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Patrick Hagger comments

Posted in: Japan's anti-conspiracy law takes effect See in context

Joining the rest of the world.

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Posted in: Japan executes two death row inmates See in context

Common sense have been lost by the masses; the death penalty is a punishment for a specific act

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Posted in: Man gets 27 years for killing 3 family members See in context

27 years of hard labor Japanese style justice not the Western style sleep in elder care system of most Western countries.

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Posted in: Company president gets five years’ probation for killing employee See in context

Prison should have been the only remedy of law; social justice favoritism for women who hold positions of leadership should be held to the same standard as their male counterparts.

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Posted in: Lawson store closed after employee puts photo of himself in freezer on Facebook See in context

To sad for the owners and other employees of this business, one idiot cost them all their immediately livelihood.

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Posted in: Man leaps to death after killing ailing wife See in context

Strange thing that stranglation is the choice of murder suicide in Japan.

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Posted in: Tokyo Metro employee caught falsely claiming lost-and-found money See in context

greed by civil servant sounds like something that would happen in United Sates.

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Posted in: World's largest mailbox put up in Yamaguchi See in context

thank you Japan for another giant creation of the waste of manpower

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Posted in: Court invalidates Y4.8 mil bill after teen takes dad's credit card on tour of hostess clubs See in context

So will the businesses have to take the loses as a learning lesson or will American-Express create a penalty for businesses that do not verify such a large illegal spending spree?

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Posted in: Man kills girlfriend, then commits suicide in front of emergency service workers See in context

Justice at his own hands, saving the citizens of Japan the expenses of clothing, feeding and sheltering him until his life expriers

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Posted in: Mother, child apparently starve to death in Osaka apartment See in context

Socialism at it's best protecting predators while ignoring the well being of those being tortured, tormented and terrorize. How evil of this woman to kill her child because of the hatred toward her husband.

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Posted in: 7-year-old girl run down, killed at pedestrian crossing near home See in context

Praying for all involved that justice is served the community as a whole and that her family heal.

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Posted in: 2 inmates hanged, bringing number of executions to 5 under Abe See in context

Salute to the criminal justice system in Japan, justice and due process carried out for the benefit of everyone.

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Posted in: Mother, employer of epileptic crane driver ordered to pay compensation over fatal accident See in context

It is amazing that those who claim the gvernment should be held responsible for nearly everything would some how want the mother not be held liable.

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Posted in: N Korea says it has entered 'state of war' with South See in context

Again, by the younger version of his father

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Posted in: Bullet train starts running at 320 kph on Tohoku Shinkansen route See in context

One day the trains might make it to the United States as an option to car travel

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan announces return of Texas and Idaho burgers See in context

I am in the capital city of Austin with a motto of being weird , this burger is not a Texas original, not peppers nor salsa. I have not seen a burger like this in no city in Texas which have a multitude of burgers. Whataburger is a true Texan burger

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Posted in: U.S. lottery winner's death ruled a homicide by cyanide See in context

Cyanide and Chicago just another method of murder

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Posted in: Chinese diplomatic document from 1950 states Senkakus part of Okinawa See in context

China protected interest maybe, but at least the news is shown today

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Posted in: Playoff schedule for NFL postseason See in context

Denver will get their opportunity to beat Houston in the AFC championship game Washington will crawl their way to San Francisco in the NFC championship game Both road teams will triumph Washington v. Houston---New Orleans Super Bowl

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Posted in: S Korea elects first woman president See in context

South Korea beats United States into having elected their first woman president

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Posted in: Noriko Sakai's brother arrested for threatening man with gun See in context

A typical case of road rage in the United States, no bullets no foul

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Posted in: Woman held over murder of 5-year-old daughter See in context

And she called herself a mother

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Posted in: Girl dies after being hit by train on platform See in context

Suicide has left a void in the lives of those who knew her. It is a terrible thing every time such a young person dies. A pray should be for the family and the classmates of the young lady. I remember being at a school that had a high suicide rate and being in the United States it was out of the normal order of things.

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Posted in: Man with stolen German passport escapes from Haneda airport security See in context

Now that is expected in the US with the TSA to busy attacking the passengers to worry about someone with a stolen passport

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Posted in: Woman arrested after bursting into classroom with knife See in context

She deserves the strong arm of the law. A weapon taken to a school to threaten childern is dangerous

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Posted in: Woman dies after being 'restrained' by police See in context

Anger management was out the question, what could she have been under the influence of in Japan?

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Posted in: Burger King offers all-you-can-eat Whopper buffet See in context

30 min for the meal deal might be worth the challenge

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Posted in: Justice minister says sorry to wrongly-jailed Nepal man See in context

That is why there should be no excuses for false accusations which DNA testing can not only identify but eliminate others from even being at a scene.

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Posted in: Armstrong facing big financial hit over doping ban See in context

Armstrong should be sued, but not him along but also the Livestrong organization. People supporting cancer research and development should be insulted that a deceiver have become the face of cancer research. They should lose their non profit license because it was obtained through fraudulent means.

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