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Posted in: Are you sick of hearing about 'Abenomics?' See in context


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Posted in: Malaysian police say Japanese man hanged himself in cell See in context

why wud a TOURIST commit suicide in a foreign police custody !! Sthz fishy !!

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Posted in: Google's wearable Glass gadget: cool or creepy? See in context

IT IS CREEPY !! Just THINK about it, a PERSON wearing this GLASS can take ur PICTURES, VIDEO, upload it in the INTERNET, just with the BLINK of his EYES !! thats CREEPY !! and im sure this will bring up the CRIME level... G GLASS should be BANNED !!

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Posted in: Doctor arrested for stealing women's underwear See in context

ok STEALING womens UNDERWEAR is STRANGE ! But ARRESTING for stealing panties !! REALLY !!!!!!!!!! thats even MORE STRANGE!! haha

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Posted in: Japanese, Spanish climbers, guide perish on Nepal mountain See in context

Onniyama I think rescuers are risking their life being a rescuer bcoz a rescue job that too in such extreme conditions isnt easy. I dont have much idea about how good or bad their rescue team is, though !!

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Posted in: Japanese, Spanish climbers, guide perish on Nepal mountain See in context

Yubaru and BurakuminDes

A lot of people DIE and HAVE DEADLY injuries, playing football or BOXING, so WHY isnt SPORTS BANNED ?

Everyone knows, climbing such world'd top mountains are very dangerous, they dare to, because of their passion. Its their decision. Who is Nepal to STOP them ! and yes MONEY ! Tourism is a BIG BIG business in Nepal.

and well Yourssun said it well, Nepal is one of the richest in natural resources and thousand of people visit to adventure and see the worlds best natural destination.

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Posted in: Japan still skeptical of PSY’s popular appeal See in context

Its not necessary for EVERYONE to like PSY..is it? So PSY is not popular in Japan..so what !!

PSY is not popular in many other countries..

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Posted in: Honda, Kagawa picked for World Cup qualifier against Australia See in context

smithinjapan and nandakandamanda...

Well I dont know if you guyz have notived it or not, When Honda plays, he influnces the team so mostly when he plays Japan wins crucial matches. It is not necessary for a player to score everytime, he can also help by creating goals. When Honda plays, he mostly assists goals as well. The team plays better...I do follow Japanese team and i do know what you are saying when you say about the HYPE before the game. But well he has scored some awesome goals in crucial matches and hence the hype and pressure....

I think Japan has enough players playing in Europe and if they can get together well, they will do good. And probably beat Australia this week. But looking at Kagawa and Honda, who both havent done as much as they were expected to this season, beating Australia will be TOUGH. Just hope they play well.

And well i say it again, Honda and Kagawa are both very influential players who not just score but help the team immensely ...

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Posted in: Honda, Kagawa picked for World Cup qualifier against Australia See in context

smithinjapan MAY. 24, 2013 - 09:19AM JST Mistake to pick the former -- the guy who can never score in WC and whines about how he should be in Europe and not Russia, but I guess the media is still hoping their golden boy can deliver.

HONDA is an influential PLAYER for JAPAN. He has scored winners. and HE CAN NEVER SCORE in WC? You MUST BE KIDDING. HE HAD SCORED WINNERS in the WORLD CUP of 2010. And he has been a BRILLIANT player in the RUSSIAN LEAGUE as well. And yeah HE MUST PLAY in a BETTER LEAGUE than the LOW level of RUSSIAN LEAGUE...

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Posted in: China trying to strengthen its claim to Okinawa See in context

CHINA worrying about OKINAWA ????

THEY should worry about TIBET, TAIWAN and HONGKONG, where people are always PROTESTING about THEIR FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE from the MAIN LAND OF CHINA !!



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Posted in: Tokyo Skytree marks first anniversary See in context

MoonrakerMAY. 22, 2013 - 09:49PM JST I am sure for many Europeans with cities brimming with things to see it must be pretty disappointing. I'd love to have a list of world-class attractions in Tokyo.

by the way HOW MANY times have you been to JAPAN and how many time to EUROPE ???? HOW about you telling us about cities ad things to see in EUROPE ?

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Posted in: Anti-Islamist protests flare after British soldier butchered near London barracks See in context

VIOLENCE and TERROR in the name of RELIGION is absolutely CRAZY !! I dont think any RELIGION says, KILL PEOPLE !! This is so INSANE !!!!!! are they HUMAN ???? its so SCARY !!!!!!

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Posted in: Miura becomes oldest person to reach Everest summit See in context


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Posted in: Tokyo Skytree marks first anniversary See in context

MoonrakerMAY. 22, 2013 - 12:59PM JST No, Ian Robertson, I am not joking. On a things to see per size basis Tokyo is pretty low on the world-class attractions list. In fact, 4 things might be generous.

THEN you have not seen TOKYO enough !!! TOKYO has so much to offer !!!

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Posted in: Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift big winners at Billboard Awards See in context

All the HATRED for BIEBER is complete JEALOUSY !! I am NO BIG FAN of the Bieber but I know he is a talented singer and an artist.. Why dont you guyz leave him alone n let him do what he wants to do...

As a music lover i just wish he brings better n better songs to listen to..

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Posted in: Nearly there See in context

It needs GUTS not just MONEY to get there and put your life at risk at an age of 80+.. WOW !

Best of Luck !! Although I think a SHERPA will beat his RECORD soon if he does set one !! ;)

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Posted in: China trying to strengthen its claim to Okinawa See in context

HAHAHA...again...CHINA does the same thing...CLAIM CLAIM CLAIM !!

CHINA is such a BIG country yet their STANDARDS and CLASS is so LOW...


I heard they are fighting with the PHILLIPINES for an island as big as a ROCK !!!

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Posted in: Chinese general says Ryukyu islands do not belong to Japan See in context

CHINA some months back - "SENKAKU is ours" CHINA now - "OKINAWA is ours" CHINA after a few months - "JAPAN is ours" CHINA after a year - "VIETNAM, PHILLIPINES, MALAYSIA, MYANMAR is ours" CHINA after a decade - "THE WHOLE WORLD is ours"

CHINA is trying to BULLY its neighbours n USE ITS POWER now !! CRAZY CHINA n CRAZIER CHINESE PEOPLE living in JAPAN n yet supporting those SILLY CHINESE POLITICIANS who they HATE more than JAPAN...

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Posted in: U.S. soul singer Candice Glover wins 'American Idol' See in context


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Posted in: 9 carp found mutilated in park See in context

I aint supporting the KILLERS but, i wanted to ask if THERE IS ANY LAW or ANYTHING for people who HATE STREET CATS. Cats near my home irritate me by scratching my windows at night. I have to open the windows and scare them away in the middle of the night...Dont they take those STREET CATS away here in JAPAN ??

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Posted in: Miura begins third assault on Mount Everest See in context

Climbing EVEREST is the most daring thing ever and to do it at an age of 80? That's Awesome !! All the BEST Miura san !!

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Posted in: Galaxy glitz See in context

SONY XPERIA Z is AWESOME !! BYE BYE iphone and galaxy !!

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