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Posted in: Police using facial images from surveillance cameras and social media in criminal probes See in context

Is it possible to check whether or not one is registered within this database?

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Posted in: Peach plane diverts to Niigata airport to offload passenger who refused to wear a mask See in context

recommends passengers and crew to wear face masks

That's the key phrase, so leave the man alone and don't ruin his flight.

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Posted in: ANA to require all passengers to wear face masks aboard aircraft from June See in context

In Japan, is it constitutional/legal to enforce masks at businesses?

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Posted in: Typhoon warning from NHK 'to all foreigners' causes controversy online See in context

NHK has 10,333 full-time employees and nobody speaks fluent English?

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Posted in: Japan, 2 other Asian nations warn citizens not to use marijuana in Canada See in context

Just laughed a lot ate lots of food and felt comfortable. No government wants that for its citizens?

I wouldn't put a question mark at the end of your otherwise perfect observation, Cricky ;) We are all owned by our governments and it's time to let us be free. Have you ever tried to work in another country without proper credentials and not using a spouse visa to work your desired job? That's just one example of how we are being enslaved.

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Posted in: Child statue in protective suit in Fukushima criticized See in context

While in reality, citizens are just hypocritical about the supersized urination outlet valve :)

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Posted in: Japan's World Cup squad returns home; Nishino's time as coach over See in context

... it will not ask Akira Nishino to continue as national team coach ... I love Japanese passive firing techniques. So gentle :)

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Posted in: Marijuana tops paint thinner as most abused substance in Japan See in context

Now that's what I call excellent news this morning!

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Posted in: Man shot dead by police after knife attack in Kumamoto See in context

Cool. So after the attacker was shot 4 times, he was arrested at the scene for illegally carrying a knife and taken to the hospital. Nevertheless, a very rare occurrence in Japan I believe. I can hardly imagine the quarrel.

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Posted in: Another powerful eruption observed at Mt Shinmoe See in context

One of the best cover photos I've seen on here.

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Posted in: TEPCO ordered to pay Y1.1 bil in damages to Fukushima residents See in context

That's a lot of money. Each of the plaintiffs can now buy a new car ;)

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Posted in: U.S. warship crew found likely at fault in June collision See in context


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Posted in: U.S. warship stayed on deadly collision course despite warning, says container ship captain See in context

Probably a case like this: https://youtu.be/_VHXRYXzEVU

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Posted in: N Korea fires ballistic missile that falls into Japan's EEZ See in context

Believed to have fallen? It is or it isn't. How many more minutes away from reaching Japan coast? Is the defence system not working? Because I'd just set an example and take this missile out in the open.

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Posted in: Foreigners in Japan face significant levels of discrimination, survey shows See in context

No news at all. What strikes me (and angers me a little) is that only 20% of the foreigners participated in such a questionnaire.

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Posted in: Abe meditates as Japan punches time clock early for 'Premium Friday' See in context

Only 120 small and mid-size companies joined and gave their workforce off at 3pm today. The big companies don't even bother with this. That's like 0.01℅ #onlyinjapan

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Posted in: 26 N Koreans rescued as cargo ship sinks off Japan See in context

Interesting. So while they where rescued, the ship was still travelling/drifting 18 miles. Not that it is impossible, just a huge distance to cover for a boat in distress.

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Posted in: What do you think of when you hear the words "Cool Japan?" See in context

Where are all the cool people?

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Posted in: Man arrested for mailing more than 500 garbage items to former bullies See in context

Love the whole concept, brilliant.

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Posted in: M7.4 quake strikes off Fukushima, triggering tsunami See in context

Don't be a nerd and mark YOURSELF safe on FB if you live in Tokyo. Even I slept through (after a brief moment of AWAKENING) here in Narashino, Chiba.

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Posted in: Americans don't think Trump is qualified. Why they elected him anyway See in context

Just reading the headline only instead of its content: It ain't Americans, it's mainly Japan. The author probably lives in Japan and has access to mainly anti-Trump news. Japan has the highest number of Hillary supporters in the world (right after China for other reasons) because of lack of English in order to be informed by American news sources as well. Japan also has the highest numbers of iPhone users in the world. And coincidentally, Apple is a Clinton supporter as well. Just saying, without being an expert. This new president is for the masses and not for the few globalist families that benefit from the current corrupt financial system. The market dropped and continues to drop for a little while as it is staged by the top "Crème de la Crème" whose wealth will drastically diminish throughout the next 4 years. There're so many other points that one can look into if one just keeps an open mind and knows how mass media is fabricated. Have you forgotten 9/11 and 3/11 already? Trump stated to pull companies out of China. Totally understandable and wise choice in my opinion. But again, am not an expert.

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Posted in: Android gets record 87.5% of smartphone market: survey See in context

Yeah, sorry iPhone believers, you're on a sinking ship. Only in Japan, the numbers are vice versa. Only in Japan, that should tell you a lot about its folks and believers ;)

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Posted in: New allegations of sexual misconduct rock Trump campaign See in context

Not my first choice, but my second and third one ... after few drinks ;)

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Posted in: Woman dies after being hit by 4 trucks on Shiga expressway See in context

gaijinfo: in Japan ambulance consists of drivers only, hardly any paramedics. That's why all the news reads the same. Pronounced dead at hospital.

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Posted in: Spielberg takes on daunting challenge to bring 'The BFG' to life See in context

... and just the comments for general amusement.

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Posted in: Japan revamps child welfare, but tens of thousands still institutionalised See in context

I always wanted to adopt 1 or 2 more children in addition to the 3 I have already, but was told that mixed marriages cannot do so in Japan.

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Posted in: Suzuki denies cheating on fuel, emissions testing See in context

"The 86-year-old executive ...", haha haha :)

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Posted in: French prosecutors probe $2 million tied to 2020 Tokyo Games See in context

I was reading: The transactions were marked "Tokyo 2020 Olympic Game Bid", then I stopped reading and thought ...

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Posted in: New Olympic stadium design proposals unveiled See in context


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Posted in: Explosion damages toilet at Yasukuni shrine; nobody hurt See in context

An apparent explosion 2. Police dealt with suspicious objects that have not exploded 3. A hole in the ceiling of the public bathroom was discovered Sorry, if I was reading that police report, I'd be really confused :)

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