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Posted in: SEC charges Nissan, ex-CEO Ghosn with hiding $140 mil from investors See in context

Throw them all in jail and keep them there.

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Posted in: Japan urges caution for citizens traveling to S Korea See in context

not true at all

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Posted in: Ghosn leaves detention center; agrees to limit contact with wife See in context

Ghosn said to have planned tax move to Switzerland

Impending end to Dutch tax break was likely catalyst, French media reports

An alliance-related fund that Ghosn established in Geneva last year may have been intended to give him a pretext to reside there, L'Express reported Wednesday. The French news magazine said the move could have been prompted by the impending expiration of a tax break Ghosn had received in the Netherlands. Renault is apparently looking into the situation.

Ghosn remains in detention in Tokyo since his arrest in November on charges of financial misconduct.

The fund would have had a 30 million euro ($34 million) budget. Paperwork submitted to Swiss authorities listed Ghosn as the chief representative and said the purpose of the fund was to encourage diversity and multicultural management at companies.

Ghosn previously resided in France, but he reportedly moved his tax domicile to the Netherlands in 2012 to avoid a wealth tax. Renault-Nissan BV, the company that coordinates the alliance, is based in Amsterdam.

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Posted in: Tokyo court retracts plan to start Ghosn's trial in Sept See in context

A wedding reception at Versailles, multi-million superyachts, funds transferred to family members, 4 different passports (including the wife's US passport), undeclared income, villas in various different that Pablo? No it's Carlos, and he's innocent, it's the japanese judiciary system that is flawed say the "experts" posting comments...hahaha!

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Posted in: Ghosn granted release on ¥500 mil bail but can't contact wife See in context

it's quite amusing that so many JapanToday readers are still defending Ghosn.

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Posted in: Ghosn indicted on aggravated breach of trust charge See in context

still have doubts ?!

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Posted in: Ghosn indicted on aggravated breach of trust charge See in context

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Posted in: French Olympic probe raises questions about Dentsu See in context

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Posted in: Japanese aquariums turn to breeding dolphins instead of taking from wild See in context

No more aquariums or zoos! They belong to the past.

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