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Posted in: A hot issue on the U.S. campaign trail: theology See in context

Thought: Relgion & Politics - two of the greatest causes of the Worlds troubles. Yet without either we're directionless. Comments anyone ?

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Posted in: Suit charges Windows 7 smartphones track users See in context

Orwellian society is upon us whether we like it or not. If you're fussed over privacy then dont buy a "Smartphone" - simple as that.

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Posted in: Meisa Kuroki looking for someone to say 'I love you' See in context

The words "I love you" need to be said with strong emotional meaning rather than flippant sexual desires which should perhaps be restated as "I desire you" - particularly these days. Traditional love does exist still, and in Japan too, maybe whats she's trying to say is that she's not heard the words being said from the heart from someone with whom she's also attached to...

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Posted in: Tokyo among 6 cities bidding for 2020 Olympics See in context

Tokyo could probably do it with the least amount of rebuilding, certainly a bit of tweaking here and there, though the infrastructure is certainly first class and more importantly the security situation is good for all contenstants from whatever country they come from. The climate too isnt bad - depending on the time its planned to be held, and a relatively stable place (baring the odd earthquake). I hope Tokyo does get the chance however I suspect that we may see graft being more of a persuassive influence.

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Posted in: New justice minister won't OK executions in near future See in context

Authorising the death of another individual is a very difficult position in a Civilian role, especially if you have to think about it and assess whether there is absolutely no doubt of guilt and other course of action available. However lets say you have in front of you a radical relgious terrorist who wishes to do nothing else other than kill your fellow countrymen/women/children... what do you do then ? No matter of subtle persuasion or internment will help those with a mindset on killing you. So perhaps the death sentence has its place ?

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Posted in: JAL pilot arrested for taking up-skirt photos at train station See in context

Wonder why they've not considered taking photos at a beach in which you effectively get many upskirt (sans skirt) pictures at the same time... or just going to the local swimming pool and watching the locals ? Seems a bit odd to me, and so what if you're on a steep escalator and you look up and see a girl flaunt her undies ... is that a crime too ? Taking a picture of it well... a bit sad.

As for the JAL Pilot caught on the balcony naked.. conspiracy theory suggests he was actually sleeping with her, when the father/hubby came home, so he lept out onto the balcony, minus clothes... of course she'd deny knowing him and the poor guy gets labelled a perv... well that's just an alternate slant on things.... :-)

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