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Posted in: Police on the lookout for man offering young boys money for sneezes See in context

Can you get DNA like that as swapping the inside of your mouth ? So maybe a guy looking to find out if that kid is his son by a paternity test. I know it might be stretched but who knows these days...

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Posted in: Parents attend matchmaking parties to find partners for their children See in context


I just think that to improve something it is nice to seek somewhere else what you need and to take it and to adapt some of those foreign concepts to your own, no culture is perfect, Japanese, Western ones, Chinese, Thai, African ones, we all need to improve our own ways of doing things in some ways and there's nothing wrong with that. It is called evolving.

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Posted in: Parents attend matchmaking parties to find partners for their children See in context

I've been with a few Japanese women(maybe the wrong ones) and it always comes to this: at first all is good, we share everything then comes the serious parts of the relationship then they start turning back to their so called traditional ways of living then they stop sharing, they tell you once they get married they will stop working but will keep traveling with their friends or mother/family but their husband will pay for every thing while they are having good time and he's killing himself at work to pay for her happy time.

Some only want the appearance of wealth and don't care if the husband gets into deep dept for that then when he can't give her such life anymore then they complain and ask for divorce...

Other ones want their husband to do everything work, be home to take care of her and the kids and bring the big money from work and if they don't the wife stop talking, having intimacy and keep nagging him. Again when the husband wants to get involved with the kids education and other decisions regarding them then the wife complains that this is the mother duty and he has no words to say about it.

Many of the men though from what I saw are more working too long ours then when back home after 1 or 2 hours commute for some arrive home and only want to sleep because they have to get up very early to go back to work, other ones instead of going home to their family are going to bars with colleagues until late at night or to the pachinko and spend a lot of money.

When a little problem arise many just try to ignore it, don't want to talk about it just if it was going to resolve by itself or as I have seen some women just like to make a tantrum just like a baby.

Many of them are just like teenagers even in their 30's/40's/50's they refuse to face adversity.

They need to grow up and start a real partnership with their love one, "the old ways" can't sustain today's life much.

I have friends(Japanese ones, not mixed couples) there and they are mostly behaving like western people in their relationship regarding work, children and other.

I do NOT say western ways are the best, but they get the family more involved together.

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Posted in: 1 in 4 Japanese men remain unmarried at age 50 See in context

ThepersonIamnow : mostly right and from past experiences so I do agree but I do have a couple of Japanese women friends and they're not like that skin we can't put them all in the same bag

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Posted in: 1 in 4 Japanese men remain unmarried at age 50 See in context

Well I dated a Japanese girl for about 4 years and at first we were seeing things theasier same way, but as long as the relationship was going on we decided to get engaged then make it short her behavior changed and she started to say that after we get married she would stop working and once we would have kids she sounds be home stay mom and then after having good kids she would spend her time meeting with friends who has kids too and will spend time traveling, I asked her how she would pay for her trips with her mom or her friends she said "I will" and I wanted to be part of the decisionsituation about the children she said no as a mother she will make the proper decisions so I said I will kill myself at work while you're enjoying time with friends and traveling? She said "yes" then I said "I Don't think so" she stopped talking to me for 1 week so I said "you're nuts" and"sayonara". A couple of years later I met Japanese man who was my friend's brother in law and said that I should forget marrying a Japanese girl because she will ruins me. It is sad because I have Japanese friends that are women and they are so not like that with their husband. I don't care to marry or not just hope to find a good girl.

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Posted in: Japan history revisionists bolder under Abe: analysts See in context

1 thing I do agree in all those comments is ghat the young generations shouldn't have to apologize for what theit elders have done during the war time since they weren't even born. That said what happened in the past SHOULDN'T be hidden or travestite from either side of the story. The act that has been perpetrated at that time or any other time must be remembered and thought with as much objectivity as possible. I am not just talking about Japan or Germany during WWII bug it also include native people from North America that are still blaming, complaining about what their ancestors have lost and keep asking to the new generation to keep apologizing and paying for what happened when they weren't even born... if people keep acting ghat way we will never move forward and will always be stuck in the past repeating same bad choices such I stepped on your foot because you have stepped on mine then it was a mistake but since you have stepped on my foot intentionally as a pay back then it's my turn to step on your foot as another pay back and it will keep going on and on and on as we stay all stupide...

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Posted in: Becky loses sponsors, regular TV appearances over affair scandal See in context

Well, if she can speak English or French she can come to work in Canada anytime she wants,she's more than welcome :)

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