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Posted in: Kishida's intention to raise consumption tax in focus at Diet See in context

There isn’t enough super wealthy in Japan to cover the programs and pensions.

There is one fool, the one that said "I choose to go to the Moon!"

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Posted in: Ex-host club worker allegedly forced customer into prostitution See in context

I wanted to be the No. 1 (host) at my host club

Pile of human fesses!

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Posted in: Japan wins World Pastry Cup See in context


But where is the photo of their creation instead of the French monstrosity?

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Posted in: Testimony lays bare soccer's biggest corruption scandal See in context

Wherever there is big money to be made, corruption follows. ALWAYS!!!

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Posted in: Nissan, Renault near rebalancing of alliance See in context

Nissan is a pile of crap from any aspect.

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Posted in: Gov't considers lifting anti-COVID recommendation to wear masks indoors See in context

I was told by some Japanese women that wearing a masks makes them feel better and they need to wear less makeup and don't need to smell other people.

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Posted in: Japan to continue collecting expressway tolls almost indefinitely See in context

I never imagined for expressways to be ever free.

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Posted in: Russian ex-President Medvedev says Kishida should disembowel himself See in context

Similarities between Kim Jong-un and Medvedev are unmistakable!

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka says she's pregnant; plans tennis return in 2024 See in context

After baby is born, she will have even more mental health breaks...

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Posted in: MSDF destroyer unable to sail off west Japan, leaks oil See in context

No matter how much the government is going to increase the defense budget, if this is an example of the SDF's in-capabilities. All those taxpayers Yen will go to waste and we all have to pay higher taxes for this kind of incompetence!!!

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Posted in: MSDF destroyer unable to sail off west Japan, leaks oil See in context

Total incompetence!!! What a joke SDF is!!! Chinese military must be rolling over laughing!!!

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Posted in: China suspends visa issuance to Japanese travelers, industry sources say See in context

Good! Nobody needs to go to China!!!

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Posted in: McDonald's Japan to hike prices for third time in 10 months See in context

Food producers are raising prices just because they now have an excuse. Nothing to do with currency fluctuations or wage increases. It's all about the bottom line.

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Posted in: 61-year-old man arrested for not paying taxi fare See in context

It shows that reporters have nothing more important to write about when they start reporting news like this!

What a wonderful country Japan is!

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Posted in: Japan ranks 41st in attracting, retaining talent in 2022: Swiss survey See in context

Japan ranked 41st out of 63 economies in 2022. Not "from 195 countries"! Try to comprehend what you are reading!!!

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Posted in: Kremlin says Biden, Zelenskyy ignoring Russia's concerns See in context

If Kremlin wants peace, retreat to the officially recognized border (including pulling out of Crimea). Then try to make peace with the rest of the world for what you have done. And see if anyone will trust Russia ever again...

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Posted in: Kremlin says Biden, Zelenskyy ignoring Russia's concerns See in context

Russia's concerns??? More like Putin's paranoia plus Putin's and Russia's inferiority complex!!!

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Posted in: Case of man who committed suicide after killing grandmother and aunt sent to prosecutors See in context


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Posted in: Tokyo unwitting host to Chinese 'police station,' report says See in context

Deport them immediately as Persona non grata!!!

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Posted in: Twitter suspends journalists who wrote about Elon Musk See in context

Behaving like a dictator! Explains his love for Trump and Putin!

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Posted in: Kishida urges stable, responsible funding for more defense spending See in context

Stop paying 50 million a year to China for each Panda before talking about increasing taxes to defend Japan from China!

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Posted in: Japan eyes higher corporate, tobacco taxes to fund defense spending See in context

@ Eastman

So you would be happy to leave difference of a country to US and the next president that might say they are not willing to put American lives at risk for another country? Self reliance is most important!

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Posted in: Japan eyes higher corporate, tobacco taxes to fund defense spending See in context

Smockers will be paying for missiles, I love it. Good time for everyone to stop smocking and vaping!!! It's not that hard, one doesn't need something to suck on ALL the time!

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Posted in: 'I’m the most famous thug in Saitama!' Japanese kids’ social media beef leads to beating, arrests See in context

Morons, every single one of them!

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Posted in: Are you concerned at China’s growing might in security and economic issues in the Asia-Pacific region? See in context

I am concerned that almost EVERYTHING is made in China! That is a huge problem as it gives China influence!

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Posted in: Court rejects aid claims for Nagasaki A-bomb survivors' children See in context

First, having children after one has been exposed to radiation is moronic.

Second, if the claim is so small, why bother going to court? Unless one wants to set a legal precedent and then start claiming forever like a bunch of parasites.

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Posted in: Japanese billionaire Maezawa picks K-pop star TOP, DJ Steve Aoki to join SpaceX moon trip See in context

Don't come back! I am sick and tired of hearing about this kind of things. There are better things can be done right here on earth instead of constantly seeking attention! Only the instant reach do this kind of things, no brains no class!

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Posted in: Indonesia bans sex outside marriage in new criminal code See in context

This law is a good way of stopping a lot of tourists from going to Indonesia!!! I am sure there are other places people can go to with out risk of having problems. This law would mean that an unmarried couple will not be able to stay in a same room. Nor can one invite a girl you just met at a bar back to your room either! Without running a risk of some opportunistic Police officer demanding a bribe... I wouldn't go, screw that, I don't need that kind of problems, I'll go elsewhere!!!

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Posted in: Russia 'open' to talks on Ukraine but presses demands after Biden comment See in context

Putin is looking for a face saving way out. I hope he does NOT get one!

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