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Posted in: Last trains in Tokyo area to leave earlier from Wed night to help stem virus surge See in context

I don't see how that is going to make a difference. Same number of people still need to get home, so more people on the last train... Is that the secret to prevent catching Covid?

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Posted in: Former IOC vice president says U.N. could decide fate of Tokyo Olympics See in context

The only people who will decide are the athletes themselves if they are prepared to or able to come and countries around the world if they are in a right condition to compete or not. Not UN not IOC and not JOC!!!

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Posted in: Caught off-guard by scant testing, Japan battered by COVID winter See in context

This is because Japanese government is in a state of denial concerning the virus. Health professionals have been warning the the cases will increase. But the desperate need to hold the Olympics is the priority with this government. Thus pretending that everything is OK brought us to where we are today...

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Posted in: Ghosn hid scale of Nissan salary, fearing dismissal from Renault, Tokyo court told See in context

There is something fishy here, the story keeps changing... Somebody is feeding us garbage!

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Posted in: Japan's 2nd state of emergency met with public indifference See in context

This morning I saw a bunch of old men at an intersection with flags about Covid happily waving at passing by cars and I wandered, who is paying for this pointless activity.

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Posted in: Ex-Nissan exec says automaker sought to hide Ghosn's pay See in context

Here it is! What I was saying! Nissan did it and then blamed it on Ghosn! And the prosecutors are working for Nissan continuously spreading their lies. They tried torturing Ghosn to get him to confess, but he escaped and now the truth is starting to come out!!! How embarrassing, complete loss of face for Nissan and Japan's legal system (if you can call it that)!!!

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Posted in: Sumo wrestler quits, saying his coronavirus fears were ignored See in context

I lost interest in Sumo after what happened with Takanohana. The Sumo association should be disbanded and a new one started from scratch.

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Posted in: Support for Olympics hits new low in Japan: poll See in context

Suga can't make a decision. You've seen him looking down at prewritten notes every time he talks, that means all the questions have been submitted beforehand so that he has a chance to ask his master what to say.

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Posted in: Japanese pray for end to pandemic in annual ice bath ritual at Tokyo shrine See in context

I wonder how many of them will be vaccinated.


Give a man vaccine and you protect him for life. Give a man religion and he will pray for end of virus till he dies of it.

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Posted in: Universal basic income proposal by Suga adviser may be hard sell in Japan See in context

Universal basic income will become a global norm sooner or later not only due to Corona virus, but also due to AI taking over many jobs and automation in offices and factories. More and more people will find themselves out of work.

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Posted in: Japan finds new coronavirus variant in travelers from Brazil See in context

Any one still eager for Japan to hold Olympics?

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Posted in: Kyoto Animation arsonist says which scene he feels copied his work and incited attack See in context

So, in his mind, his poxy idea which he copied is worth the lives of 35 people. Execute him as soon as possible...

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Posted in: Police ask public not to use 110 number for non-urgent calls See in context

What kind of a moron calls 110 for non-emergency? In some countries, you get penalized for that.

asking for a ride home in police cars because there were no taxis

What are you a complete moron who is unable to phone a cab office?

and inquiries about what to do for meals for children who had to stay home while schools were closed.

Police are not responsible for your diet options. Are you brain dead and unable to go and buy a Bento?

I am saying this because two years ago when my sister-in-law came for a visit, her husband was phoning her every day asking her what he should eat!!! I, my wife and my-father-in-law called him an idiot.

What is society in Japan coming to?? Unable to think for themselves in the era of convenience where all decisions are made by someone and their brains are starting to atrophy...

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Posted in: An isolated Trump faces looming impeachment threat See in context

Impeach him and prosecute him for all his other crimes and send him to Jail. Make an example of him and all other members of his family who have used his presidency to enrich themselves, so that in the future, somebody like Cruz will think twice before attempting something similar...

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Posted in: Japan calls S Korean court ruling on 'comfort women' regrettable, unacceptable See in context

Japan can easily spend 1.2 trillion yen on Olympics, but not 100 million to compensate 12 women that have been abused by the Japan's imperial army and face this disgraceful part of Japan's history. The world is watching you Japan!!!

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Posted in: Suga's coronavirus response slowed by his status in ruling party See in context

As expected, money before people! SHAME ON YOU SUGA!!!

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Posted in: Man arrested for forging prized popsicle sticks to win Pokemon cards See in context

Takashi Ono, 43, is suspected of attempting fraud after he sent 25 fake popsicle sticks

This is a 43 year old who sends 25 fake Popsicle sticks. 25 no less!!! A 43 year old!!! To be able to get 25 of those sticks you have to consume thousands of Popsicles! And this 43 year old genius does not think sending 25 of them from the same address would not be seen as suspicious at all...

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually assaulting high school girl hints at committing 30 similar crimes See in context

But There are many in japan. Nobody can stop them but strict law.

There are laws already, obviously that is not stopping them from doing what they are doing.

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Posted in: Personal info of 9,500 COVID-19 patients in Fukuoka Prefecture leaked online See in context

Japan's security at it's best!!!! At my City hall every computer's login info written on a Post-it and attached to the monitor...

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Posted in: China's internet erupts in mirth over U.S. Capitol chaos See in context

America became worlds laughing stock thanks to Trump and his supporters... This moment in history will be remembered for eternity, just like Tiananmen Square Massacre, it will haunt America forever. People talking about overcoming racism and Black Lives Mater, not going to happen!!! Trump is the result of this right wing fascist mob that has up to now been hiding in the corners, they created him not he created them. The fascists came out in to the open thanks to their creation and now they do not want to go back in to hiding. And Trump must be prosecuted for treason and all other crimes that he has committed, because if he isn't, it will encourage others to go one step further. Some say, he should not be prosecuted in the name of unity/healing, I strongly disagree!

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Posted in: 4 dead after Trump supporters storm U.S. Capitol, forcing Senate to evacuate See in context

Trump must be prosecuted for treason!!!

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Posted in: Suga's upcoming decision on state of emergency derided as too little, too late See in context

too little, too late

You can say that again! It takes too long for the government to make a decision and it is never able to adapt to changing situation. Reminds me of Titanic, unable to change course...

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Posted in: Hackers trained by Tokyo Olympics organizers to fight cyberattacks See in context

Calling it Hackers Olympics might be more appropriate, at least they can really compete with each other safely.

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Posted in: Kumamon receives over 5,000 New Year postcards See in context

People got nothing better to do...

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Posted in: N Korean leader Kim tells party congress economic plan failed 'tremendously' See in context

He should publicly flog himself with barbwire and then shoot himself with anti-aircraft fire...

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Posted in: Ghosn asks why Japanese don't come and question him in Lebanon See in context

I forgot to mention Russia which is worse, there they don't need a confession, they just throw you in jail anyway or put some Novichok on your underwear...

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Posted in: Ghosn asks why Japanese don't come and question him in Lebanon See in context

Well the reason that Japanese did not come and will not come to Lebanon to question him is very simple. They will not be able to question him 18 hours a day without a lawyer in a freezing cell every day to force a confession, because there are laws against that kind of questioning even in Lebanon!!! In fact that kind of questioning is against international law and is only done in countries like Japan, China, North Korea, Cuba and some African countries. It puts Japan in a very evil group of countries...

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Posted in: Gov't eyes declaring state of emergency on Thursday for about a month See in context

A month!!

It takes a week for the symptoms to show and then 2 weeks for the virus to run its course. And they think about a month is going to fix all problems???!!! And then they are planing to start vaccinations in late February???!!! This is another pathetic decision added to a loooooong list of pathetic decisions made by this government... But do you know why it's only a month??? Because Japan must be ready for the Olympics, of course. And then Japan can pretend to the world that the virus has been conquered.

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Posted in: Tick-Tock: Tokyo Olympics hit the 200-days-to-go mark See in context

My questions to the ones that think Olympics must be staged are: Which athletes do you think are going to come? They had no chance to practice to full extent and therefore not ready or unable to come due to virus restrictions. Who is crazy enough to actually attend this event? The ones who are ignorant enough to think this virus is a myth? And finally if an athlete wins an event and gets a gold medal, what does that medal represent, knowing that he/she did not compete against athletes who are in top condition? Absolutely NOTHING! that medal is worthless!!! But then, Japanese don't care how they get medals as long as they get them... So my suggestion is, just Japan compete with themselves and that way get ALL the medals, everybody will be sooooooo happy and this amazing athletic feat would be entered as a Guinness World Record for the world to laugh at for the rest of time!!!

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Posted in: Gov't to ask experts whether to declare state of emergency again See in context

This governments incompetence is mind boggling!!!

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