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So we're still confusing "wages" with "earnings", are we? Yes, of course there is an income gap. Cultural differences and women's choices account for them not entering and remaining in the active labour force in the same numbers as men. Thus they EARN less overall, but aren't necessarily PAID less individually.

Women choose to remain at home more than men. They take time off to have children while men earn money to support the family. They choose part-time careers...

I thought we were done with this foolishness.

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Man, I have never read such hate as in the comment section of Japan Today. Any positivity is downvoted to oblivion. Any comment crediting Japan with carrying out an extremely efficient Olympics despite the most horrendous of circumstances is downvoted. I made a comment that the US team DID in fact take a knee, and it was right there for all to see. Downvoted.

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"...suggested falsely in a statement that the women had refused to stand for the national anthem during the tournament."

I don't understand, they DID kneel for the anthem, AND refused to wear their national jerseys, sporting BLM jerseys, instead. How is this wrong?

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Lol! Adorable!

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