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Patrick Hagger comments

Posted in: 3 killed after small plane crashes into Tokyo residential area See in context

Praying for all involved

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Posted in: Death-row inmate hanged for 2007 murder See in context

To bad not enough countries has made the death penalty automatic when it is used to cover up a felony. It is good when one criminal who disregard life are actually punished for his actions and not become a government dependent even in prison.

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Posted in: Gang arrested following spate of drive-by eggings in Osaka See in context

amazing this is a national story, it is a prank

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Posted in: Man reports both parents shot dead See in context

Is not suicide high in Japan dispite low gun usage whether by any means it is a tragic situation to all left in the land of the living.

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Posted in: Youth arrested for hitting 16-year-old girl with baseball bat See in context

So some idiot walked to a stranger and hit her across the head adn stuck around for the police

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Posted in: Mega Potato to go back on sale at McDonald's Japan See in context

yummy Mc Donald fries when they are hot

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Posted in: Tohoku drug dealers slow to anticipate local demand See in context

PTSD drugs being illegally sold what a sad state of affairs for Japan a nation known for drug for citizens

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Posted in: Chinese military planes flew near disputed isles 40 times in one day See in context

Japan needs to build a military installation on one of the island or move American military there

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Posted in: U.N. to consider validity of China's claim over disputed islands See in context

They belong to Japan even according to the Chinese Historical documents. Other islands have used the island chain to claim their own independence from China.

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Posted in: 17 'relaxation' establishments raided; 76 high school girls in custody See in context

Sick and wierd, someone actually pays money for this

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Posted in: U.S. gun-rights lobbyist says ad attacking Obama 'ill-advised' See in context

I agree with the ad President Obama nor any member of his family life is more important than mine nor any child in a womb. To too bad he refuse to protect the babies in the womb than the drug addicts of his ill failed health care plan.

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Posted in: Student commits suicide after being beaten by school basketball coach See in context

A great student athlete takes life after being slapped by coach, which was meant to encourage the youth. I do not know any school system that accept slapping as a form of punishment. here in the united States paddles, boards and the like are used as discipline where still legally allowed, but I have never heard of anyone being slapped even on sport teams. This is something that is considered acceptable in Japan, and it might normally work, because the veteran coach have used it only a few times and there have been no other suicides. I pray for the family of the departed, but think there were other issues. I realize there is a real epidemic in Japan concerning suicides so I pray that they are still treated as individual events and not just a national epidemic.

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Posted in: Man jailed for a year over 10 yen theft at temple See in context

About time religious rights are protected as other rights

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Posted in: 17-year-old dead, 16-year-old seriously injured following police chase See in context


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Posted in: Arrest warrants issued for 15 suspects over Roppongi nightclub murder See in context


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Posted in: 3 youths arrested for robbing pizza delivery boys See in context

Hunger overtook them this could not be about money.

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Posted in: Tree of Hope See in context

Christmas has nothing to do with a tree any way. Keeping it real stop the commercialization of a christian day of recognition. Celebrate Christ not going into debt.

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Posted in: NHK announcer Morimoto arrested for groping woman in train See in context

How rude, he is a weekend anchor that got a little drunk she should forgive and move on. How could she destroy the life on a man that claim he was drunk at 8pm. The network apologize what else does she what in the name of justice.

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Posted in: Beat Takeshi compares same-sex marriage with bestiality See in context

ALL deviancy is the same

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Posted in: University student arrested after choking AKB48 fan to steal photos See in context


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Posted in: Japanese man jailed in U.S. child porn bust See in context

Well young man you made the decision to be a deviant now it is time to pay the cost of your crime.

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Posted in: 8 dead after epileptic driver in minivan rams into pedestrians in Kyoto See in context

Praying for the families of this tragic event. It is amazing how ignorance can come out in the name of compassion for society based solely on the lack of information. This should not be looked at as an attack on people born with health issues, no one impared should be driving. There should already be safe guards in place to protect the public, but in reality no matter how much protection the government attempt to provide there will always be those who oppose the safe guards. There needs to be a system in place to maintain health reports of those how have conditions that can effect their driving skills. It is illegal to drive under the influence of legal medicines.

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Posted in: Tokyo police survey bank transfer scam victims See in context

Japan you are not as isolated as you once were. This is occurring all around the world, the names of the criminals only change.

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Posted in: N Korea admits failure as world condemns rocket launch See in context

Failed attempt but an attempt none the less. Do you think there will not be other test?

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Posted in: 7 dead, 3 hurt in California Christian college shooting See in context

Guns do not kill people, and niether does people using guns legally. This tragic event is not a result of using a gun but the rage that overtook an idiot to the point to destroy the lives of many of people not limited to those murdered nor even the Korean community which directly felt the impact.

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Posted in: Sergeant arrested for stealing cash from police station See in context

The locker is not so secure dispite all the arrest but a direct deposit account for whatever purpose designated.

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Posted in: Kindergarten bus driver held over girl's death See in context

The mother should be charged whatever the bus driver is charged their both of guilty of child endangerment. The driver is responsible for childern especial those in, on and around the bus, but the mother should be held accountable for letting a her child crawl under a bus.

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