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parsboy comments

Posted in: Japan warns Britain to stay in EU or suffer job losses See in context

What no one seems to realise is that Britain will leave the EU but then join EFTA ( European Free trade agreement ) like countries such as Iceland , Norway and Switzerland ! As far as trade is concerned there will be no change ! What the Japanese should also realise is that when Britain leaves we will be followed by other countries demanding a free vote ! The EU is loved by politicians but hated by most people in Europe ! Britain first then Germany then its bye bye to the EU !

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Posted in: 'I love Paris' image hit by crime See in context

Romanians ?

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Posted in: Actress Yuki Amami suffers heart attack after stage performance See in context

A lot of soccer players in Britain are having similar episodes and some are even dying due to congenital weaknesses in thier bodies . No matter how fit we are , our bodies have their limitations and should not be pushed ridiculously hard !

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Posted in: 'Downton Abbey' leads way in TV exports See in context

Downtown Abbey may be boring to some British people but its something differant to foreigners . Hence its appeal .

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Posted in: Japan plans to donate patrol boats to Manila See in context

A leopard never changes its spots ! They may drive BMWs but they are still communist dictators !

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Posted in: Big money to play soccer in China, but is it worth it? See in context

Chinas OK if you can put up with the smog !

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Posted in: Starbucks Japan reduces amount of brew in some offerings See in context

Starbucks Japan is maybe saving money because Starbucks UK must be losing a lot of money . When it was discovered how little Starbucks pay in tax in the UK, a lot of people have been boycotting them going elsewhere . It would be of interest to the Japanese people, how much they pay in tax in Japan especially in these hard times ! I prefer Doutor myself !

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Posted in: Abe wants freer rein for military See in context

Not having to spend huge ammounts of money on defence certainly helps a countries economy . You only have to look at Germany to see that . Both Japan and Germany hide behind the history of WW2 . The world has changed and they should both stand up to their responsibilities ! Forget this " Self Defence " nonsence . Lets see a returns of the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy ! It would certainly upset the Koreans and Chinese but that is no bad thing !

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Posted in: S Korean soccer player gets 2-match ban for displaying political banner at Olympics See in context

Patriotism . The last refuge of a scoundral !

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Posted in: This is how the revolution will start in Japan - with 'Good morning' See in context

Nice story . A lesson for all of us . " No man is an island " !

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Posted in: China relentlessly harries Japan in island dispute See in context

The Chinese are nothing but bullies . Stand up to them and Japan will find it has more allies in the region than it thinks . Nobody likes the Chinese !

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