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Posted in: Locals in central Japan near Mount Fuji count on UFO craze for tourism See in context

METATTOKYO May 19  11:03 pm JST

And yet he's been recoding UFO sightings since 1994, and numbers have been steadily decreasing since 2012.

All this means is that the numbers of people reporting to him have been decreasing. That's all you can draw from that information.

And you think the proliferation of personal cameras has resulted in a decrease of sightings? Have you seen what's out there online?? More than I've ever seen in over 50 years of following the phenomenon.

Alleged abductions are a separate issue, as -smart phones, or not- none have ever been recorded, but we are certainly willing to believe that they occur.

So, now examine the decrease in reports to the NFUORC, with the increase of social media. I wonder what kind of relationship we'll find.

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Posted in: Locals in central Japan near Mount Fuji count on UFO craze for tourism See in context

According to a 2019 report by the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), the number of reported UFO sightings has been declining steadily since 2012, which is around the time when smartphones became ubiquitous.

Sounds very impressive. Until you realize what the "National UFO Reporting Center" is. It's literally, one man sitting in an office, with a phone, and a filing cabinet. (Although, there might be two people, now.)

It's not a big office in the Pentagon.

It's not in a secret base underground.

It's just a rented office space, with originally one -now possibly two- UFO geeks logging reports. And how many people report a sighting to the "nAtiOnAl uFo RePoRtiNg CeNTer"? Most likely call the police, or post them on social media themselves. (Say, maybe we should look at the inversely proportional relation between the drop in calls to the "nAtiOnAl uFo RePoRtiNg CeNTer", and the increase in posts on social media, including official footage from the US Navy & Air Force.

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Posted in: Locals in central Japan near Mount Fuji count on UFO craze for tourism See in context

UFO sightings and abductions almost stopped immediately after the widespread availability of smartphones with cameras. :)

Not even close.

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Posted in: Town to block Mount Fuji view from troublesome tourists See in context

climbed mt. fuji in a rain storm in august 2000. we didn’t know it was going to rain. we were young and dumb and fresh off the boat. a monk at the 5th station prayed for us and bought us bottles of sake. we drank them and started walking up at 4pm. was no one on the walk up. just rain. at dusk, we found a hut midway and knocked on the door of it. they had a fire going for cooking and we sat and ate cup noodles and slept there. the next morning the typhoon had gone and it was cloudless day. at the top at sunrise the whole mountain was red like mars and the sea glimmered.

Awesome. Been up twice. Your story is way better! Cheers!

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Posted in: Spring in Yokohama See in context

That photo: I was looking through several hundred family photos last week, and I can't find any of these trails in the sky. Weird right?

Not really, no.

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Posted in: Climbers to pay ¥2,000 fee on popular Mount Fuji trail from July 1 See in context

Not high enough. Make it ¥5Man at least. ¥2000 won't deter the bucket listing social media obsessed narcissists at all.

How about the regular folk who have done it before, but find that the mountain is the only place that brings them peace, and clarity? I'll happily pay 2000 yen, I don't mind.

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Posted in: Detained senior police officer, accused of raping 3 women, commits suicide See in context

Just because she agreed to meet him doesn't mean she consented to having sex with him as the evening went on. She's allowed to change her mind whenever. No means no means no. It's not a hard concept to grasp.

(Good God...)

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Posted in: Bedbug consultations surge in Tokyo, Osaka as pests see resurgence See in context

Was bitten on an airplane on a return trip.

Before you leave on vacation have some plastic bags ready to dump your travel clothes into as soon as you step into the door upon your return.


-Put your bags outside on the balcony if you have one, or in the bathtub if you don't.

-Here's the bad news: You'll have to inspect every single item you carefully pull out of your suitcase, including your suitcase itself. Use a flashlight, to inspect seams.

-Wash all of your clothes and use a dryer to dry them. The heat of the dryer will kill any bugs, or eggs.

You can tell if you've been bitten because they generally leave three bite marks in a straight line, colloquially known as "breakfast, lunch, and dinner."

Diatomaceous earth is what is commonly used to sprinkle around to combat them. Pesticides don't work. DDT used to, but its use was banned due to it's horrible effects on the human body.

This is a serious world-wide problem. Try to do some research on what they look like, how they behave, and how to deal with them before you travel. Good luck!

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Posted in: Shohei Ohtani named AP Male Athlete of the Year for 2nd time in 3 years See in context

I’m a big Ohtani fan, but saying he is surpassing most of the achievements of Babe Ruth is really pegging the ridulometer.

Stats are stats. Besides, have you ever seen footage of the Babe? Compare the physical conditioning of the two men side by side... It's not hard to believe. Baseball was a different game, back then.

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Posted in: New island emerges after underwater volcano eruption south of Tokyo See in context

Global warming? Climate change? Act of God?

Is it your belief that volcanism is related to climate change..?

Please take a basic geography course. Review an episode of "Bill Nye the Science Guy", or something.

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Posted in: Woman using smartphone falls to her death from bridge in Shizuoka Prefecture See in context

All the people judging the lady about smartphone use... she was just trying to take photos of wildlife, seems the rail was unhelpfully low. How about a little compassion though?

Yes, but the trend shows plainly that while males generally will take photos of "X", women generally will try to include themselves in the photo with "X". Thus, it is likely she was taking a selfie and edged closer to the railing to get a better angle. Downvote all you want. This would be the logical assumption until proven otherwise.

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Posted in: 91,467 people taken to hospital for heatstroke nationwide from May to September See in context

Water is vital but alone is not sufficient to replace electrolytes lost through perspiration. Some sports drinks like Pocari Sweat actually do a better job than you might think.

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Posted in: Man convicted over viral video of sauce bottle licking at sushi chain See in context

It’s difficult to understand the pride and pleasure some people take in their own disgusting vulgarity

The answer is, the prestige of imaginary internet points.

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Posted in: Artistic swimming winners See in context

China upset they didn't win gold.

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Posted in: Tanabata festival in Brazil See in context

Japanese Brazilians, man...

They just always look so much more healthy, and robust. Diet, culture, attitude... All very different.

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Posted in: SDF recruit sent to prosecutors over shooting that left 2 dead See in context

Maybe they should go through discipline training before given access to deadly weapons...

"Discipline training"? What's "discipline training"? You mean the discipline recruits are subject to from Minute 1 of entering the military? Yeah, they get that.

I served for 16 years. Once you give a man a weapon, he has every opportunity to suddenly decide to stand up, turn around, and murder someone. All that stops him is his conscience as a human being, or eventually, the instructors around him.

Frederik has clearly never served a day in uniform, but like many, he just needs to chime in with his opinion.

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Posted in: Female member of gov't panel brings baby to meeting at PM's office See in context

Progressives: OmG u go grrrrrrrl. AwEsOmE! YeAH!

Sensible people: A child should be nurtured at home in a calm and proper environment, and given proper love, care, and attention. Out of respect to colleagues, and for the sake of the baby, a political office environment with commotion, loud noises, people speaking through microphones, and overstimulation is not the place to raise a child.

Progressives: REEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

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Posted in: Jazzy 'Charlie Brown Christmas' swings on after 57 years See in context

I’ve never actually watched any Charlie Brown myself, or not as far as I can remember. The nostalgic comments here make me feel like I’ve been missing out on something.

You have, indeed.

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Posted in: Japan ranks 116th in 2022 gender gap report, worst among G7 See in context

So we're still confusing "wages" with "earnings", are we? Yes, of course there is an income gap. Cultural differences and women's choices account for them not entering and remaining in the active labour force in the same numbers as men. Thus they EARN less overall, but aren't necessarily PAID less individually.

Women choose to remain at home more than men. They take time off to have children while men earn money to support the family. They choose part-time careers...

I thought we were done with this foolishness.

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Posted in: Counting the coronavirus cost at Tokyo Olympics See in context

Man, I have never read such hate as in the comment section of Japan Today. Any positivity is downvoted to oblivion. Any comment crediting Japan with carrying out an extremely efficient Olympics despite the most horrendous of circumstances is downvoted. I made a comment that the US team DID in fact take a knee, and it was right there for all to see. Downvoted.

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Posted in: Trump blasts 'leftist maniacs' in women's Olympic soccer team See in context

"...suggested falsely in a statement that the women had refused to stand for the national anthem during the tournament."

I don't understand, they DID kneel for the anthem, AND refused to wear their national jerseys, sporting BLM jerseys, instead. How is this wrong?

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Posted in: 'Can't help but cheer': Some in Japan warm to Olympics See in context


Lol! Adorable!

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