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In America there are lots of civil war reenactment's people don't get all upset like the gaijin community here. What a bunch of self rightouse liberals posting here. I for one have visited Yasukuni it has a great musuem, see nothing wrong with this man dressing up in a WW2 uniform.

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The way I look at there was a lot of atrocities done on all sides, but some people here just want to use this day to bash the US. I guess they don't know Japan is not guilt free maybe you haven't heard of the Rape of Nanking , Batten Death March, Sneak attack on Peal Harbor, kamikaze attacks, comfort women, beheadings of prisoners no, no your all right Japan is guilt free, RIGHT!

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Woe, lots of anti-American sentiment. I wonder if Japan had the bomb would they have used it. Sure they would let's not forget the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor I guess no civilians died there right? Nope war is hell and I pray that the a-bomb is never uesd again. Today lets pray for the poor souls who died and leave the debate for another time.

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Seventy years have passed since the end of WW2, most of that generation has passed away. Yet we keep rehashing "apology after apology" it's time to move I"m sick of this 水掛け論 ( endless debate). Let's jucge Japan by there actions since then and I can't think of a more peacefull nation on this planet. So stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

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Don't large companies have independant auditors go over their accounting? Can someone who works in th Japanese financial industry tell me how this works?

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Give it a rest, Japan has apologized enought time to move on if China, Korea can't get over it. They should take a look at Vietnam. Stick to making anime and movies Miyazaki. Why is it we put so much weight on what actors, author and the rest of entertainers say is so important.

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This animal deserved what he got. The poor girl begged for her life but they gagged her, put a polybag over her head and beat her to death with a hammer. Pure evil and now the mother has justice.

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Waste of money climate change has very little to do with human output of gases. It's a scam invented by Al Gore and the liberal's to steal money. Should use the money in Japan to help people from the earthquake.

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Does the Japanese judicial system have the "guts" to put this nut case away for a long time? I hope so.

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Was in Ishigaki when it hit at night. Not much of a storm growled for a little bit then gone. Just like the US news media blow things out of proportion. Sorry for the pun.

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What wrong with visting a school you went to when you were young. I commend him for doing that I think its cool

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Deficit down, unemployment down. Liberal gaijin fury up!

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When I was growing up it was the ice age it coming hoax. Now it's Global Warming, created by Al Gore who is a liberal scammer. Just look around have things really changed thant much not really. It's a scam created by liberals like Obama and Gore to redistribute wealth. Talking about wealth how much money has Gore pocketed from this scam !!!

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Instead of going all over the golbe and wasting American's tax dollars how about staying and the using the money for poor children in America. Oh. I get it you couldn't go on your expensive trip's, huh, Michelle

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Lots of well educated people in this world but a lot don't have enough common sense. In fact I see a lot of common people who woud make better leaders.

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Obama spending more of my tax paying dollars she's the biggest freeloader along with her husband.

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Wow, how critical can you get? Damned if you do and damned if you don't.

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@umbrella With all do respect. Generally speaking women do not have the strength to carry heavy packs and compete with men physically. I served in Viet Nam, US Marines and let me tell you many a man had to be med evaced due to the strenuous conditions, heat and long pratols in terrible conditions. No way women would be just a hinderance.

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@ Toshiko, According to wiki he has two children. Most people should read about the man. I think he is well educated and speaks his mind. The last time I checked Japan still had freedom of speech. Keep it Aso, you have one gaijin who supports you!

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It's no gaffe, he speaks the truth. Young people are only interested in buying the latest crap and living at home with their mommy's and daddies. No guts.

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Every year people come here and bad mouth Kohaku and say this and that. I for one like it and hope it continues forever. For you snob's take a hike!

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Posted in: NHK announces lineup for 'Kohaku Uta Gassen' on New Year's Eve See in context

I think Kohaku is cool

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