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Posted in: Tokyo reports 350 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,305 See in context

I live for the day when we no longer see a kimono outfit marred with the mask.

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Posted in: Cartoon dog pitches COVID vaccines to skeptical Japanese public See in context

Could be called "Go To Vaxu-Wan-Wan"...

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Posted in: Nishikori 'kind of happy' despite losing in first round See in context

Nishikori Kei is a joy to watch play tennis, no matter what his ranking happens to be.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic committee to hold meeting over Mori's comments See in context

What with Mori's hand bands? Does he have a blood circulation problem?

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Posted in: What do you think of the request by the government for diners eating out to practice "mokushoku" (silent dining or refraining from mealtime conversations) to prevent droplets being spread, as a measure against the coronavirus? See in context

If I see a "masks required" sign at the door, I do not enter as this means it is not safe. Just my way of dealing with it.

These days, though, when I go into an enclosed space, I wear my ceremonial cloth cute mask in designs to match the season, just to virtue signal and keep people from giving me the stink eye. I feel so invisible, and at this point, this is probably a good thing. Vaccine, please, but until then, wear that cloth across thy mug.

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Posted in: Japan's animators in pencil peril over production halt See in context

Wow. Who knew? Pencil Panic, for sure. Might there be another coloured pencil source?

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Posted in: Aeon tightens rules on employees who smoke See in context

Great idea. Smokers pollute their clothes and being near them in an enclosed office space is revolting, according to office workers who have complained about it. Aeon is correct to protect their employees. Promoting smoking cessation programs and going to the root of the problem would be even better.

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan brings out a new chicken burger with rice buns See in context

Where does the rice come from? Organic rice farmers in Japan?

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Posted in: Are you being served? Five-star tips for client relations in a masked era See in context

That is rather inspirational.

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Posted in: Pollen allergies threaten to aggravate coronavirus spread See in context

Why haven't those pollen producing trees been cut down and other, more benign trees, planted instead? It's been decades!

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Posted in: Famous faces See in context

Biden has white hair. Harris has brown skin. Who are these figurines?

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Posted in: 60% of Japanese firms support Olympics this summer, poll shows See in context

No companies named. Suspicious.

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Posted in: IOC, Tokyo Olympics to unveil rule book for beating pandemic See in context

If the games go on, let's gird our collective loins for the infection rates and death figures two weeks later. Any rage storm then?

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Posted in: Japan's suicides jump 16% in COVID-19 2nd wave: study See in context

Quite the headline..."suicides jump" front of the trains?

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Posted in: Quiet day in Asakusa See in context

I miss masklessness.

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Posted in: Company PET partners with Kyoto temple to offer genuine funeral services for beloved pets See in context

Cleo wins the Internet today with her kind, rational, and insightful thoughts on this incredibly difficult time and the choices they await.

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Posted in: Trump says his term is ending; transition will be orderly See in context

Meanwhile, today he encouraged a mob attack on the House of Representatives a woman protest was murdered by someone.

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Posted in: Hollywood productions shut down again as LA virus cases soar See in context

Didn't SAG recently cut off health benefits to workers in the industry? Or, reduce them? Something that might account for industry workers spreading Covid-19 because they cannot afford to stay at home on non-existent "sick leave".

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Posted in: Japan greets new year with crowds despite pleas from leaders to stay home See in context

I went to my local shrines (not famous) at 5:00 a.m. this morning. Just myself and the inari. Pleasantly eerie.

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Posted in: What was the best thing that happened to you this year and what was the worst? See in context

Best thing: I started a Zoom academic group.

Worst thing: masks everywhere.

Cheers to Zichi, too.

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Posted in: The seven lucky gods of Fukagawa: Ensuring a good year to come See in context

These are in my neighborhood. Thank you for the explanations! Have long wondered about them. Wonderful way to spend the new year.

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Posted in: Abe says sorry over political funding case See in context


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Posted in: Starbucks, closed due to COVID-19 infecting staff member, gets unexpected response See in context

Why is the specific *$$$ store not mentioned?

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Posted in: Ginza shoppers clean hands, phones with high-tech wash stations See in context

Perhaps they could design these little numbers to include a trash can below them. The government takes our taxes and never brought back the bins, which seems to me to be a civic duty of the government, much less this gambit. Just my two yen.

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Posted in: Suga, emperor speak at international conference on environment See in context

2050? We'll all be cooked oden by then. Shut down the coal plants.

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Posted in: A Japanese vending machine perfect for samurai See in context

Quite nice! Shimane is a long way from Tokyo, however.

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Posted in: Cleaning up See in context

Bring back trash bins in parks and everywhere. Hire people to empty them. Win win.

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Posted in: Restaurant bankruptcies to hit all-time high in 2020 See in context

It is possible that the "bland chains" are making sure the LDP does not give a helping hand to the many smaller (and much more interesting and diverse) eateries going out of business. They want that property. Starbucks showed the way.

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