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Posted in: Jeb Bush joins Republican race for U.S. president See in context

Jeb Bush will be the next U.S. president. He will have the money to defeat the Clintons. He will be able to win the all-important electoral votes from Florida and Texas.

His choice for vice president should be John Kasich, the governor of Ohio, which would help him win that critical state in the electoral vote tally.

Jeb Bush has a Mexican wife and speaks a good bit of Spanish. He will be able to get many more Hispanic votes than Mitt Romney in 2012.

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I can't believe that Yokohama is still atop the CL standings. Hanshin needs to get hot and win the division.

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A Yomiuri victory makes it a bad day.

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Posted in: Japanese baseball results See in context

It's good to see Hanshin get a win.

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Posted in: IS executes scores of Syrian troops; Obama admits he has no strategy See in context

Obama wants us to believe that the US couldn't get a SOFA with Iraq from 2012 because the Iraqis wouldn't agree to US demands on legal protections for our soldiers and marines.

But he never wanted to keep a residual force there, one that we know now could've prevented an ISIS invasion. And we know he didn't want us there at all from 2012 because he said so during a debate with Romney.

Or was that another one of his lies?

One thing is for sure in 2014: we've got a big problem now that the Obama administration has to start dealing with when they err...get some plans together.

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Another Hanshin win!

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Posted in: Japanese baseball results See in context

Tigers 5, Giants 4...a good day.

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Posted in: China, S Korea urge Japan to reflect on wartime aggression See in context

"1,180 war criminals"

Yes, it's a good idea to honor these "martyrs," including Class B and C criminals who were responsible for some of the most disgusting crimes against humanity.

Nice work, PM Abe. And it's comforting, I'm sure, to the Chinese, Koreans et al. that you expressed your appreciation for the "martyrs" in a role other than prime minister.

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Posted in: Japanese diplomat agrees to plea deal over wife abuse in U.S. See in context

Enjoy your year in jail, Nagaya-san. It's a shame you didn't get a longer sentence.

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Posted in: Why they don't want us dancing at nightclubs See in context

Japanese authorities recently are trying to crack down on businesses-dance clubs, sexual services establishments, pachinko parlors-that in some, if not many, cases have ownership that is in part or whole foreign-mainly Chinese and Korean. They will undoubtedly include Japanese-owned ones too, but that's just too bad for them.

All of the above also means that they want to direct gambling and associated businesses to new construction areas containing casinos and offshoot fun places down the road that the government and law enforcement people can control and benefit from financially.

They are also doing this with an eye on the 2020 Olympics. The winning bid will be announced next September. If Tokyo gets it, the powers-that-be will have billions and billions of yen to spend on construction over the next seven years, and then they want to rake in the dough from the casinos and other places for many more years.

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I think Romney wins the popular vote by a couple percentage points and takes the Electoral College by a slim margin.

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Posted in: Japanese-Brazilians go 'home' to tap economic boom See in context

Good for the people mentioned here. I hope things work out for them back in Brazil.

Not a few aging English teachers still trying to make a career out of the eikaiwa racket would do well to heed the same advice and move back home while they still have a chance to start anew.

Its economy is growing, and there are jobs and business opportunities. That’s why I plan to go back and try my luck back in my own country, because Brazil is a country of the future.

Brazil is a country with a bright future. Japan is not.

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Posted in: Defense official voices fears over possible N Korea nuclear test See in context

North Korea is far from being able to put a missile together with a nuclear warhead and deliver it against perceived enemies in East Asia, let alone the U.S. A repeat of an underground nuclear test is not much to be concerned about at this time.

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Posted in: Hosting 2020 Olympics would aid healing process - Tokyo bid chief See in context

Tokyo is seen as the early favorite, not only because technically it is seen as an outstanding bid, but also because it is the choice of the sentimental voter.

The Olympics will be held seven years after the host city is decided next year. The sentimental mumbo-jumbo shouldn't have anything to do with swaying voters to Tokyo. But it probably will.

If not, a Nagano corrupt bid manual or two must have escaped the fires and could provide guidance. Or if they need more examples of how to do things the under-the-table way, they could talk to the keirin people and see how they got their sport into the Olympics.

Spending tons of money to build some new infrastructure and facilities around the Tokyo metro area has little to do with helping the people of the Tohoku region who will require years, if not decades in the case of some in Fukushima, to get their lives back to normal.

If I could, I would suggest an open forum that features facts from all of the money lost and continuing headaches related to maintenance of Olympic facilities at the host cities of the past few Summer Olympic Games. But this would make sense, in kind of a "dry" way, too logical for the "wet" thinking of the Japanese calling the shots on thie bid.

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Posted in: Zimmerman charged with second-degree murder in Trayvon Martin shooting See in context

Few have defended Martin or castigated Zimmerman as strongly as I have, but if the ballistics information supports Zimmerman's version that Trayvon was on top of him beating away when he fired the shot, there's no way I could agree finding him guilty of second-degree murder. If however, the shot was fired with Trayvon on the ground and Zimmerman above him, second-degree murder becomes all the more apparent -- with the likelihood in direct proportion to the distance between them.

In other words, you should reserve judgment til all the facts come out, since you don't know what happened specifically at the start of the altercation, and you have no more idea than we do about any "ballistics info."

No bandages whatsoever and no sign of obvious bleeding less than 40 minutes after this supposedly savage attack.

Why don't you wait til the police reports detailing what they observed come out and what the medics saw and TREATED and filed in their report before you assume you know what you're talking about, O.K.? I worked as an EMT in the military for several years and can at least imagine a bit what they did. Do you have any experience in the field?

Maybe you should put yourself in Zimmerman's shoes first, and think about why he was so suspicious of Martin that was raining, the person appeared to be a stranger and was black... the neighborhood had had one incident after the other with blacks committing crimes there...look it up. But, no, this might make some sense.

Should Zimmerman have immediately followed the instructions of the police and not followed Martin anymore? Yes. But from that point on we're left to guess at what really happened. And it will be very hard for Zimmerman to get any sort of fair trial as others have said as well, because Zimmerman has become the national "fall guy" for any and all wrongs done to blacks.

Perhaps the majority of the MSM should look more closely at Obama's hometown of Chicago, led by his pal Rahm Emanuel, and think a little more about black accountability for the rash of black-on-black murders there this year. Or how about using this as an opportunity to talk about crime in general, but no, no, no...that would force the "black community" to take a hard look at the incredibly disproportionate # of crimes they commit and have to answer for it with a little accountability.

So let's make ONE tragedy, the death of Trayvon Martin, into the biggest news story in the country now and for who knows how many months to come. This is much easier for a largely lazy media, and for all the gravy trainers who are now, and will for a long time to come, profit of the tragedy of Trayvon Martin's death.

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Posted in: Noda to visit Washington April 29-May 2 See in context

If Obama's competition is Romney, he's as good as reelected, for better or worse. Are the Americans really going to elect a man who says he likes firing people? Whose chief advisor says he can be shaken like sand and reformed into whatever's necessary?

The #1 reason Obama will not be reelected is the economy.

If you want to nitpick at trivial things Romney has said and done over the years, so be it. I could find just as many objectionable statements-especially if taken out of context-that Obama has uttered over the years.

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Posted in: Zimmerman charged with second-degree murder in Trayvon Martin shooting See in context


Should he be convicted of 2nd degree murder for it, when the evidence we know about suggests there was an altercation, that resulted in Martins death. Thats a much tougher call. I'd have gone with Manslaughter, which needs only prove reckless disregard. Something that Zimmerman did by not following the instructions of the 9-11 operator. But 2nd degree murder is a step too far based on the evidence available. We'll see though. I sincerely hope this prosecutor has the evidence to back up her charges.

agree with this

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Martin was targeted as a suspect because of his race. His death was swept under the rug by the Florida justice system because of his race -- just as his body lay as an unidentified John Doe for nearly 48 hours.

I've read a bunch of times where people have claimed that since his body was a "John Doe" for 2 days that this is somehow indicative of racism by the Sanford Police.

Let's see...a 17 y/o with no I.D. on him...a teenager in a town where he would have been a complete stranger to just about everyone other than his father and his father's fiancee-who they were reportedly staying with. It's just inconceivable that he wasn't identified sooner-the only answer is racism!

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Posted in: Zimmerman charged with second-degree murder in Trayvon Martin shooting See in context


Strange and a little sad that every article about this case has to mention the race of the people involved. Yet posters go burlesque when a JT article mentions the race of a suspected criminal in Japan.

I've seen a few that identified Zimmerman as Hispanic. If Zimmerman is Hispanic because of his mother's ethnic background, I guess that makes Pres. Obama white and Tiger Woods Asian.


When Zimmerman pursued Trayvon Martin with a loaded weapon in violation of the Sanford Police's clear guidelines, he threw usual ordinary caution to the dogs.

The prosecution will have the burden to prove that Zimmerman had continued that pursuit, and was not on his way back to his vehicle when attacked. They'll have a very tough job proving their case in a lot of ways. They're going to rue the day that it was decided to pursue second-degree murder charges, and not manslaughter.

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Posted in: Zimmerman charged with second-degree murder in Trayvon Martin shooting See in context

Some legal experts had predicted the prosecutor would bring a charge of manslaughter, which carries up to 15 years behind bars. It is defined as a death that results from a reckless but not a depraved act.

This should have been the charge.

Legal experts said Corey must have compelling evidence against Zimmerman if she chose to charge him with second-degree murder.

No, she is just passing the buck. By bowing to pressure from the "black community" and most of the MSM, she decided to charge him with second-degree murder, instead of manslaughter. As with the Casey Anthony debacle last year, another Florida prosecutor has aimed too high and will lose.

In this case, whenever a verdict is finally reached, an acquittal on murder will create an even greater racial divide in the U.S. and spawn more violence. The media, Congressional Black Caucus, Spike Lee, Messers. Jackson and Sharpton etc. should be real proud of their work on this one.

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Posted in: Noda to visit Washington April 29-May 2 See in context

A meeting of two leaders who will lose their jobs by the end of the year.

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Posted in: Asians must work harder to win major golf tournaments, say leading players See in context

Asian women, primarily South Korean but also a handful of Japanese, have won one tournament after the other on the LPGA tour over the past decade or so. The South Korean men have had some success in the U.S., like Yang and Choi to name a couple, but very little from the Japanese.

The men in both countries have been trying for a longer period to do well in the U.S. than the women have, but with entirely different results. Why is this when both sexes have access to the same training and coaching?

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Posted in: Darvish wins major league debut after rough start against Mariners See in context

@hide suzuki: Relax, man. (Irabu had nowhere near the ability of Darvish.) I think anyone here with sufficient knowledge of both NPB and MLB knows that Yu Darvish should be a good MLB starting pitcher.

Darvish is a better athlete than other Japanese starting pitchers to make their way to MLB since 1995, and he has the size and durability from good genes to be in the majors for a long time, IMO.

How good Darvish will be remains to be seen over the course of his long contract, and we all know the injury factor very often comes into play with pitchers.

There will be ups-and-downs due to all the new things he will encounter his first season-from American life in general to an overall higher level of play on the field in the U.S. I suspect most Rangers' fans are excited about Darvish and the vital role they expect him to play as a starting pitcher this year and beyond. They will treat him well if he plays hard, and as an equal member of the team-not as some sort of disposable part, foreign helper.

Some are concerned that Darvish will not throw enough in practice and games in the majors and will suffer from a loss of durability and incur more injuries. I doubt this in his case as a member of the Rangers. Nolan Ryan has an organization-wide system of having pitchers throw more at all levels than most other MLB teams do, and Darvish will benefit accordingly.

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Posted in: Diet passes Y90.3 tril budget, adding to Japan's debt mountain See in context

About 49% of the budget would be financed by issuing new bonds, a plan fiercely contested by opposition lawmakers who are aiming to push Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda to call snap elections, according to reports.

Japan, the U.S., EU member nations...what difference does it really make now? The simple fact of the matter is that the best "plans" of these countries to tackle their debt issues would really do little other than slow the growth of their mountains of debt, not push the countries' budgets back into the black on an annual basis.

So far, Japan has been able to fund most of its deficit spending by domestic bond purchases, instead of looking so much abroad like the others. How much longer can this continue?

The Bubble Days of the 1980s and all the fantasies that the Japanese populace fell for concerning Japan being the richest country in the world based on...B.S. land values, insane stock market manipulation etc....are long over. The country has been stuck in an economic malaise for two decades or so because Japan has nowhere to go for the time being but down.

The politicians have no answers for an economic rebound for the country because there are none. Raising the consumption tax might make sense to PM Noda and his ol' Finance Ministry pals. I doubt that it will, though. I guess we'll find out after it's been in place for a few years.

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Very impressive stuff from a guy who will probably turn out to be a lot more successful than Ishikawa.

Two good rounds by an amateur does not a career make. Ishikawa has a ton of pressure on his shoulders. The Japanese media gives him no space. If Matsuyama were in Ishikawa's shoes, the same struggles could very easily happen.

Let's see where Matsuyama is a few years after turning pro, and compare him with Ishikawa at that point.

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Posted in: Japanese baseball results See in context

Any day Hanshin beats the Giants is a good day.

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How about a picture of Hideki Matsuyama? Unlike Ishikawa, he made the cut and will be playing the weekend.

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Posted in: Japan counting on Darvish to rescue pride, bragging rights See in context

When he wins he'll be Japanese and when he loses he'll be ..."with the Iranian born father."

Yes, there is a long, long history of this. For example, when baseball ironman Sachio Kinugasa did well, he was a symbol of Japanese toughness and perseverance. When he didn't, the fact that his father was a black American was somehow a part of it.

When Hideki Irabu did well in Japan and threw some super-fast pitches, he was an example of Japanese power pitching. When he did poorly at times in the U.S. and got fat, it was because of his white American father.

I think Darvish will do well in MLB. For how many years is impossible to say, of course. Pitching is an unnatural motion that puts great strain on certain parts of the arm-depending on the mechanics.

"is expected to struggle with the league’s slippery ball and harder pitcher’s mound"

Nomo didn't have any trouble his first year. He was tremendous.

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Posted in: Athletics beat Giants 5-0 in exhibition game See in context

@Hide: Yeah, NPB is so good. I guess the Tigers and the Giants are employing such has-beens and never-has-beens from overseas like Randy Messenger, Jason Standridge, Craig Brazell, Matt Murton, Dicky Gonzalez, Dennis Houlton, Scott Mathieson, Levi Romero and John Bowker because they want to keep so many high-quality Japanese players on the farm team.

If the U.S. and Japan played a 7-game series with their best players, the U.S. would win most of the time. Take an extensive look at major-league rosters and put together a 25-man roster and do the same for Japan with players from NPB and the majors.

There is no way that any knowledgeable observer would say that the Japanese team would be better. The U.S. team would have the advantage in talent overall, and would win most of the time.

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Posted in: Japan working out details of missile deployment ahead of N Korea launch See in context

I am trying to point out the American Marine bases are not for defense. They are free bases for the Americans to use.

The American bases on Okinawa are part of a larger U.S. strategy to protect its interests in Asia. At the same time, Japan goes along for the ride as a junior partner, and it has largely been to the country's benefit, especially from an economic standpoint for decades. Okinawa is situated at a vital geopolitical location, so the U.S. wants forces there, and Tokyo wants them there even more than they should be, as in "out of sight, out of mind."

The central government in Tokyo uses the defense agreement with the U.S. because it is easier and cheaper than going it alone. Washington and Tokyo tried to get at least 8,000 Marines, their dependents and some support personnel off Okinawa and back to Guam to significantly lessen the burden on the island, but instead of being REALISTIC, Okinawans have forced a situation resulting in only a "half" realignment of forces.

Yuri: I have a simple question for you that JohninNaha refused to answer the other day.

If the U.S. removed all of its forces from Okinawa, do you think all the current bases and other facilities would simply be for private use? Or would there be a significant increase in SDF use of them? If so, how would the SDF planes, helicopters and other training not be a problem to Okinawans?

The simple, sad fact is that Okinawa has been a pawn in a game between more powerful neighbors and outsiders for centuries. To believe that this will radically change in the 21st century, and that some sort of utopia-like Okinawa will return after several hundred years of getting used and abused, is utterly naive.

Deal with reality and try to make the best of it, or things will get even worse.

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