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Posted in: China detains 100-plus people for doomsday rumors See in context

*Widely regarded as a heretical Christian sect, the group preaches that Jesus has reappeared as a woman in central China. It has been accused of targeting Christians, kidnapping and beating them to force conversions.***

Beating Christians into forced conversions to extreme Christianity? What the hell would they do with someone who was not already Christian?

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Posted in: Girl dies after being hit by train on platform See in context

so sad.....

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Posted in: 'Torture porn' trend in horror movies plays itself out See in context

I don't really understand how porn got mixed up in this headline or story.

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Posted in: Gunma police chief arrives at fire drunk; abuses local residents See in context

Apparently he was just trying to sing and show people his moves to his new song "Gunma style". Honestly though at least when inept cops are corrupt you can bribe them to do the right thing but inept and straight is just a tragedy...

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Posted in: Why the Japanese have no problem asking about your marital status See in context

I think the comment about you seeming like someone who had a lot of boyfriends is just a poorly translated version of the way the Japanese say "You seem like you would be popular" and not "You look like you get about a bit". At least they weren't trying to set you up with anybody. My company insists that I do not tell my students that I am married (the boy band effect) and I am forever having women and men try and set me up with friends or family. I even once had a mother try to set me up with her 14 year old! Aghast I exclaimed "She's only 14!" her reply was but "Yes, but in four years she'll be 18". I'm still not sure how serious she was about it......

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