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Posted in: Vienna tops 'world's most liveable city' ranking; Osaka 3rd, Tokyo 7th See in context

Osaka 3rd, Tokyo 7th

I guess Osaka is only 2.5 hours away by bullet train from Tokyo LOL

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Posted in: With K-pop back in U.S. spotlight, Korean-American stars take hope See in context

“They told me it’s difficult for people who are Caucasian or black or Latino to feel that way toward an Asian person,”

and yet Asians all around the world consume American media. Pathetic.

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Posted in: Nagasaki marks 73rd anniversary of U.S. atomic bombing See in context

A bomb apologists and their "two wrongs do make a right" mentality used to be amusing but now it's sad with so much ludicrous right-wing conservative activity in the US.

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Posted in: 'I want my life back': Sterilisation victims seek justice See in context

Japan's health ministry acknowledges that around 16,500 people were forcibly sterilised under the law, which came into force in 1949.

Wasn't Japan under US occupational control at that time, a force for good...then I remembered some US states still have forced sterilization laws in effect today.

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Posted in: Major Korean junior high school, cut off from aid, to close in March See in context

should have closed them earlier

No PM had the courage to look "anti-Korean" before the Kims started lobbing missiles at us.

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Posted in: N Korean boat captain charged with theft of items from isle See in context

repatriated via Beijing after they expressed a desire to return home.

Good Lord, even they know our economy is crap.

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Posted in: KFC Japan says it earned Y6 billion over Christmas weekend See in context

Why note celebrate the birth of some Middle Eastern god incarnate you don't even worship with chicken?

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Posted in: New Year holiday exodus begins across Japan See in context

most popular destinations this year are...Hong Kong

Yes, why not take a break from this overcrowded and heavily urbanized Asian country by visiting another overcrowded and heavily urbanized Asian country?

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Posted in: Okinawa residents demand all U.S. military Osprey aircraft in Japan be grounded See in context

Would I be overthinking this issue if I were to believe that US forces are not welcome on Okinawa?

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Posted in: N Korean missiles add urgency to Hiroshima A-bomb appeals See in context

to shock Japan into surrender and to avoid a ground invasion of the mainland at all cost

To avoid Allied casualties of course. A-bomb apologists will of course try to argue that the bombs saved more Japanese lives that they took. Then again the Japanese surrender after the bombing of Nagasaki at least proves they are not suicidal at large (count the number of A-class war criminals who chose surrender and face trial instead)

Let's not forget how many Allied POWs and Korean slave laborers were killed by the blasts.

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Posted in: Can Japan say no to Trump? See in context

A 1989 bestseller

That was a VERY different time. I doubt many JT posters, including myself, remember what Japan was like during the bubble.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. navies complete drill in East China Sea See in context

Japan, U.S. navies complete drill

The only images appearing in my head are US fighter jets taking off from US carriers while Kenny Loggins plays in the background. Meanwhile Japan....

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Posted in: Man fatally stabbed in Saitama; suspect injured in car crash while fleeing See in context

Disillusioned: "Oh, that's right, Saitama!"

Hold it right there!

You forgot to point out that this Saitama incident didn't take place anywhere near a station that's served by that orange and green train

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Posted in: Lion mauls two handlers in Chiba See in context

A company named "Shonan" based in Chiba? LOL

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Posted in: Doll president See in context

Nearly every Japanese person I speak to has an opinion about Trump, but ask them about Abe and they have nothing to say.

This is what you get from a country that's been ruled by sword wielding nutjobs, who could legally cut down the common man if he ever so dared as to question their honor, for the better part of a millennia. Look up "kirisute gomen".

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Posted in: Macaque named after British Princess Charlotte wins popularity contest for 2nd consecutive year See in context

No royalist myself but I wonder if the Japanese embassy would have been so accommodating if a UK zoo had wanted to name a monkey after one of Japan's young royals.

Their reaction: See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil.

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Posted in: Who will gain and who will lose from Tokyo's new taxi fares? See in context

Tokyo doesn't have local buses or trains that run overnight BTW.

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Posted in: Doll president See in context

Can you imagine Taira no Kiyomori speaking like Trump back in the day?

When I'm Shokoku (chancellor) I will move the capital from Kyoto to Fukuhara, it's going to be better, it's going to be great ,and we'll get the Minamoto, who are total scumbags by the way, to pay for it.

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Posted in: Obama cancels meeting with Philippines' Duterte after insult See in context

Perhaps Duterte needs to attend to more important matters rather than talk to a leader who's on his way out.

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Posted in: Half-Indian elephant trainer crowned Miss Japan See in context

Dadude - I see your point about the mixed race people on TV, but I guess most of them are an Asian + White mix, so that seems to be more accepted, even worshiped to a degree, here.

It's ironic to see so many Eurasian and pure-Caucasian models on fashion billboards and magazine covers in Japan. Somehow they are capable of selling clothing to a market that 's dominantly Mongoloid/North East-Asian. I can't see what's going as far as my naive perception can gather.

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Posted in: Putin: Japan once passed up chance to take back two disputed isles See in context

No, Japan lost them in a war. Don't like losing your islands in wars? Don't freaking start any....

Wasn't Japan and the Soviets at peace until the US nuked the former and the Soviets decided to take advantage of the situation?

That's not to say Japan wasn't extremely stupid to have ignored them and launched a projected war in the Pacific instead while fighting 600 million odd Chinese, all at the same time.

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Posted in: Cyclist falls onto tracks, then is hit and killed after bike flung into him by train See in context

It's hard to imagine a highly developed city like Tokyo still has level crossings on commuter rail.

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Posted in: Obama defends his nuclear record on eve of Hiroshima visit See in context

Obama doesn't need to offer an apology for sure, coz what "many Americans" say is 100% correct: "it hastened the end of a brutal and bloody conflict". If not the nuclear attack, hundreds of millions of more people might die

"might have, could have, and would have" are excuses frequently told by scoundrels, but if there's any consolation, they might not be reprehensible as an outright denial :P

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Posted in: Obama's every gesture will be scrutinized in Hiroshima visit See in context

Not really "excused", but more justifiable.

It's only justifiable when the US does it right?

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Posted in: 'I still hate the glow of the sun': Hiroshima survivors' tales See in context

War is terrible for all the civilian, the only party to blame should be the one which brought the country into a state of war.

The article doesn't mentioning anything about who should carry the blame, so why did you bother to mention it?

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Posted in: Obama: World leaders rightfully rattled by Trump See in context

If Trump wins this November, how will history remember Obama over a century or millenia later? Could he possibly be referred to as "that boring gap filler between George Dubya and the First Emperor of America"?

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Posted in: Obama's every gesture will be scrutinized in Hiroshima visit See in context

The nuclear bombing of Japan is not something to be proud of NOR is it something to apologize for. We were at war, a war if you remember that was started BY Japan on Dec 7th 1941.

Are you saying that a victim of aggression is excused from committing atrocities? Then again 'Crazy' is in your name.

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Posted in: Obama's every gesture will be scrutinized in Hiroshima visit See in context

Damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.

The only people who will damn him are conservatives who hate him already. So what's the difficulty?

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Posted in: Obama's every gesture will be scrutinized in Hiroshima visit See in context

Obama's visit is a courageous decision. Abe's response was sign of helplessness as nations PM. Just my perception.

Nobody is relying on Japan, let alone Abe, to serve as this world's moral compass in international relations.

BTW how can this visit be a courageous decision when it appears more or less consistent with everything Obama has done in the last 7 years?

If Japan had come up with an atomic bomb earlier than America, who can say we did not use it.

Whoa what a brilliant justification, I wonder why this argument isn't upheld at all in courts of law.

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Posted in: 23-year-old police officer dies after shooting himself in head in koban in Ibaraki See in context

the biggest issue is that Japanese see depression & other mental health issues as a sign of weakness.

All the while some displays of lunacy are highly desirable, ala Japanese television

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