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Hear Ye, hear ye. The only power Japan needs is already here, every day, the Rising Sun. Independent power from solar, bladeless mini wind and water turbines, no dams needed it is all in the spin. But back to radiation, which kills living cells indiscriminately and the curse of nuclear power, the radiation. Pub Med thanks to mostly Japanese authors said seven time, like the seven Samurai, sulfur can protect and repair the damage of radiation exposure. Cool, but why is this unknown in Japan, California, Canada, Russia, and the rest of the inhabited places on Earth being radiated by a failed GE reactor, not a natural disaster The National Institute of Health as reported in Naturalnews.com when radioactive material sulfates it leaves the body harmlessly. Got sulfur? Not in any diet around the world thanks to chemical fertilizers. Where are the planes to dump the mineral sulfur waiting in Hawaii on Fukushima, no evacuation necessary, and into the Sea. We are the 24 minerals of life, none of those radioactive are pro biology, nor are the 68 other naturally occurring elements of the periodic table. Get sulfur! .

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What is funny about this is it is not TEPCO that should be blamed but GE who made the reactors and knowingly sold them to the Japanese saying they would withstand an earthquake and a Tsunami. The same reactor on solid ground in Hanford Washington is also leaking. Shoot the fools from TEPCO if you must but take GE to the World Court for murder, then we will see if the Nuke advocates can come up with a solution. Until then there is 100 tons of yellow dirt in Hawaii waiting for GE of Japan to send planes to come and get the sulfur and dump it on the reactors, on the land and into the Sea to sulfate all the radiation.

Until some agency of Government realizes the damage done to the people of Japan and the rest of the world the damage from radiation exposure will continue when organic sulfur a crystal food can sulfate the radio active material out of the body of man.

When I read that those who survived Nagasaki and considered themselves war victims while they consider those from Fukushima merely disaster victims, less romantic that war victims, when you ask the cells of man the results are the same, cell death, no matter disaster or war.

Got sulfur?

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For the people of Fukushima, sulfur can protect and repair the damage of radiation exposure, the people, the land, the Ocean, even the fish, Yellow dirt on the land organic sulfur into all people not just those in Fukushima. Once sulfated nuclear radiation is no longer harmful to the cells of man. NIH. Don' t wait for the government it is your life, your home, which need not die to radiation, look at Chernobyl. Look to the land from whence we all come, the 24 minerals of life. Got sulfur?

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Posted in: Japan must release Fukushima water into sea: U.S. adviser See in context

I agree with this retired Government employee, but something no one in Nuke industry knows is sulfur, yellow dirt, can sulfate the radioactive material into harmless poop. Pub Med and the NIH, neither retired nor duped into thinking radiation is a new deal, Miso sea cucumbers sulfur and iodine which saved the Japanses from the fallout of our first attempt to wipe out the Japanese, look to GE for the fault, look to the periodic table of element for a solution. Got sulfur? Nukes are foolish as long as the Sun shines.

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Posted in: TEPCO exec tells DPJ Fukushima plant not under control See in context

If Fukushima is brought under control, i.e. neutralize the radiation with sulfur. All but Iodine sulfate, radioactive or not. Fukushima is not Godzilla, and those who will die so slowly need not die. The reactors, the land, the sea, even the people can be protected from the damage of radiation exposure and repair the damage already done, to man and fish, birds, it sulfates out of all of the bodies, its biology. Considering no other ideas suggest a solution possibly this off the wall idea could work, remember Fukushima is not Godzilla.

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