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Posted in: Blackmore becomes first woman jockey to win Grand National See in context

She is a really gentle modest, sweet girl with incredible talent and a massive future, yet after her "Top Jockey" award at Cheltenham a few weeks ago, and now "The national", it looks like - she has won it all, already.

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Posted in: Northern Ireland wracked by week of riots See in context

Wolfpack is correct.

The Unionist population in the North is one million. In the whole of Ireland it is still only one million. The nationalist population in the North is one milion. In the whole of Ireland it is almost six million.

Even if we count dissenters on top of unionist voters in an all-Ireland vote, if only half of the nationalist population voted for a United Ireland it would pass by a country mile.

Over h last week and today the UDA has been accused by Unionists (e.g. Geoffrey Donaldson and several others) and Loyalist community workers as drug-dealers and as orchestrating the violence to distract from their day-jobs as drug dealers. Yet the UDA, part-time terrorists and part-time drug-dealers, not only have not been outlawed; not only are they allowed to have shop-fronted offices on main streets all over NI with the name of their UDA paramilitary battalions emblazoned outsde on signs but they are also in receipt of peace-dividend funding from the UK and Rep of Ire, EU and USA. Couldn't make it up. These offices are open-legally facilitated recruiting grounds for the UDA.

Finally, I was listening to a Podcast from Irish radio and one of the Loyalist rioters - this is no joke- Blamed "Story" for being responsible for the border across the Irish Sea. ( Mr Story was the subject of an entirely different issue connected with funerals and covid). These kids are recreational rioters with limited intelligence being cynically exploited by gangsters.

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Posted in: How an Irish town became home for an animation powerhouse See in context

Nice positive story. I heard those guys interviewed. They are very modest about their success.

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Posted in: MMA fighter has finger severed in match; doctors reattach it See in context

Gives a whole new meaning to the expression "Get your finger out".

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Posted in: Onsen Mask helps you soak in the steam, not the germs See in context

BTW, I know this refers to Onsen, but I am thinking more about developing such ideas to help us swimmers.

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Posted in: Onsen Mask helps you soak in the steam, not the germs See in context

Good Idea. I think I am positive about this. I am a keen swimmer and, you know what - I wouldnt be as sceptical on this product guys. We need all sorts of ideas on how to protect us from Covid. Sometimes things that initially appear weird or useless turn out to be helpful. As they say "every little bit helps". Any new ideas, in combination that can help us to get back into the swimming pool are welcome?

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Posted in: Britain says unionist anger over Brexit deal could put Northern Ireland 'in quite a dangerous place' See in context

Regarding this line above: "Northern Ireland, a British province." Correction: No it is not.

The truth is Britain occupies 2/3rds of an 'Irish province' called Ulster and the British call it "Northern Ireland".

Britain not only consult with and have not banned Loyalist paramilitary groups such as the UDA but the UDA actually have shop-fronted offices brazenly operation on high streets, such as on the Newtownards Road with actual "UDA battalion" references on signs outside. Utterly incredible.

The British double-standards in "Northern Ireland" are outrageous and legendary of course. Unlike the British government, the EU acknowledge that such threats from violent Loyalists (who don't stand for election btw) must be counter-balanced with the fact that the other half of the population vote for Sinn Fein (who do stand for elections-but refuse to sit in the British parliament).

lastly, any goods that the always moaning Loyalists claim they ccant get from Britain can be sourced from only a few away miles in the south of Ireland with no customs or documentation required. Its just their determined petty bigitroy against the south, and Catholics in the north, that drives them to demand that they source goods from Britain. This time they are just cuting off their nose to spite their face.

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Posted in: Irish mourn another St Patrick's Day lockdown See in context

Just to clarify something. This line is simply factually incorrect: "The protest quickly evolved from clashes with police into a party atmosphere, with live music and drinking in the street." Thats pure fantasy. Absolutely no such party occurred after the clashes. And BTW, young people are not taking "crack and coke at home instead" either (But selfish middle-class students are definately having large drinking parties). One fact that speaks volumes of how corporate sector needs override the health of the people (not just in Ireland but everywhere else also) is how, despite so many locals having to pack-up their jobs and not travel, and restrict movements etc, due to covid - in January the Irish govt allowed 3,000 Briziallians into Ireland to work in Meat factories (Covd hot-spots). BTW, locals 'would have' been prepared to do the work.

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Posted in: Police call for Premier League cooperation to tackle racist abuse See in context

No place for racism in British sport or society - unless the victim is Irish of course.

Irishman James McClean (who plays for Stoke City FC) and his wife & kids have been getting very extreme racial abuse and death threats in England for years, but the decidely selective "liberal" British media, the so-called anti racism in sport campaigners (and everybody else) have been egnoring it.

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Posted in: Robert Kennedy confronts communist hecklers at Waseda University in 1962 See in context

Bay of Pigs asides, the Kennedy's were absolutely in a different league than any other 20 century US Presidents in terms of potential and ability if they had been given time. But personally I think it is too much of a coincidence that RFK was planning a clampdown on the Mob. I am not saying he did or didnt pull the trigger. I would ask how he got to that stage of actually doing it. If he was telling everyone,even the garbageman he was going to assasinate RFK, then, in those times someone would have reported it, surely and he should heve been watched 24/7? Its just too many coincidences: JFK; RFK; MLK; LHOswald: Ruby.

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Posted in: No hugs or high-fives, but 150,000 condoms will be given out at Tokyo Olympics See in context

Ahh, you guys have all got this all wrong. I've been on to the IOC and apparently the condoms are not for sex at all. They are to cover the entire person. Its part of the Olympics "State of the art Covid-protection Kit". Its the only way guaranteed - "no Corona can get through". (You know that bit on the top-that's where the head goes). Its all for Insurance purposes apparently. According to a spokesperson,( who was actually wearing one of these, what they refer to as "Body-Condoms" whilst giving the press conference) "It'l make the steeplechase and hurdles a bit akward but the high-jumpers will have a field-day with the old 1970's 'Finsbury-Flop' technique expected to make a come back." They also received complaints from Sprinters that they'l find it difficult to lift the knees, and in the "true spirit of human ingenuity"(because, as the spokesperson said, "sport reflects mans unstoppable ability to adopt after all" - I got very emotional, hearing that bit, I'l admit) they have renamed the 100 meters sprint as "The Hop, Skip and Jump". Just for this year though (Pity). Cant wait for it.

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Posted in: EU rebuffs UK demand to soften Northern Ireland Brexit trade terms See in context

A Newspaper report clarifies that it was not the "EU" (as I said) but the local Authority who made he decision. The report read:

'In a statement issued on Monday, the Mid & East Antrim Borough Council that it was immediately withdrawing its staff from inspection duties at Larne Port over concerns for their safety and welfare.”

I fully respect DT's comment above about the seriousness of the threats, but in Northern Ireland, if everythibg was to suht down every time threats were made in NI, then nothing would ever open. Its the usual routene and has to be faced-down. But it is not the over-reaction it first appears- it is a calculated opportunist move by the combined British-Loyalist/Unionist leadership who have had meetings recently, and now it is obvious that they had been planning such moves.

It is a commonly accepted matter of historical record that British-Loyalists/Unionists have never seen themselves "As Irish as anyone else. "They either violently invaded and stole the land (historical fact, well documented) or they were planted forensically in an act of ethnic-cleansing by the British (historical fact/well documented) and continue that violence or threats of violence through to this day, and, common- they call themselves "British".

British-Loyalists/Uninists will never be satisfied living in Ireland because they remain bigoted towards the Irish-Catholic community, who finally have the confidence (and democratic voting-power) not to accept second-class status within their own country anymore. The British empire is over. It is impossible to be "British" and rule a stolen part of another European country. British-Loyalists/Unionists have been spoilt by the very violent protection of the British military, and still expect aparthied-like privillages they had up to the peace process to continue. But they forget that the reason for the peace agreement was because there was supposed to be an end to that apartheid.

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Posted in: EU rebuffs UK demand to soften Northern Ireland Brexit trade terms See in context

Britain and the Unionists/Loyalists cannot be trusted to stick to any agreement. They have always, and will continue to allways go back on their word. The EU should never have given-in and made further compromises to placate the Unionist/Loyalists, as a previous agreement was agreed upon by them. Now the compromised deal is now not good enough. The EU should never have compromised. They should have said "Take it or leave it." The Unilnists/Loyalists can be seen by everyone as the bigots they are and have always been by us all outside of their bigoted quarter of Ireland (where they invaded and have no right to be in the first place).

A child writes sloppy graffiti on a wall at a Belfast Port and the EU caves in and stops trade? Absolutely outragious-ridiculous. The EU needs to get a grip and remind UK that the games are over.

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Posted in: After outcry, EU reverses plan to restrict vaccine exports through Irish border See in context

Its frightening how both the EU and the British government think they can just arbitrarily break international law when it suits them (especially as Int law relates to NI. These laws are 'THE' reason why the violence has stopped. Take away the laws or ignore them - the violence comes back. These laws were so hard and painfully established , out of the violence and agreed upon after several years of difficult painstaking negotiations. But both the EU and the British govt think the laws are optional- when they think its in their interest. (Johnson was at this stuff last year also, lets not forget, and only pulled-back because the EU said the Brexit talks would stop. Now the EU was trying it also, until the intervention of the Rep of Ireland government yesterday. If lawmakers don't honour the law how can they expect everyone else to? But to be positive, thankfully the EU has withdrawn this misjudged threat.

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Posted in: UK says it expects no vaccine interruption from EU; Brussels admits Irish 'blunder' See in context

Its frightening how both the British government and the EU think they can just arbitrarily break international law when it suits them (especially as Int law relates to NI. These laws are 'THE' reason why the violence has stopped. Take away the laws or egnore them - the violence comes back. These laws were so hard and painfully established , out of the violence and agreed upon after several years of difficult painstaking negotiations. But both the EU and the british govt think the laws are optional- when they think its in their interest. (Johnson was at this stuff last year also, lets not forgret, and only pulled-back because the EU said the Brexit talks would stop. Now the EU was trying it also, until the intervention of the Rep of Ireland government yesterday. If lawmakers don't honour the law how can they expect everyone else to? But to be positive, thankfully the EU has withdrawn this misjudged threat.

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Posted in: Zao: See the ice monsters and dip in an onsen See in context

If that aint "Cool" what is?

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Posted in: When you hear about the dark side of people like Phil Spector, Bill Cosby, Roman Polanski, Kevin Spacey and so on, can you still appreciate their work? See in context

I mean look at the average artist in any discipline: Music, Acting Painting or literature? Who have we got who is NOT a pervert? None. Nobody. They all appear to be perverts to me. I used to reiect artists due to their lifestyles but there was NOBODY LEFT. I then decided to only devote myself to sport instead (umtil sports stars began turning-up as perv's also). So, eventually out of nothing but pragmatism I then decided that I would begin to just appreciate their art irrespective of the person, simply because, in my personal opinion, the majority of artists right across the art spectrum are absolute perverts. (Sorry but, you gotta tell it the way it is sometimes).

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Posted in: The truth behind maid cafes—are they that quirky? See in context

Desert Tortoise has a point, for example there is actually quite a lot of harrassment of straight men by gay men in the workplace. Thats just a fact but it is not even aknowlegded. We need a more comprehensive debate on such things. I have never been in a MC and I wont be either because they are just not my...cup of tea(Pun intended) , but if the gils like it and they get paid, its their own business, and they should be left get on with their own lives. If people want to go there, its their business also. Its not for me or for feminists or, especially men to exaggerate and misrepresent and criticise something they clearly are threathened by.

The "Liberal west", tolerance of the extreme levels of homelessness & drug-abuse concerns me more than Japans tolerance of Maid Cafes.

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Posted in: Mystery still shrouds COVID-19 origin See in context

China clearly developed this horrible virus. Its not a "conspiricy heory" it is absolute commensence, based on extremely strong scientific, social and political evidence (If not legally-prosecutable, yet). From the get-go the WHO were actively grovelling to China rathter than just going to Wuhan or at the very least demanding to be let go there. The WHO are therefore juat as responsible as China. It has been pressures from powerful interests concerned with trade deals with China that have sabutaged any efforts to hold China accountable. China are currently also holding a severely ill Irish Airline Industry exuctive hostage. He has not been charged never mind convicted of a single thing. He appraes to be yet another innocent pawn in Chinas attenpts at "world Domination". All empires come crumbling down eventually. Praise God we have a vaccine at last. Hopefully the world can investigete this properly and build a legally-prosecutable case to protect the world from this ever happening again.

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Posted in: Pandemic-hit sex workers flock to NPO for sympathy and advice See in context

I feel very sorry for CSW's. I believe that CSW's should get the same respect and welfare allowances of any other workers. There is nothing morally wrong with sex, therefore selling it is not wrong. Issues with pimps are seperate issues.

I believe that welfare should be generous and according to ones means. I.e. if you dont need it-you shouldnt get it.

BUT- Universal Basic Income concept is a VERY BAD IDEA, because it would simply put up the cost of living for everyone because everyone will get this on top of their salaries, so the market will put up its prices on everything because the market place knows people will be prepared too pay more-because they have that extra disposable income. This will make the same payment amount to the porest almost worthless, poor people will become poorer-wealthy people will have this extra sum of monety to spend on trash and - people will be demanding a return to current more standard welfare structures.

Apart from European countries, many countries have very bad welfare systems. Rthaer than going for a UBI, they should just start helping the poorest, in this case CSW's.

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Posted in: Japan, Britain sign free trade deal for post-Brexit era See in context

zichiOct. 24 wrote:

"Some people have no idea about hundreds of years of British (England, Wales, Scotland and NI) cuisines."

Zichi, NI is not "british". It is occupied by Britain and they name it as part of the "UnitedKingdom" not Britain Thats GB. Britain is Eng, Scot & Wales. Northern Ireland is in...Ireland. Look at the map. There is one island called "Britain and then another called "Ireland". Northern Ireland is six occupied "Irish" counties in the norh of "Ireland". These things ARE important. Best of luck to yol with your yorkshire puddings, I'l be having organic Irish beef and Cork's finish cheese, oh and an Irish whiskey to wash it down.

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Posted in: Japan, Britain sign free trade deal for post-Brexit era See in context

"All is fine until the Brits find a reason to violate the agreement."

Ha Ha, very funny (And probably likely to happen also).

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Posted in: Boris Johnson defends Brexit change to avoid UK 'carve-up' See in context

I fully respect the UK's democratic choice to leave the EU. And I offer my sincere best wishes to the UK on this. It is their own business, not mine. But changing the Norhern Ireland Protocol (An Internationally binding agreement, which is one of the vital threads holding the peace process in place) is absolutely another thing altogether. It is reckless and totally unacceptable. Unforunately the Uk's breaking international law when it comes to the north of Ireland is nothing new. Hipocracy and double-standards have consistently been the hallmark of Britains abitrary abuse of the application of the law there. Be this by making its own laws to persecute Irish catholics or to protect criminal acts by supporters or representatives of Britain against the catholic pupulation or simply chosing, whenever it suits them, to egnore International Human Rights laws and court rulings ( The ECJ being a good example). But this time they are not just bullying the Catholics of the north of Ireland they are slapping the face of the EU and the USA, and even Britich leaders such as John major, who did their bect for peace.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for killing man with cassette gas torch burner See in context

I dont know how any one could do such a thing to another living creature, nevermind another human being.

She should be executed the exact same way she killed that man.

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Posted in: Young people losing interest in sex, but why? See in context

'Article appears to suggest too much money and a private education make you an impotent nerd.

So whats new?

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Posted in: Young children carry higher levels of coronavirus: study See in context

"Those at risk of dying need to lock themselves down."

No way - we need to 'protect' those at risk. BUT, current trends, all over the world indicate that the young and (presumed) healthy are the highest demographic getting Covid now. Why? They think like the above, that they are invincible and only vulnerable people can get it etc. We are all vulnerable to Covid. It's dangers escalate daily. It is indiscriminate. We all need to help eachother on this virus or it will win.

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Posted in: 35 years after Live Aid, Bob Geldof assesses personal toll See in context

Is this analyses? Or just Anti-Irish sentiment?

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Posted in: Why are so many Japanese women pigeon toed? See in context

There is nothing wrong with Japanese girls feet, walk or stance. Nothing. Leave the Japanese girls alone.

Us guys dont walk too great, especially after we have had a few beers, do we?

So we cant criticise anyone can we?

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Posted in: Letters from Japan: 'Why is he anti-Japan?' See in context

Fascinating subject. Almost everywhere I travel these days I meet locals who bitch about their own culture & their own country and say that elsewhere is better. When they give more detail it often materializes that what they perceive as being "the culture" of the other better ideal country is often not the real everyday culture there, but either just marginal pop culture or a long lost traditional image no longer in operation. This is a sign of ignorance of their own culture, personal immaturity & insecurity.

I would suggest that an obsessive belief that other cultures are superior to your own is an inverted-racist position. It exists in practically every country I've been in, and it is gaining momentum. The grass always appears greener on the other side etc. But the reality is every culture has good and bad elements. I absolutely passionately love Japan, its culture (traditional and modern) and its people. It is very special. But I also love my own homeland. I think that's normal, sensible and healthy. But that's just my opinion.

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Posted in: 3 dead, 1 wounded in crossbow attack; suspect arrested See in context

It saddens me to see people I love and care about hurting eachother, and really I love and care about Japanese people, so this along with the death of Hana Kimura is very sad. Japanese people please appreciate your own people more and stop harming eachother. Japan is a beautiful country and Japanese people - you are all very special. May they all RIP.

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