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Posted in: Japanese gov't drops bill to revise immigration law amid opposition See in context

Sri lanka government has blocked entry to everyone including citizens since March 2020 due to Covid. This might have delayed her deportation, can't blame only the Japanese side.

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Posted in: Abe handed letter from Sea Shepherd founder in Australia See in context

and this is not just going against SS"terrorists",this time it will be about going against a RULING by the International Court of JUSTICE. And if Japanese government has no respect for that ruling and tries to circumvent it,the rest of the LAW-ABIDING world will have NO RESPECT FOR JAPAN.

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Posted in: Pair of mangoes fetch Y300,000 at auction See in context

Japan has totally ridiculous prices for fresh fruits,hope TPP comes in to effect soon for Japanese to enjoy affordable,tasty and fresh fruits from nearby countries.

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Posted in: Toyota recalls about 6.4 million vehicles globally See in context

hiding defects in the race to beat GM,so this is how they becamo "No.1"?

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Posted in: Toyota, GM recalls push U.S. to near-record pace See in context

I have completely lost faith in Toyota and GM...

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Posted in: Toyota workers in India down tools despite end to lockout See in context

@ nenad, ,no way.Toyota will never close Indian plants,because they have to depend on large markets like India and China for growth.

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Posted in: Japan: Business as usual, but not for Olympus whistleblower Michael Woodford See in context

A real Modern Day Samurai!

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Posted in: Driving force See in context

they want accessible racing to a wider range of competitors based on ability and not dollars, a-la F1

then why did Toyota make a big deal about the LFA a not many years ago...this "accessible " thing looks like a complete U-turn of their strategy..Toyota should stick to doing what they are good at,promoting the green image and building mini-vans for family trips..

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Posted in: Toyota remains world's top selling car maker for 2nd year See in context

Toyota is the worst selling Japanese brand in Germany,unless they come up with more innovative designs like Mazda,they will even lose it to Kia..

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Posted in: Imperial palace receives Fukushima rice at emperor's request See in context

question is,will the Emperor also feed this rice to the Children in the Royal household?

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Posted in: Foreign brands still minnows in Japanese car market See in context

the boycott of foreign brands shows how insignificant japan has become to the world economy,taking care of 1st and 2nd markets should be less hassle for them.

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