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Posted in: 1 in 4 Japanese men remain unmarried at age 50 See in context

Japanese men= caspermilk toast

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Posted in: Kisenosato wins spring sumo title See in context

That was an awesome Senshuraku. I'm hooked on Sumo what a great sport!

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Posted in: School operator head testifies in Diet he got Y1 mil donation from Akie Abe See in context

Good assessment @ Toshiko as much as many liberal gaijin would like to see his impeachment it's not going to happen. Sorry to let most of you down ( not really)

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Posted in: Drink up See in context

Beer has been around since the time of the Egyptians. It's a wonderful beverage just like anything else over indulgence leads to problems. Cheers!

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Posted in: Trump seeks 20% tax on imports from Mexico to pay for wall; summit with Mexican leader falls through See in context

Trump should put a tax on all money wire transfers to Mexico instead the US losses tons of greenbacks because of the illegals.

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Posted in: Teacher grabs 3 students by their collars, causing them to faint See in context

Something sounds fishy here. Just grabbing a color doesn't make you faint. Most likely the little cowards couldn't take their own medicine.

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Posted in: Japan backs off pregnancy clause for Syrian refugees See in context

I completely agree with Todd Topolski! Don't need the trouble that comes along with asylum seekers. Just look at Europe it's a mess.

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Posted in: Japanese comedian parodies Trump in ramen skit See in context

Not funny. I recommend NHK's " Life" its the best.

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Posted in: Osaka couple held for leaving body of 1-year-old son in car See in context

The mothers story doesn't add up. If the boy died in April the childs body would be decomposed beyond telling if he died of malnutrition. Both parents should never see the light of day.

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Posted in: Trump wins White House; Clinton concedes defeat See in context

Enough with the globalists and progressives, so proud of the USA today. God Bless America! And God bless Japan too

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Posted in: Actor Yuta Takahata arrested on rape charge See in context

According to my wife a Japanese lawyer on TV said he can't buy his way out of this. The smallest sentence is eight years. Unless he can live off his mothers income when he gets out hel'll be lucky to find a job at Yoshinoya washing dishes.it baffles me why people screw up their lives like this.

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Posted in: Suspect still not talking one year after abduction, murder of two children See in context

Borscht, Has a history of abducting people sorry not precise enough for you. Has done time in prison for it.

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Posted in: Suspect still not talking one year after abduction, murder of two children See in context

The guys got a history of doing this hope he never gets out at the very least. At best hope he hangs from a rope someday.

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Posted in: Koike elected Tokyo governor: exit poll See in context

Well,well some of the people here may have to "eat crow" the turnout for the electorate was 59 % no too shabby for any country I may say.

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Posted in: 21 candidates vie for Tokyo governor as voting gets under way See in context

Last I saw the 40% of eligible voters voted up 6% from the last election. Congratulations to Koike the first woman governor of Tokyo.

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Posted in: Japan's ruling bloc wins landslide in upper house: exit polls See in context

Still the best country in the world as far as I'm concerned. The people voted and we must respect that decision, whether you like it or not.

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Posted in: Putin praises Donald Trump as 'bright and talented' See in context

Rick Shinjuku you are right! Trump and Putin could team up to destroy ISSI and there would be less friction between the US and Russia too. America could control its border like lovely Japan in which we are blessed to live in. Thank god there are still some great conservative's like Abe. Who has the sense to not take in any refugee's. `1

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Posted in: Japan needs immigrants to boost population: minister See in context

I completely disagree mass immigration is a complete disaster look at Europe and other nations. Once old people die off like me. The burden of tax's will decrease also robots can be employed for manual labor. Japan is safe lets keep it that way.

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Posted in: Muslim proposal prompts calls to ban Trump from UK, Israel See in context

He's got my vote! Go Trump go! Countries with large population's of Muslims have lots of problems and in some area's Shiria law is even being implemented. Look at Japan small muslim population one of the most safest places on the planet. Until muslims get rid of the radical element I say stay in your own countries. We don't want your Sharia law and 7 century ideology.

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Posted in: Abe vows to make Japan world's safest country See in context

Doing a good job, don't follow the path of Europe and the USA. keep a tight wrap on immigration and don't take refuges in. Good common sense policy in these dangerous times. You have my full support Mr. Abe.

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Posted in: Carson wants mosques, schools, supermarkets watched closely See in context

He and Donald Thrump are right!

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Posted in: Japan slips back into recession in July-Sept quarter See in context

First of all a recession is defined by two fiscal quarters of decline. Also up until July the economy has been expanding. I have proof please take a look at this graph. I know you all hate Abe but the alternative before him was just as bad or worse. I think Abe's biggest failure is increasing the consumption tax.Can't tax your way out of debt should do the opposite to encourage spending. http://www.tradingeconomics.com/japan/gross-national-product

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Posted in: NRA may be losing its grip on the public's imagination See in context

I don't have or never owned a gun. I did carry a gun as a security guard and had the proper training. I believe it is a right granted by the Constitution of the United States. Many of my friends fish and hunt and shoot guns for target practice. If you tried to take away the guns it would be futile because the criminals would only have guns then. One of the biggest problems is not the guns but the prolific use of drugs issued to young people growing up, some of these drugs have side effects like depression and fits of anger. But the liberals refuse to take a look at that they just blame the gun. Just the other day a nutcase used a knife to stab people on campus and guess what stopped him ....yes folks a gun. So the liberal media loves to dump all the problems on the gun. I many cases guns have saved lives but you never hear about that. I think conceal and carry is a good way to protect yoursel and your loved ones because by the time a cop shows up you just may be dead. Sorry folks but thats how it it in the US its in the Constitution and good luck changing it.

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Posted in: Lawmakers visit Yasukuni shrine en masse See in context

Japantoday, is a leftist site that just loves to run Abe bashing and Jiminto bashing articles. I've never seen anything possitive about the present administration on this site. It's a a damn shame because jounalism is only one sided with the leftist agenda brain washing sheepeople.

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Posted in: Abe keeps allies in cabinet reshuffle; only 3 women ministers named See in context

Japan Today Abe bashers hard at on this one. Wouldn't be satified if he elected all women, would say he's anti male or something stupid like that. Fact is two of the women he elected last time got in trouble so maybe he's being more careful about who he pick's ever think of that?

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Posted in: Iran nuclear deal survives: Democrats block disapproval vote See in context

Obama = Neville Chambarlain of our times. He will go down as the worst US president ever next to the peanut farmer Jimmy Carter.

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Posted in: Should permanent foreign residents in Japan have the right to vote? See in context

Just as illegal's in the US should not have the right to vote, so should foreigners in Japan not have the right to vote. If you want to vote become a citizen it's that simple.

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Posted in: 120,000 protest against security bills outside Diet See in context

If I had my way I would cancel 安保 move all US troops out of the far east ( save US tax payers money) and let the Japanese defend themselves or if they choose not defend. It's time for Japan to stand on it's own two feet. Going to happen someday anyway.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of 13-year-old girl; missing boy's body found See in context

The police have this man on the video tape buying duct tape at the same conveniece store the boy and girl were at. He's toast two childern premeditated murder.

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Posted in: McDonald's Japan slides to Y26.22 bil first-half loss See in context

You know what, there's a lot worse places than Mc. in Japan. I've gotten sick from a few of them but never Mc''s. I think they have also improved on making some healthier meals. Also they employ a lot of friendly nice people all you jerks here want to see people loss their job just becacuse you are food nazi's liberals who think you know it all and want to push your self rightous standards on everyone else. I for one hope the recover and employ more people.

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