show appearances for these two. めっちゃうまっ!

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Posted in: Nice spike See in context

the mens team is terrible. time to change the coach and their 'ganbarou' attitude. really pitiful watching these guys play, as it has been for a number of years now.

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Posted in: Amnesty International urges African nations to arrest George Bush See in context

YardleyDec. 02, 2011 - 01:00PM JST

The two men were waterboarded a total of 266 times from 2002 to 2003, according to the CIA inspector general

Wow, the CIA must have been very bad at it.


he single-handed turned the world into the paranoid mess it is today, where every muslim is seen as suspect and every uncertainty is a security risk. we have this man to thank for all of that. poeple think kim jong il is crazy. kim's got nothing on this guy.

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Posted in: Domino's Pizza offering unique discounts See in context

yuck! thanks once again for the trash and fat and obesity, America!

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Posted in: Krispy Kreme adds new regions to expansion plans for Japan See in context

eeeww! what trash. thanks for the fat, America

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Posted in: Amnesty International urges African nations to arrest George Bush See in context

so for those of u who are coming to his defense by saying if they arrest him, they have to arrest every other piece of scum out there, do you suggest doing nothing? just sweep the past under the carpet and we're good, huh? not defending amnesty international, but i dont think they're actually on the side of mugabe, al quaida, mussad, or any other extreme group. i'm sure they dont condone any of these violent groups either.

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Posted in: Amnesty International urges African nations to arrest George Bush See in context

even if they tried to arrest this poor excuse for a human being, do you really think he'd go there without nothing less of a battalion for a security detail as his escort?

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Posted in: Dentsu announces hit products in Japan in 2011 See in context

dentsu, thinking for us so we dont have to. just keep staring at the tube

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Posted in: Paris Hilton leaves for U.S. after being denied entry into Japan See in context

this is like the lamest thing that has like ever happened to me. dont they like know who i am? it was just a tinkle of coke that like came out of my nose when it started bleeding, whatever. a country with no drugs?!? like what am i doing here anyway. where's my jet? get me outta here

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