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Posted in: Japanese tourists share impressions of traveling abroad with limited English ability See in context

I always feel the same, people here ignore studying English untill they are grown up...then they start regret that. I always ask my elementary school students' parents: How many times a week do your children have Japanese classes? and everyone says" every day"...and they speak Japanese at home, with friends...everywhere...English just doesn't have a chance with 50 minutes a week lesson...I just wish parents would stop thinking of English as a hobby...

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Posted in: Japan to make illegal downloading of music, videos punishable with jail terms See in context

Ok, i want to actually legally BUY my movies, music, TV shows.....but go to Japan iTunes....they do not have the most of the stuff i want....about watching YouTube.....i expect them to open a WARNING window for me everytime i am about to watch anything illigal without knowing it.....other then that....not my fault!!! There are US websites with TV drama epiodes you can not watch from Japan....i guess YouTube will be something like that now?....and btw. What about those shows, movies, concerts you record at home from TV on your HDD player:)aren't those things designed to record something what you can not watch real time.... how many of us burn DVDs of those recordings and give them to friends or relatives.....i do not know anyone who would sell something like is just like lending a book to someone.....but what? Also illigal?

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Posted in: Woman bites off bag snatcher's finger in Sapporo See in context

What a tough cookie ! This lady! :)

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Posted in: Japan scraps plan to give away 10,000 free flights to visitors See in context

people who want to come to Japan will come here anyway...

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