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Paul Dinning comments

Posted in: 1st nationwide survey sheds light on young carers in Japan See in context

I've got a lot of respect for these guys. It's always happened and WILL always happen in every country at any time. Here in Japan maybe the case of these capable young people highlights the general uselessness of so many young people, which often shocks me. Show me a Japanese guy who can find the "On" switch on a Dyson...

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Posted in: Eating on trains: Survey asks 'How much is too much?' See in context

Common sense in all 1st world trains - stinky and messy bad, discreet ok. Japan isn't special that way. Worst behaviour I saw ever was Osaka teenagers with chips, coke and shoes on the seat. Crumbs and spray flying everywhere. I still wonder if they were on a dare.

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Posted in: Six things that foreigners feel are overpriced in Japan See in context

Japan is so cheap for EVERYTHING compared to Oz. Even including the airfare, I can have a much cheaper overseas holiday (with careful budgetting of course) than I can ever have at home. Except for the movies, but I get my fix at the Japanese Film Festival when it's in Sydney. Food, transport, accommodation, sights, ski-ing... everything is radically cheaper in Japan. As for fruit, if you are nice to people and stay in cheap places it's amazing how much good quality free fruit is around that doesn't make the grade for sale. No melons of course...

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