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Pat Fonta comments

Posted in: Retractable tsunami wall being tested off coast of Wakayama See in context

some details are missing, i hope that wall works good !

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Posted in: 3 adult siblings arrested for living with mother's skeletal remains See in context

they should have called for a professional italian cleaner to get rid of the body !.

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Posted in: Mt Fuji may erupt by 2015, says Ryukyu University professor See in context

in sicily we know that when a vulcano erupts, it is telling the locals that the centre of the earth is too hot and just is letting out some steam, correct.

i sugest that japan hires koreans to go to the bottom of the ocean far from civilization and explode a few big korean bombs to open up the floor to let the earth cool off a little once in a while.

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Posted in: Gov't apologizes to Fukushima residents for sloppy decontamination work See in context

following all the rules is impossible

japanese money is for better things in life

japanese are going to have to grow immune system to tolerate radiation

the fish at the bottom of the ocean are very indestructible, japanese will one day be highest life form, rather than just normal humans.

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Posted in: The king of pizzas? We sample Domino’s pricey new luxury pizza See in context

i love home made pizza

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Posted in: Driverless car concept gains traction See in context

if a sicilian steals a big money truck and is running from the cops on the high way, and all of a sudden there are three autonomous cars that can't be passed or avoided to crash into one of them, then what does the car do ?

do the autonomous cars create an opening for the sicilian ?

do the autonomous cars start racing with the sicilian ?

do the autonomous cars have a driver eject system with a parachute ? i wonder ?

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Posted in: Woman, 2 children found dead in apparent murder-suicide in Saitama See in context

i saddened by this horrible news !!

i think that a lot of people have kids just to be seen as normal people, then when to much trouble hits the family, some can't take the embarrassment of failing the kids and other pressures in life.

i think that a lot of people are something brain washed to have kids and to do many other difficult things in life, it truly is a massive responsibility to have kids.

i think that governments should become a part of all relationships, and when a kid is desired that the government asses the people to ensure that the people can manage to bring up a heathy kid to adult life. i know that what i think is far from what most people want, but obviously with hard economic times and many other pleasing things do do in life, some can not focus on strong family life. there is nothing to be ashamed about having kids, it is courages and rewarding when done right. there is nothing wrong with refusing to have kids to please your parents , other family, and friends and neighbours.

live your life the way that pleases you the most, don't worry about what others are saying about you especially when your at home enjoying your life !!

if you are planing on having a kid, please consult with the proper professional doctors and professional social workers !!

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Posted in: Girl hit by train may have committed suicide due to bullying, say police See in context

suicide is a major crime that the lawmakers haven't had in their family.

for every suicide, we all loose the fruits of life, because when there are to many people thinking the same way, life can really get boring and lonely-some .

maybe we just lost a potential talented musician, engineer, designer, surgeon, or somebody who could discover a way to make life more easy and pleasant for everybody, or some one who would have discovered how to stop many different diseases !!

today we all are taking a massive loss of life , because we don't know how to live with each other and many more reasons too !!

only a special person can do spectacular things in life !!, bullies only have one way of thinking which hurts victims and non-victims too !!.

think positive of everybody and everything, because we all exist for better reasons than to hear any garbage talk !!

my very strict parents taught me to always say positive things to everybody, and if i can't find anything positive to say that then i am better to keep quite until i find something positive to say !!

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Posted in: Girl hit by train may have committed suicide due to bullying, say police See in context

the spirit of a young soul has left us alone on earth, we should accept others opinions and decisions in life, rather than brain washing each other with who's normal and who's different !! the young people are the ones who make life interesting for everybody everyday !!

why are we in such a rush all the time ?

if we all slowed down just a little here and there there would be less news of young suicides.

if all the trains slowed down before entering the passenger platforms, and then entered the passengers platform at a very slow speed, i bet that we could all get used to a little slowness, and very happy to know that there is a higher percentage chance of our young family members to be home with us tonight safe and sound !!

if there is going to be to many people unable to board the trains during rush hour , then why not run a double amount of train cars, and make a second stop for the remaining passengers, and if necessary run three times the amount of train cars, making three stops for every station entered.

no pain = no gain !!

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Posted in: Man dies after being hit by train in Tokyo See in context

why not put some emergency switches to alert train operators and other control personnel ? about a decade ago when i was on the subway i noticed that drunk women had an emergency button to avoid harm from men. they call this a " designated waiting area ".

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Posted in: Rent-a-boyfriend dispatch service: Because Japanese women get lonely too See in context

reality is mostly sad i find japanese women to be very sexy. i think that japanese women should just open up a little & find all kinds of happiness.

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Posted in: Two die after being hit by train in Saitama See in context

Frungy, i like the drone idea, but why only one for the trains ?

have you seen my idea on the death of the four year old child ?

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Posted in: 4-year-old girl dies after being hit by train in Kagawa See in context


flashing lights for death people

sorry !!

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Posted in: 4-year-old girl dies after being hit by train in Kagawa See in context

i also think that the mini inspection cars should be able to check the tracks for any damages to the track, like a track inspector built into the mini inspection cars.

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Posted in: 4-year-old girl dies after being hit by train in Kagawa See in context

a child died and here is everybody arguing

my condolences to the family and friends !!

Frungy is right something can be done !!

my idea is that any train that is going to be travelling at high speeds, should have a few mini automated inspection cars { about the size of a toy car } running way far ahead enough of the heavy train and constantly communicating with the heavy train, and also the mini inspection cars should be equipped with cameras microphones, loud horns, soft packing at the front, an automated voice to warn anybody in danger, flashing lights { just in case a blind person is in danger }, a computer to slow down the train or even stop the train without any human at the wheel of the train, i also believe that such dangerous trains should have extra train engineers to monitor the information coming from all the mini car inspections. my guess is that a fast moving train should have six mini inspection cars for safer transportation for everybody !!. when the first mini inspection car finds a problem, then the second car should speed up to do further investigation of the problem, to better communicate with the engineers monitoring the tracks. maybe the first car should have more cameras, and other inspection devices. it would be nice to see the mini inspection cars run of rechargeable batteries, i have a feeling that for the time being it might be better to run the mini inspection cars with the same fuel that the heavy train uses.

the child was only four years old, i pray that the child is happy some where hear in our universe, and for the family to find peace with no young child.

safety is an education to live for !!

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Posted in: Fukushima advertising for police See in context

when i was in sckoll i learned that that is nothing complicated in life, because when you break down this complicated thing, it all comes down to basics on basics. there is nothing hard in life, all you need is clear understand of the basics. i could be a multi millionaire trading stocks just with basic methods, but i prefer to be a muti billionaire !!

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Posted in: A dictionary that understands grammar See in context

i think that when somebody communicates anything, that the computer should be able to translate every thing. five dollars is nothing, not communicating is a big problem. if i saw an extra five dollars on my internet bill i wouldn't cry. now i gotta look into this jappy appy.

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Posted in: Panasonic to expand smartphone business to European market See in context

good stuff

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Posted in: Winner's luck See in context

nice picture

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Posted in: Radioactive water leaks inside Genkai nuclear plant See in context

it's probably better for japanese people to just buy italian electricty !! for safty reasons, since some japanese just proved that they can't drive Ferraris.

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Posted in: Contents of department store lucky bags change in post-disaster era See in context

there's always the k-car to save the day.

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Posted in: 61% of single men aged 18-34 have no girlfriend; 49% of women unattached: survey See in context

51% of women are unknowingly dating the same man.

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Posted in: Oita woman arrested for allegedly beating 4-year-old son to death See in context

women who have kids by mistake will get rid of the kid. she already has another kid, why would she want anymore ? . especialy when she is out of work.

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Posted in: Actress Chiemi Hori getting married for 3rd time See in context

** congratulations take care

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Posted in: Over-50 first-time marriages increasing See in context

it up to the individual to decide when ready to marry. i see nothing wrong with japanese women. if everybody did the same thing, things would be very boring. we all have computers relationships that can last a very long time.

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