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Posted in: Japan to refuse entry to foreign travelers with unpaid medical bills See in context

@englisc aspyrgend

But the article says:

In Britain, for example, travelers with unpaid medical bills of over 500 pounds ($670) are denied their entry into the country.

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Posted in: Anime adaptation of popular novel canceled after offensive tweets See in context

I recall a JapanToday article commenting on light novels in Japan. The genre has been taken over by one-hit wonder writers whose books usually turn into anime. Why? The market seems to be saturated with stories like this. Ones that turn into harem anime stories.

It’s pretty cool. You could become the next hit creator! But... from what this story was all about... nah.


And. I mean. It’s cool they backed out because of the tweets. But they were sure on board before them!

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Posted in: Aichi police remove anti-groping campaign posters amid public complaints See in context

Can anyone enlighten me what the definition of sexual predator is in Japan, if there is one? I know Japan hasn’t updated their sex crime laws since 1907 (2017). I’m trying to find something of substance online but I can’t.

I know back home (U.S.), “sexual predator” and “sex offender” are quite different. But, someone preying on people and a repeat offender seems to be a predator.

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Posted in: 7-year-old girl likely killed hours before being hit by train See in context

In America, I have heard that people call police and report neglect if they see a child walking to the park alone. I think this is new because I walked home from school alone, usually after other kids because I kind of sauntered along. This was only about 20 years ago.

In the last town I lived in (a suburb of Yokohama), I saw groups of children going to and from school. Sometimes they greeted me and sometimes they didn’t.

Just last year, in March, the high profile case of the Vietamese girl who was murdered in Chiba happened. She was going to school.


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Posted in: Famous anime voice actress says she was once so poor she had to eat tissues See in context

I don’t think this is as farfetched as it sounds.

And, to reply to those who say she should have just asked for help, Japanese shame culture is harsh. Like, the couple that died with their son instead of asking for government assistance back in 2012.



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Posted in: Man arrested after woman missing since July found at his apartment See in context

The Mainichi article also adds more: Her younger brother later saw her during a festival at a temple in their neighborhood, but she walked away without responding to him.


This situation is weird.

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Posted in: Unjust dessert? Japan demands Koreans wipe map off summit dinner mousse See in context

Actually, the whole menu was released, so they’re not being petty focusing on one thing.


There’s two: https://www.rt.com/news/425088-korean-talks-dessert-angers-japan/

Also, Asahi knows what’s up: The islands are controlled by South Korea, which calls them Dokdo, but are also claimed by Japan.


Just like the Kuril Islands with Japan and Russia. Just like how Okinawa was given to Japan. Just because you claimed it or it was given doesn’t make it right. It’s just because you had bigger guns or to appease countries after war. Land disputes never end.

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Posted in: Member of pop group Tokio referred to prosecutors for forcibly kissing teen See in context

+1 to the others with more news outlets

My Japanese is not amazing but here’s some:


I don’t know why the English news is leaving out details of the other girl. With two testimonies it could be a stronger case. But I guess the settlement may shut out one. Who knows.

When you’re in the power position of being a nationally famous figure, you can manipulate other people easily especially if they’re a fan.

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Posted in: Ex-NHK reporter gets 21 years for serial rapes See in context

Hey Zichi, pat articles surrounding this guy have stated they used DNA analysis at the crime scenes.

”Defense lawyers cast doubt on the credibility of DNA analysis performed on samples left at the three crime scenes.”


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Posted in: The Joy of Sake festival returns to Tokyo See in context

Aramasa, interesting taste. Depth but I wonder what other sakes differentiate in water or rice.

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