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Posted in: WikiLeaks: Espionage? Journalism? Something else? See in context

Am I missing something here? I will admit that I am not well versed on the intricacies of espionage law but in order to "leak" something don't you first need to be in possession of it or have directly obtained it through illegal means?

As far as I am aware, it was a memeber of the army that originally leaked the information to wikileaks and not wikileaks itself. While I am happy that this information is out there, I would back any charges the government filed against this particular indivual. He was aware of law and he decided to disclose classified information.

He was, however, not employed by wikileaks either directly or indirectly. Therefore, wikileaks has not "leaked" anything. They are merely making it available on a scale not seen before due to the power of the internet. As for the charge of espionage, that is a bit of a strecth isn't it?

I guess it comes down to whether or not you believe that information/the truth is property. This in itself is going to be an interesting issue in the future. Forty or Fifty years ago it would be a moot point I imagine. The power and the scope of the internet has changed all that forever though. We have begun to perceive "information" differently than in the past and it is interesting as to where this will lead.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for dumping unwanted newborn on Gunma road See in context


So sad. The baby died before taking its first breath. RIP angel. The saying "you can choose your friends but you can't choose your family" sits poorly in this case. It was a shame she was chosen to be your mother in this world.

What a sickening comment. You have no idea that this woman did anything wrong which caused the baby to be born still. I'm a male and you comment disgusts me. Where is the father's shame in all this? Where is your anger towards the father who is just as likely to bear blame as the mother? I will tell you one thing. If any woman was carrying my child in her womb she sure as hell wouldn't be living in a park.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for dumping unwanted newborn on Gunma road See in context

Exactly. What is a homeless woman to do when you constantly hear reports of people with insurance, in need of immediate care, getting sent to 15 or 20 hospitals before they are admitted.

This is one aspect of the system here I have never been able to comprehend. How does a 1st world country deny people, even those WITH healtcare insurance, immediate help in case of an emergency?

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Posted in: Woman arrested for dumping unwanted newborn on Gunma road See in context

Poor course of action but the article clearly states that the baby had died even before taking his first breath. The woman was sleeping in parks and obviously not well, but she is no murderer. In terms of caring for the LIFE of the child, you can't even call her negligent based on the information we have been given.

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Posted in: The state of Washington See in context

Cosmetic surgeon, really? I'm just guessing here after seeing her on tv a few times but I am guessing westerners would more aptly call her profession nail salon artist or make-up artist?

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Posted in: Kim Basinger urges designer Yohji Yamamoto to go fur-free See in context

If you actually believe that Inuit and other northern peoples are up in the Artic trapping all the fur for this particular market you are beyond hope. For that one idiodic comment alone I am apt to side with Kim on this one. Sheesh.

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