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Patrick comments

Posted in: Couple in their 80s apparently freeze to death in Tokyo apartment See in context

I feel sorry for that old couple.

The truth is that winter is very hard to survive here in Japan. Houses are usually poorly insulated and mostly every single house is without central heater system. But I hope that Japanese people will realize that one day and they will change it or will come up with a new solution how to help people to improve their housing

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Posted in: Sour grapes: Japan battles to protect premium fruits See in context

How many things were invented by European scientists and later on being ‘stolen’ by Asian nations, including Japanese?

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Posted in: Man says he tried to steal woman’s bag so he could get money to stay in internet cafe for night See in context

Many people in Japan live in poverty.

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Posted in: 75-year-old man arrested for stabbing 2 women on street in Hokkaido See in context

This is happening every week in Japan. Fortunately those two ladies survived because it was an attack with ‘just a knife’. I’m so glad that people don’t have easy access to the guns here, otherwise it would be massive shouting every week and many people would died.

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Posted in: Man arrested over death of woman he shared apartment with in Chiba See in context

There is no excuse for such crimes

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Posted in: Japan labor market set for change as huge worker shortage looms See in context

Chinese factories boom while Japan's are in reverse.


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Posted in: Student in Japan misses week of class after school won’t let him wear sweatshirt on snowy day See in context

Crazy! Many people here are missing the common sense.

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Posted in: Japanese sit more than anyone else, to the point it undermines their health See in context

Well, that’s not in my case. Unfortunately I have to walk a lot every day.

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Posted in: Prices to rise in Japan on over 10,000 food items See in context

It’s happening everywhere. Not only here in Japan. Good reason to start with my diet program.

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