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Patrick Andreas Kishino comments

Posted in: Environment minister Koizumi to take 2 weeks paternity leave See in context

What a joke.. seriously, I’m currently on paternity leave since November and will be for another few months. How anyone doesn’t want to spend time with their child for as long as possible at this stage is mind boggling. Especially when the possibility is there. Both wife and me are off and spending all this time together is fantastic. We can both sleep well by doing shifts, eat well and exercise every day together. Can both take solo time, meet friends and self improvement. Recently started baby swim, traveled a lot, of to Fiji in 2 months for an extended 3 week trip etc.. watching our baby change, grow and smile every day is better than anything else.. how can anyone prioritize the necessary evil called work...

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Posted in: Gov't urges male civil servants to take at least 1-month paternity leave See in context

Just had to logon and post.. regarding parental leave ( or childcare leave as it’s called), I am currently on leave together with my wife and it’s the best decision we ever have done. Both of us are helping each other to raise our beautiful daughter and can actually enjoy it. We saw how much her sister was struggling raising one and then another, not much sleep, stressed, tired etc etc.. sure, we have had a few tiring situations but both agree that it’s a two person job if you want to remain sane and healthy.

We will both be off until she is 1 year old, honestly, right now there is no way I can see myself going back to work when I have something much more important to do here..

regarding money, so far we have not had to dip into our savings at all.. sure, we haven’t added any new savings but passive incomes, insurance payouts etc are about enough, even to cover a few trips we have done and will such as Okinawa, Fiji and back to Europe. As you don’t pay income tax, health insurance nor pension during leave time it’s actually pretty good for spending all this time together as a family

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Posted in: Half of new Japanese fathers take leave, far below gov't target See in context

This is seriously a huge issue that I discuss with my wife about where to have our child.. Here in Sweden I have to by law take at least 60 days if I remember correctly, paid paternity leave.. Although I would be looked at very strangely if I didn't take more.. Usually parents here divide it so mum takes first 6 months ,then back to work ,then dad takes 6 months ..after that they use the remaining leave to pad out the holidays, so perhaps 6 or 7 weeks in summer instead of 4 etc..

This would be a huge loss if at moved back and had the baby in Japan.. It's incredible that people are so passive to not demand these things until they get them.. Same with holidays.. I never have to ask if it's OK to take a holiday or days of, I tell my manager when I will be gone. Giving him enough time to shuffle things around if needed. Or if there is an emergency at would negotiate some compensation for me to move the holiday if I agree

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