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Posted in: New adidas Hachiko sneakers pay homage to Shibuya’s famous loyal dog See in context

Dogs are great.

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Posted in: Queen's London representative says royals back BLM movement See in context

"Unlikely, the Queen as a matter of rule never takes Sides."

The Queen pinned medals on the uniforms of Paratroopers who murdered innocent people on Bloody Sunday.

The Royal Family are the symbolic head of the British Armed Forces.

They are in so much trouble with Andrew and their wayward son, this smacks of desperation.

That all said, I have nothing against the British having their own Monarchs. Its none of my business, best of luck to them - unless they support the occupation of Northern Ireland, which they do.

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Posted in: Norway's center-left heads to victory in general elections See in context

Thank you for your insight Skept'.

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Posted in: Turkey says it lacks capacity to handle new refugee influx See in context

Turkey has the capacity to stop making the refugee problem worse by pulling out of Syria and stopping their killing of Kurd's.

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Posted in: EU pledges 200 million more COVID vaccine doses to Africa See in context

Yesterday Ireland pledged to send 2 million vaccines of its own, asides from from within the EU collective. That's good. No one is safe until we are all safe.

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Posted in: Brazil soccer legend Pele recovering after tumor operation See in context

Lionel Messi is incredible. I thought George Best was a genius. But, for me Pele is the greatest of them all.

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Posted in: Celtic boss open to more Japanese signings after Furuhashi goal-rush See in context

Kyogo Furuhashi is a great role model for Japan and Japanese soccer. It would be great to have more Japanese players of his class at Celtic.

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Posted in: Rangers fans banned over Furuhashi abuse See in context

Until recent years Rangers banned Catholics from joining their club. Every time Irish players join Celtic they get death threats from Rangers fans. This kind of racism is what has come to be expected from Rangers fans. Kyogo Furuhashi is an exceptionally gifted player and a great role model for young people who carries himself with great dignity and is already a legend at Celtic.

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Posted in: Polish Olympian auctions silver medal to help sick child See in context

Maria Andrejczyk, you are a (typically Polish) class act, as is the business that is allowing her to keep her medal. With great people like this there is hope yet in this world.

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Posted in: Record Delta wave hits kids, raises fear as U.S. schools open See in context

To see Kids suffer so early in their life is terrible.

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Posted in: Newcomers Brentford beat Arsenal to make flying Premier League start See in context

Great to see a Stadium named "Community".

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Posted in: Grealish 'teared up' after Villa exit; targets CL with City See in context

Yeagh, Grealish also got all choked-up too when he decided to betray his country 'Ireland' and join England instead. Such a nice lad.

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Posted in: Turkish president: Two-state deal only way for Cyprus peace See in context

Turkey should simply get out of Cyprus. Long over-due. They are as empire-belligerent as Britain. Their outrageous occupation of an EU country for so long is an embarrassing example of their influence on the German polity (Thus in turn EU policy).

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Posted in: Oliver Stone revisits JFK assassination in new documentary See in context

Apart from JFK, another interesting movie on this subject (back in 1970's) was "Executive Action" staring Burt Lancaster. I think it is naive to believe LHO committed this atrocity at all. He was a convenient scapegoat. No US President has been perfect, but JFK (and especially Bobby) was trying to bring public attention to some powerful people who thought they were untouchable. Along with the assassinations of Bobby Kennedy and MLK, it proved they were, at that time, untouchable, after-all, they got away with it, didn't they?

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Posted in: Celtic sign Japan forward Furuhashi See in context

Ha Ha, very nice Albaleo.

On my occasional visits to Glasgow I have found the people friendly and the accent no problem to understand. However, try order "Pork in London and they'l not have a clue what you want. That happened me once, then a nice local guy intervened, corrected my poor vocab' and explained to the waiter that what I was really trying to say was "poke". The nice waiter said, "Ah, poke, now I understand." If Furuhashi  is as successful as Nakamura we are in for a treat. Come'on the Bhoys.

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Posted in: Ireland to host All Blacks, Japan and Pumas in November See in context

Four great rugby nations. Three great matches ahead in Nov. Love to be at either one of them.

In fairness Ireland "Pummelled" New Zealand in Chicago. Just when NZ's elusive record was almost within touching distance. That must have hurt? Don't tell me they didn't want to win that match, desperately.

Ah well, not to worry. Get your revenge in Nov. Maybe. Then again, maybe not?

"Come on Ireland."

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Posted in: U.S. swimmer Andrew explains why he's skipping COVID vaccine before Tokyo Games See in context

It is surely a privilege to attend during these times, so the least every attending Olympian should do is Vax, even if only as an act of respect to the people of the host country?

But Vreth probably said it best with,

"Chemical free... just steroids, HGH, protein powders, creatine and god knows what else for these elite chosen ones."

Brilliant summary Vreth.

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Posted in: 52 dead in Bangladesh factory fire as workers locked inside See in context

Shocking. Horrendous.

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Posted in: Ireland edge Japan 39-31 in 9-try thriller in Dublin See in context

Certainty Japan are a massively improved team and very entertaining also. Ireland were missing seven of their best players on Lions duty.

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Posted in: Pikachu learns how to fly as Japan’s new Pokemon airliner takes flight See in context

But - does the engine work?

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Posted in: Leader of Northern Ireland's DUP steps down after just three weeks See in context

Mr Poots could see it is inevitable that the agreement on the Irish language had to be passed through legislatively, as it was agreed upon. It is reported that he pragmatically just said OK, get it out of the way, forget about pointless brinkmanship (again), as it doesn't threaten what is supposed to be Unionists priority, maintaining the union with Britain. But his MP colleagues wanted the usual brinkmanship or his head on a platter. His sacking, after three weeks is a hallmark of the unbelievable pettiness within Unionists that infuriates nationalists and non-aligned communities, and increasingly the British. An extended example is that they insist that the national language of Ireland (the Island of Ireland) should only be reduced to consideration as a minority language in the same was as e.g. Polish. I have many valued Polish friends and they also think that is crazy.

Re: "Tá áthas mór orm go bhfeicfidh mé, le mo mhac, mo thír aontaithe arís roimh a bhfaighidh mé bás."

Indeed Mickelicious, The more crazy such Unionist pettiness gets, the more likely all of our sons, if not ourselves, may yet see an inclusive, progressive, peaceful United Ireland.

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Posted in: Finland beats Denmark at Euro 2020 after Eriksen's collapse See in context

Eriksen is an amazing player. It appears the defibrillator has saved his life. I Hope he recovers quickly. I've made lots of good drinking buddies from Denmark at International games. My thoughts are with them and Denmark..

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Posted in: Novartis' nuclear therapy helps men with prostate cancer live longer: data See in context

Women's Cervical Cancer testing is free and encouraged in several countries (Rightly so), but I don't know of anywhere a similar priority is given to Prostrate Cancer screening.

I reckon men's health is not very high on priority list of governments, medics, pharma companies or the media.

Therefore full credit for J-Today for this article.

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Posted in: Italian Eurovision winner returns negative test after drug furor See in context

Who'd have thought - after the nuclear arms race; territorial disputes; economic competition; Brexit and Covid 19 - its the blinkin Eurovision Song Contest that's starting World War 3? Ha, Ha.

Congratulations Italia (I love Italy and at least its a guitar band).

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Posted in: Ireland shuts down health IT system after ransomware attack See in context

Re: GBR48,

That is sound practical advice.

New Zealand health service attacked today.

Who is next?

If these hackers are consistently coming from identifiable countries, and they never attack those countries, then action needs to be taken against those countries at UN level on this issue.

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Posted in: Ransomware hits AXA units in Asia, New Zealand public health provider See in context

People who are ill to varying degrees, or in the dying phase of their lives will suffer much more because of these attacks which are 100% indefensible and the most cowardly form of harm being caused to completely innocent vulnerable citizens. Some people are so naive. Such hackers have zero political conscience. Try tell a person who has had their Cancer care suspended-indefinitely because of the attack on their Health service, about abstract political theorizing on hacking. Whatever one's individual political views, such attacks are despicable and the scum who are hacking health services are the lowest form of criminals. Morally they would make the average drug-dealer look like a saint.

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Posted in: Players announce plan to keep All Blacks in Kiwi hands See in context

Well done the All Blacks Players. Keep the corporates out of sport (well, as much as possible that they haven't already ruined).

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Posted in: Ireland shuts down health IT system after ransomware attack See in context

Doing something like this to an entire countries Health service in the middle of a pandemic is so evil that some element of espionage could not be ruled out. Ireland tends to be critical of one country in particular.

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Posted in: Suzuki to halt 3 India plants to divert oxygen for COVID-19 patients See in context

Ireland is actually sending 700 (seven hundred) Oxygen Concentrators to India.

Just to correct that posting I made above.

Oxygen Concentrators draw oxygen from the air and deliver it to the patient at over 90% concentration.

Ireland has a population of less than 5million. That is a very substantial donation from such a small country.

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