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Posted in: If you could make some suggestions to Canadian Sarah Casanova, who is taking over as McDonald's Japan's new CEO and president, what would they be? See in context

A few things I'd suggest:

1- Put salads on the menu (as long as it's fresh and affordable.)

2- Options to replace the fries with something else (Harada had been focussing on the fries a LOT and it didn't work)

3- Tell your staff that they can kick people out!! Some people leave their stuff at tables and leave the restaurants for hours (I told the staff once... there were no tables available and I waited for 20 minutes while an empty table with bags was there... I told the staff, they told me the people would come back eventually...) --> This also goes for students staying hours when the restaurant is full --> Same thing with people doing their make-up, a restaurant is NOT a place for that.

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