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Posted in: The Russians (or Chinese, or North Koreans) are coming! What to do: Fight or flight? See in context

Very disappointing, but not surprising as it supports what I have already thought.

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Posted in: Ukraine: 200 bodies found in basement in Mariupol's ruins See in context

EU and NATO will not let them become members because Ukrainian government is as corrupt as the Russians. I am not on Russian side, far from it, but facts are facts!

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Posted in: N Korea fires suspected ICBM and 2 other missiles See in context

The constitution defines North Korea as "a dictatorship of people's democracy" under the leadership of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK), which is given legal supremacy over other political parties.

a dictatorship of people's democracy

Try to get your mind round that one! In reality it's a Dictatorship under monarchy!

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Posted in: Newborn girl found abandoned in Chiba parking lot See in context

That's not how it works! Once it is out, it's murder.

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Posted in: Town recovers most of ¥46.3 mil mistakenly sent to resident See in context

If one looks at the photos of him, one can instantly realize why he failed...

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Posted in: China voices firm opposition to Biden's remarks on Taiwan See in context

"bound to fail."

What is "bound to fail" is CCP!!!

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Posted in: After 3 months of war, life in Russia has profoundly changed See in context


From the article, that high Ruble is like double edged sword.

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Posted in: Tokyo Skytree marks 10 years as symbol of capital's skyline See in context

10 years already?! Doesn't time fly!!!

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Posted in: Kill Japan's elderly? Cannes film probes chilling idea See in context

Better than lying down on a hospital bed with tubes sticking out of your every orifice no dignity wishing to die, but not allowed to!!!

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Posted in: Kill Japan's elderly? Cannes film probes chilling idea See in context

Good idea, not a new idea, but good anyway!

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Posted in: Ukraine filmmakers horrified by 'Top Gun' jet display at Cannes See in context

We feel strongly that anything and everything Russian must be cancelled

That is the most stupid thing I've heard so far!

Putin is not Russia, only Putin is responsible for what is happening. And just like in US where 30% still think Trump is the real president, you will have the same in Russia where 30% will believe every word Putin says...

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Posted in: How Tom Cruise survived the end of the star era See in context

I like all three, Tom Cruise, Keanu Reeves, and Matt Damon. My wife and I always go to the cinema when their movies are released. Shame that Johnny Depp is out of the picture recently due to his ex wife!

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Posted in: Daycare center employee arrested for molesting 9-year-old girl See in context

Yes, she should be counseling for years to remind her of what happened and make her even more of a victim than she already is for the rest of her life!

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Posted in: Court finds COVID restrictions for Tokyo restaurant chain illegal See in context

At the time the whole thing was more than ridiculous. Government was telling eateries to close at 8 and at the same time reduced the number of commuter trains causing more people to be in close proximity to each other. Governments policies were responsible for spreading the China Virus not the eateries!

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Posted in: Man who mistakenly received entire town’s COVID-19 relief money vanishes See in context

They want to charge him 5 million yen for legal fees!!!! No wander he is gone and I hope he stays gone! Good luck to him!

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Posted in: Filled in: How to start 'kintsugi' in Japan or online See in context

I do not find anything aesthetic about kintsugi. Definitely do not brake one to do this, just buy a new one!!! The original looked better. The potter who made it, broke all the ones he did not like, but he did not do kintsugi on them.

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Posted in: Lessons I learned about body positivity after visiting a Japanese hot spring See in context

I do not find Onsen hygienic.

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Posted in: Japanese government proposes manga-inspired courtship; Suzu Yamanouchi praised for critique See in context

kabedon is disgusting! It is a very aggressive invasion of ones private space! There is nothing romantic about it. Anyone who starts a relationship after being impressed by a kabedon, is likely to end-up a victim of Domestic violence. If I was a woman and a man did this to me, I would kick him in the family jewels.

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Posted in: Kremlin warns of retaliation after Finland moves toward NATO See in context

“You (Russia) caused this. Look in the mirror,” Finnish President Sauli Niinisto said this week.

I like it!!! He hit the nail right on the head!!! Respect!!!

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Posted in: Finland's leaders call for NATO membership 'without delay' See in context

Ukraine was coerced into not accepting negotiation before the invasion.

You don't negotiate with Putin, you do what he says or else!!! The only thing Putin understands is power! It's the law of the jungle!!!

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Posted in: NPA urges police to avoid impression of racial profiling in questioning people See in context

Japan’s foreigners are less likely to be criminals than the indigenous population so why are they being subject to more stops?

Simple answer "Xenophobia" !!!

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Posted in: NPA urges police to avoid impression of racial profiling in questioning people See in context

avoid impression

That statement says it all!

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Posted in: Town in Yamaguchi Prefecture sues after ¥46.3 mil subsidy mix-up See in context

Get the city officials pay it back out of their over-bloated salaries and bonuses, as they are all totally unproductive and don't actually do anything that helps the economy.

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Posted in: Pariah to president: Marcos Jr returns family to Philippines supremacy See in context

It shows how short people's memory is!

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Posted in: Beijing loyalist John Lee elected as Hong Kong's next leader See in context

As the only candidate in the polls, Lee was expected to win

How is it possible to call this an election???? To have an ELECTION, there have to be more than ONE candidate!!! It's a sham, that's what it is!!!!

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Posted in: Yoshinoya refused to let 'foreign' student attend recruitment event See in context

Shameful attitude and their beef is chewy!

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Posted in: Russia bans entry of Kishida, 62 other Japanese ministers, citizens See in context

None of the mentioned are crazy enough to go to USSR anyway!!!

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Posted in: Evidence mounts of GOP involvement in Trump election schemes See in context

Scum of the earth, all of them!!!

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Posted in: Dementia and its preventability: Some TV programs bad, karaoke is good See in context

Looking after a family member with dementia is a frigging nightmare!!! Definitely nothing funny about it, would not wish it on anyone!!!

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Posted in: S Korean court orders sale of M'bishi Heavy patent for wartime labor See in context

I see it as only a political game for domestic Korean consumption. But it will have real economic repercussion. I am not a fun of S.Korea, but good economic relations are necessary.

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