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Posted in: Seoul mayor found dead after sexual harassment complaint made against him See in context

--upper hand in the end. (no edit function at JT)

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Posted in: Seoul mayor found dead after sexual harassment complaint made against him See in context

He brought it on himself, from the list of lewd actions he continued to launch on his secretary. Not one instance, but a pattern. It's all about power, but she had the upper hand in the hand. Men, why can't they behave themselves?

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Posted in: Japan to limit financing of overseas coal power plants See in context

No mention of reducing the prime mover: consumption, driver of the need for energy. On all fronts.

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Posted in: On sale See in context

No hair on the mannikins and no masks. Which is the most appealing?

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Posted in: Survey shows that Japanese couples are trying to conceive earlier See in context

Adopt and keep the population down.

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Posted in: Some people argue that mandating anyone to wear face masks during the pandemic is a violation of human rights. Do you agree? See in context

If I was in the USA, mask wearing would make a lot of sense. Not so much here in Japan, even Tokyo. Use common sense and keep distance, wash hands. Stay out of enclosed areas. Mask is not the magic talisman. I just wish the gym would make masks optional, so I can go back and work out without a suffocating useless virtue signal slapped across my breathing apparatus.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 124 COVID-19 cases Friday; 70% in their 20s and 30s See in context

Where are these tests in Tokyo? Do I have to go to a small, crowded room full of other people improperly wearing their masks? Uh, outdoor testing anywhere? Why is this information not on the front page of JT?

Would be helpful.

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Posted in: The discreet charm of Japan’s anti-smoking campaign See in context

I have always enjoyed the light-hearted, yet pointed, artistry of these green and white artistic creations. ON the other hand, I wish the JT/Jgov would put on every cig packette sold the gruesome photos of ravaged lungs, lips, and lives, aka Australia.

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Posted in: AP changes writing style to capitalize 'b' in Black See in context

Does this mean that I (Norwegian extraction) am now White?

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Posted in: Tokyo lifts all restrictions on businesses, including live music venues, nightclubs See in context

Great. Will gyms finally stop requiring masks??? Take down the plastic shower curtains (gross)? Can't wait.

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Posted in: Pandemic pushes geisha to get online See in context

Vince, the physical proximity is the attraction. On my computer screen? Not so much. Geisha culture is far from boring. I really wonder how it will cope with "social distancing" until a vaccine is found.

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Posted in: Magical-armor-style accessory protects you from bugs See in context

Looks like a chance to poison yourself. Skin absorbs the pesticides. No thank you.

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Posted in: Face masks with windows mean more than smiles to deaf people See in context

Why not just use full face shields. Those weird masks are grossly ugly.

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Posted in: These models don’t exist: New agency offers AI-generated models for commercial use See in context

The only faces without a mask slapped on. Now people look more like androids than androids.

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Posted in: Koike lifts 'Tokyo alert' on coronavirus See in context

How soon until the mask requirement in very open gyms is lifted?

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Posted in: Osaka aims to hold referendum on metropolis plan on Nov 1 See in context

Doesn't Japan have the absentee ballot and ability to vote via the Internet machine???

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Posted in: Surgical or homemade, masks mark a major shift in thinking See in context

YeahRight is right.

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Posted in: Tokyo to reopen gyms in next phase of post-emergency road map See in context

Please god no, no mask rules in the gym. See articles in all today's newspapers about wearing masks while exercising leads to heatstroke. Plus, who can breathe properly while really working out and wearing a white paper face doily.

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Posted in: Convenience stores use plastic sheets for social distancing See in context

The photograph is weird. It must be taken at the only 7-11 store in Japan not to have a wall of packets of ciggies behind the register.

COVID-19 absolutely loves smokers and attacks their weakened lungs like they were chocolate covered ice cream desserts. Conbini stores-stop selling cigs and vapor-cigs. Make your profits on something else. We all pay for this nicotine addiction with our national health insurance.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics unlikely to be in spring, Mori says See in context

Spring time, April and May, would be the best months for the athletes, weather considered.

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Posted in: 58 infected with coronavirus at welfare facility in Chiba See in context

Get it right, people. Those paper masks are not capable of filtering out the minuscule C. virus. Wear them if you are sick (or a hay fever sufferer). Otherwise, just wishful thinking.

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Posted in: Japan plans huge stimulus package to cushion blow from coronavirus See in context

Dump the sales tax. Automatic 10% increase in yen in the purse for everyone.

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Posted in: Panic buying continues in Tokyo as residents asked to stay home for weekend See in context

Gym on Twitter for Arnold Schwarzenegger's recent tweets. He put together a nifty workout for those stuck at home, including links to videos. He is such a guy! The best. Hope this helps. My own gym is open. Studio classes resume next Tuesday, so far.

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Posted in: Yakitori night See in context

So sick of those useless masks plastered over everyone's face.

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Posted in: How to make 'so,' Japan’s 1,000-year-old dessert that’s back in fashion See in context

Enjoyed reading this tale of kitchen and historical drama. Well done!

Who knew milk would do this. Now, to find my court staff to do the hour + of stirring.

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Posted in: Olympic delay may not be all bad news for Abe See in context

Need to change the PM. Enough of Abe. Can the opposition parties find an electable candidate and unite behind him/her?

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Posted in: High hug See in context

Uh, the masks....highly unromantic. Get those things off your faces. Just wash your hands after all the lovey dovey.

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