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Posted in: Generational tensions flare as Japan faces economic reality of aging baby boomers See in context

Abolishing mandatory retirement age rules would help. Keep people who want to continue to work and pay taxes. Changes need to be made, but is the current government even capable of them? So far, it looks like sheer chaos in going to rule.

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Posted in: Hilton Japan apologizes for 'disrespectful' ad disparaging traditional Japanese inns See in context

I've enjoyed quite a range of ryokans and hotels in Japan. Only real annoyance is finding ones that do not permit people to blow cancer clouds in all directions. I think the Hotel Otani's complete renovation was partly driven by decades of smoker's stench embedded in all the walls. Yikes. Anyway, some good comments above.

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Posted in: Will the year-end party season make a comeback from COVID? See in context

When staff stop wearing paper face covers, thus signalling true acceptance by upper management that normal life has returned, then bonnenkai and such would be encouraged to return. Rest of the world gets this.

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Posted in: Do you refer to the X social media platform by its current name, or do you still call it Twitter? See in context

"TwitterX" is the best name I have run across. Thank you Alex Christoforou,

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Posted in: Imperial garden party See in context

*Sanjin...That is what I am saying. Down voters are just virtue signalling..

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Posted in: Imperial garden party See in context

Take off the masks. Show your faces to the people.

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Posted in: Meiji Mura: One of Japan’s most underrated tourist destinations See in context

Well written and researched article. However, the photo captains are impossible to read because they are the lightest grey. JT editors, please fix this ongoing problem. Darker font, please.

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Posted in: 2 workers at Fukushima plant hospitalized after accidentally sprayed with radioactive waste See in context

Please define "full face masks". Paper? Medical grade? Cute patterns and material? Worn below the nose, as usual, because they are uncomfortable?

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Posted in: World Cup final will be supercharged by one of sport's greatest rivalries See in context

What time JST is the game?

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Posted in: Japan needs more public trash cans; Japanese reporter sympathizes, though he doesn’t agree See in context

The parks have no trash cans, so trash everywhere. Come ON, Japan, spend that money on bins. It is the civic responsibility of cities around the world, and somehow Japan cannot return to civility with them? More benches would be very nice, too.

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Posted in: IAEA team gathers marine samples near Fukushima See in context

I will agree that the plethora of masks looks pretty pathetic. Has zero to do with radioactivity.

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Posted in: Japan to OK train fare hikes for holidays, weekends due to 'overtourism' concerns See in context

BRING BACK THE TRASH BINS THAT HAVE DISAPPEARED. That will help with the trash problem-and for locals and tourists alike. Sheesh!!!!

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Posted in: Honda names new plane HondaJet Echelon; plans first flight in 2026 See in context

At first glance, I thought this was a flying sanma (saury fish) in the sky, not swimming in the ocean. Awesome disguise.

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Posted in: What are some of your favorite Japanese snacks or sweets? See in context

Mr Kipling can send his matcha treats my way. Matcha is my number one preference.

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Posted in: Nagoya ordinance prohibits walking on escalators See in context

In all my time here in Tokyo, I have never seen anyone push someone aside to walk up the escalator. Seems like a bogus "claim".

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Posted in: Nice return See in context

Excellent photo!

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Posted in: Social media inspires Japanese women to dash into rickshaw pulling See in context

This is a great article. I often go to Asakusa, and have seen a few women rickshaw pullers, to my complete surprise and respect. Appreciate the details in this article. Had no idea a million yen a month was possible. Go you gals! This is what happens when true equality takes place. It is inspirational!

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Posted in: Princess Kako tests positive for COVID-19 See in context

Oh, great. So now masks (mostly worn below the nose) and plastic sheeting are the preventative against the flu, and whatever comes next. Ridiculous. BTW, long covid affects a small number, and it is not worth losing the faces of society in general to prevent that. Sure, fear struck oldsters and others with mitigating conditions (again, a relatively small percentage of the population), and anyone with a cold or sore throat, hide your face. Take down the plastic, asap, though, as it is a useless measure. Someone please wake up the oyaji managers to get this done. Anyway, that's it from me, I just had to push back a bit.

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Posted in: Princess Kako tests positive for COVID-19 See in context

I really wish articles on Covid would mention that getting it is not life-threatening, as with Delta, long ago. It's more like catching the flu. A few uncomfortable days, and that is it. Masks and plastic drapery are useless. Please let staff be free of these no longer needed measures. Most customers are free-faced, so it is getting weird.

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Posted in: Man robs Tokyo convenience store at knifepoint See in context

Of course he masked. Today I saw a "wanted poster" and the man was in full white mask. Useless. They will never find him.

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Posted in: Bullet train maneuvers See in context

DDT is the best. They do not take themselves too seriously, yet are heavy trainers in their profession. Well done!

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Posted in: From bubble era cabarets, Tokyo taproom to brewery in Shimoda: Mike Verweyst has lots of stories to tell See in context

Fully mature exotic dancers are still called "girls".

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Posted in: It's possible that due to the heat, many people stayed in air-conditioned rooms without ventilation, and that this played a part in the increase in infections. See in context

Is everyone waiting for the coronavirus to reach zero? Not going to happen. Neither is influenza nor the common cold. Isn't it time to ditch the masks and magic plastic curtaining? I think so.

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Posted in: Do you prefer using self-serve checkouts at retail stores or regular check-outs where you can talk with the cashier? See in context

Prefer the human, even though they continue to be behind their safety masks and behind those filthy magic plastic sheets. Feel sorry for them as this is getting ridiculous. Covid was demoted to influenza level in May. Anyway, I still prefer dealing with a human, even if only through their eyes.

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Posted in: What can be done to deal with the problem of overtourism in cities like Kyoto, for example? See in context

There would immediately be an app for that, such as Google Translate now. :-)

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Posted in: Asian shares fall back amid selling of China property shares See in context

Can't find a photo of a real human face? Not a single one? Sheesh.

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Posted in: Japan had hottest summer on record, weather agency says See in context

104th comment here, so no one will read it. Still, that miserable person in the photo wearing a wretched mask pretty much says it all. Ditch the masks!

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Posted in: Japan says seawater radioactivity below detectable limits near Fukushima See in context

For now, I am sure TEPCO is releasing water from previously determined tanks to be very low in radiation. A few months from now, when the news dies down, they will proceed with the tanks, and they are all different in their isotope content*, that include Strontium, Plutonium, and other much longer lasting isotopes.

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