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Paul comments

Posted in: UK delays Northern Ireland election in hope of progress in EU talks See in context

Experienced analysts say that the DUP's refusal to take their seats is more to do with the fact that they cant deal with being second to Sinn Fein, but that they also know that the average unionist voters are less dogmatic on this and parties such as Aliance, the UUP and PBP wil take seats off them.

That's what they don't want the election. They'd be put back even further behind Sinn Fein who were the ones calling for the election because they are on a roll and are the largest party both north and also south of the border. The times have changed. it seems the majority of the 'people' north and south want a united Ireland, although the majority of the 'unionists' don't.

DT & JTC: Presently most unionists actually have a British passport and an Irish passport already (that's including many of the most staunch unionists, believe it or not). In any future United Ireland that same type of practical arrangement would be made/replicated across a wide variety of areas, as part of an inclusive dispensation allowing the people of NI a lot more benefits than the people in the rest of Ireland. A united Ireland would be neither a unionist or nationalist but an inclusive nation.

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Posted in: Hackers demand $10 mil for stolen Australian health records See in context

Picking on public Health Systems of any kind is the pits. Lowest of the low. The Aussies should not give them a cent. Dont give in to them or they'll just do it again in another country.

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Posted in: 5 historical and quirky places to visit in Kyushu See in context

Very nice.

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Posted in: At least six Mozambicans beheaded, Italian nun shot dead by insurgents See in context

Absolutely brainless crazed psychotics.

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Posted in: Turkish leader Erdogan ups rhetoric on Greece See in context

Big Yen, It is nothing short of perverse throwing in the massacre of one and a half million completely innocent Armenians by Turkey as an afterthought, the way you do above. Also, if, as you admit, those "Greek" islands were belonging to Greece before the Ottoman Empire, then, obviously they were "Greek" islands and Greece had every right to take them back. Empire builders such as Turkey, Britain, China and Russia have crude ways of justifying their's and, at times each others empire-lust. Its a certain "empire mentality." Desert Tortoise (above) is Spot-On 100% correct, balanced and informed on Ottoman-Turkey (that Neo-Fascist Erdogan is attempting to revise).

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Posted in: Police find 200 items of women’s underwear at suspected thief's home See in context

If you think its weird now, just wait until the Police have their next public Auction of stolen goods that haven't been claimed?

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Posted in: Libya capital remains tense a day after clashes kill over 30 See in context

It was Britain and France rather than NATO. And they did as you say Rodney.

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Posted in: Shibuno leads British Open as Korda stars in borrowed clothes See in context

Leona Naguire was fantastic. She started in the poor weather/bad wind but played brilliantly. However, when her biggest competitors started the weather got good for them. Tough on her but - That's life. I'd rather watch these women than the LIV men.

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Posted in: Barcelona auctions NFT of iconic Cruyff goal for $693,000 See in context

Johan Cruyff and Pele - Both Geniuses. No others came close.

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Posted in: South Africa beats Wales 30-14 See in context

Wales were havng a bad year, beaten by Italy in six nations. So to beat SA in SA is an incredible achievement at this time. Hopefully the springbok tour will be a platform for a wales...springback.

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Posted in: Ireland makes rugby history with test series win over New Zealand See in context

Wonderful Game. Best team won.

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Posted in: McIlroy, Hovland avoid blunders to share British Open lead See in context

Mc Ilroy is back.

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Posted in: Hungry Ireland target World Cup after New Zealand tour triumph See in context

Amazing game. The most impressive thing was the Irish response to the Kiwi fightback early in the 2nd half. . They upped their game and dominated the greatest rugby nation the world has seen, NZ, and NZ will be back come the world Cup, I am certain. The game is in their DNA.

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Posted in: Deforestation in Brazil's Amazon hits record for first half of 2022 See in context

People in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America think, its far away how can it effect us. But this kind of thing effects the entire world. So, everybody needs to say "no more damage."

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Posted in: Tokyo marks record 9th day of temperatures above 35 C See in context

JuminRheee writes: " Guess they (Green Party)couldn't resist being in power, just like the rest of the lot."

Sadly true. Its the same everywhere the Greens get in power. All they do is prop up (usually conservative-type) governments. They talk the talk, get into power, then make excuses for their political masters.

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Posted in: All Blacks start season with 42-19 win over Ireland in 1st test See in context

Congratulations and well done to the All Blacks. They deserved to win. The English Referee was determinedly hard on Ireland. The result shows that Ireland have to give the younger players a start (send home Johnny Sexton etc), because it'll be the youngsters who'll be going to the World Cup..

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Posted in: Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck announce new joint album, '18' See in context

Anyone brave enough to attempt a cover version of Master Uilleann Piper Davy Spillane’s “Midnight Walker”

deserves a listen. Depp and Beck certainly have great taste in covers, but I'd guess, Johnny's probably a better actor? Best of luck to him though, he's been through enough.

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Posted in: Irish leader sees no UK will to end Brexit trade standoff See in context

Nth Ireland Dairy Farming reps came out today to demand no change in Protocol as it would cause massive damage to Dairy farmers (one e.g. being they send milk south for processing, as no facilities exist to do it north on large commercial scale). Business rep org's have similarly said Protocol is giving business best of both worlds and any paperwork is acceptable trade off. It is simply untrue to suggest the protocol (i.e. trade paperwork) is equivalent to a "border between UK&NI" & that it is economically damaging to NI. It is, in fact, economically advantageous to NI. Unionists are on record as saying that its all about symbolism to them and that they'd rather the economy was in ruins than it appearing as though there was no border between north & south.

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Posted in: Turkey renews threat of military offensive in Syria See in context

"We will clean up Tal Rifaat and Manbij", he said, referring to two northern Syrian cities.

Erdogan said they would then proceed, "step by step, into other regions"......"We will see who supports the legitimate security operations carried out by Turkey and who tries to oppose them," said Erdogan."

As long as NATO continues to allow such fascists not only into its organisation, but allows them to threaten honorable commentators who cal them out for their genocide of Kurd's, then NATO's criticism of Russia will remain open to criticism of hypocrisy.

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Posted in: Ex-police officer gets suspended sentence for stealing cash from house damaged by fire See in context

"only in Japan."

I wish - no so. Sadly Police in every country are becoming more and more corrupt.

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Posted in: UK delays post-Brexit border checks until end of 2023 See in context

Isn't it strange listening to British politicians outrage at Russia's "breech of international law" when they are shouting from the rooftops that they intend to "breech of international law," on Brexit/Protocol etc?

They have had zero respect for it themselves. Brexit only being one.

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Posted in: Islamic State 'Beatle' found guilty of all charges in U.S. hostage deaths See in context

Those torture techniques that psychotic El Shafee Elsheikh used on innocent people were developed in Northern Ireland by psychotics in the British military in internment camops then exported to other countries.

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Posted in: Pardoned ex-President Park heads home from S Korea hospital See in context

Sorry, I meant to mention she only did 5 years of her 20 year sentence.

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Posted in: Pardoned ex-President Park heads home from S Korea hospital See in context

This just confirms the view that politics is rotton with curruption.

She originally got 34 years in total (one 26 another 8 year sentence).

Somehow that got lowered to 20years.The incoming president just waves his magic wand and releases her. Thats curruption added upon curuption. Recently the incoming president who was actually part of the stste prosecution team that convicted her was saying he hoped to meet her for a nice chat.

Meanwhile others less powerful (her father was a dictator) remain in prison.

Is this the best example of an alternative to North Korea?

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Posted in: Protests in Jamaica as William and Kate visit See in context

Irish rebels were taken in chains on cattle ships and brutally enslaved in the Caribbean by the British also. Though their slavery could end at least. Africans were slaves for life and even their children were. That's absolutely sick. The Royal Family also pinned medals on the chest of British soldiers who murdered innocent people on Bloody Sunday 50 years ago this year. Apologies are not enough for such abuses. Britain should pull out of Ireland and pay reparations for the genocide there and for the Famine, and also pay reparations for slavery of Africans.

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Posted in: France beat England 25-13 to seal Grand Slam in style See in context

The French were uncontrollably ecstatic after winning, even French sports journalists and French broadcasters were doing mexican-waves towards end of match against England (and some suggest 6 Nations doesn't mean much to France?)

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Posted in: Ireland beats Scotland 26-5 to earn Six Nations Triple Crown See in context

Ireland's Under 20's won the 6 Nations Grand Slam Sunday for the second year in a row.

The French were uncontrollably ecstatic after winning, even French sports journalists and French broadcasters were doing mexican-waves towards end of match against England (and some suggest 6 Nations doesn't mean much to France?)

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Posted in: Chichibu Railway offers chance to host your wedding reception in retro steam locomotive See in context

Love Steam Trains.

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Posted in: Ex-prosecutor Yoon elected South Korean president See in context

That's all the world needs right now - another provocative nutcase hoping for a fight.

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Posted in: Ireland confirms Six Nations title shot by blowing away Wales 29-7 See in context

Hey Buchailldana, I wonder is Ireland's poor world cup record because Ireland will never be able to get as fired up to beat any teams like they can against British sides? We all know that the Irish love everybody else, maybe that's the problem? (Full credit due for to Scotland for their impressive win).

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