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Paul England comments

Posted in: SoftBank half-year net profit soars 80% See in context

When I ended a 7 year contract I had to pay a 10,000 yen PER DEVICE cancellation fee. When you gouge long-time customers it's not that hard to make money I guess.

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Posted in: Tokyo begins taxi service trial with starting fares of 410 yen See in context

hardly speak any foreign language

It could be worse. Taxi's in America only speak foreign languages.

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Posted in: Getting stopped by police in Japan – how often does it happen (and why?) See in context

15 years. Stopped about 3 times and they were all towards the end. I'm far more interested in seeing how to handle the "can we search your bag?" instance. I used to just want to get out of there so let them, but I think as a grumpier old man I'd rather sacrifice the time to stand up for my civil liberties.

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Posted in: Oliver Stone warns of Pokemon Go 'totalitarianism' See in context

He wishes they'd stop spending R&D costs on games and spend it on a time machine, so he can go back a couple of decades to when he actually made a half decent film. And this is coming from someone that thinks his 80's era stuff is golden.

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Posted in: Yen hits 6-week low See in context

"Economic forecasts". Such a joke...

"[Financial Instrument] is scheduled to go up. Unless of course... it goes down." If anyone knew there would be no such thing as hedging.

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Posted in: Pokemon-mania vindicates Nintendo's mobile game shift See in context

I played the original Gameboy (B&W) Pokemon for about 10 minutes in 1998. That was enough.

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Posted in: Yen slips as Tokyo stocks jump on renewed Abenomics hopes See in context

|| Ten gain will not continue,

Nice crystal ball. Where were you 2009-2012 when I needed you.

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Posted in: Abe campaigns on 'stability' ticket as Brexit rocks markets See in context

The value of the yen had been stable at around 80 to the dollar for several years before Abe came in and did everything in his power to reduce its value.

Yeah, stable if you just looked at a few year chart. It had been in the 110 +/- 4 are for what... 20 years before that? Which one of those seems stable?

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Posted in: So sorry See in context

and thing will eventually get back to business as usual.

Yep... back to the business of cooking the books, price fixing, and faking fuel gauge tests.

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Posted in: Yen surge threatens Japanese companies: Abe See in context

As someone who lived in Japan during the economic crisis and got paid in dollars as the yen hit it's highest value on record (75.8/$1) , I can honestly say everyone needs to chill a little bit. If you look back over the last 20 years, 110/$1 +/-3 yen is very standard.

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Posted in: Radiohead social media goes blank, raising album hopes See in context

Video on Youtube. Likey.

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Posted in: Ben Affleck to direct, star in next Batman movie See in context

The 80's were great.

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Posted in: U.S. investigating Toshiba over alleged accounting irregularities See in context

But is that by regular "accounting" or by Toshiba "accounting"? Japanese accounting.

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Posted in: New Olympic stadium design proposals unveiled See in context

Which one will better withstand the impending dual between Tetsuo & Kaneda?

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for taking upskirt photos of schoolgirl See in context

That would only work if the bathroom is a public one. Generally once you are in some type of private property, whatever they say goes. On the street... in public though, you are fair game, so dress appropriately. (

Worth noting though, in at least the first two articles regarding the US (didn't read them all), the defendant was not jamming a phone up a passer-by's skirt. I'm also not sure what the guy in Japan was doing, but my guess is it was a bit more obviously malicious. As a candid street photographer I see the upside in setting a hard rule about expectations in public - cover your junk if you're in public - by definition, it is not private. If such a law existed, photo journalism and street art would cease to exist. However, once people start circumventing nature (IE, phones/mirrors on the shoes and whatnot) you're entering the assault zone and should be seen as such.

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Posted in: Seoul tunes in See in context

It will be correctly interpreted as vague.

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Posted in: Death-row inmate hanged for 2007 murder See in context

Curious if any of you "hang 'em all" camp members are educated at all about what I can only assume is your home. Anyone read anything or done any research at all about Japan's policy of coerced confessions, or know of anyone who's been caught up in Japan's poor excuse of a judicial system. You'll sing a different tune if you're one of the unlucky ones. Not saying these guys are innocent, but those doing your best Nancy Grace impersonations by looking at this with blinders on is disconcerting to say the least.

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Posted in: Death-row inmate hanged for 2007 murder See in context

Pretty sad seeing such support for an archaic practice employed by a country, that everyone posting here should know, is highly flawed and inaccurate on it's best day.

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Posted in: Man gets suspended sentence in 1st trial over revenge porn See in context

"filming without consent" is WAY too broad for any country... especially one like Japan where laws are loosely enforced, and abused at the police's discretion. Some prefectures are implementing "nuissance laws" that do just this (on paper anyway) but also go against the theory that a person has zero right to privacy in public, which they don't. I'm all for enforcing laws against hacking, photographing people in private, etc., but Japan has proven too many times their judicial system is a joke.

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Posted in: Man arrested for taking 'normal' picture of woman on train See in context

If you ask first shoot later you ruin the shot. Plain and simple. This guy might have had bad intentions (honestly I don't know), but that's not the argument here. The argument is how much privacy can one expect in public, and the answer is basically none. If you could, you'd walk around with a lot less clothing and not pay attention to anything around you. As per before, there's an entire type of photography devoted to shooting the subject without disturbing it. Generally when I shoot candid street photos anywhere (and I've done it extensively in Tokyo) I shoot from the hip and am almost always unnoticed. Basing the law off of it's name, I'm assuming I would not be breaking it as I'm not being a nuisance to anyone. No camera in face = no problem, right? Well, that's pretty stupid, too. Would you rather have someone w/ a DSLR walking around taking photos or a mobile phone? Get real, people. The world is a canvas, and you are a part of it.

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Posted in: Man arrested for taking 'normal' picture of woman on train See in context

Has anyone actually seen the photo in question? Go to the Flickr group I posted which is devoted specifically to candid street photography in Japan (on Film, nonetheless). Please tell me (with a straight face) that it is "wrong" and this anti-nuisance law isn't yet ANOTHER self-reassuring measure for Japanese cops.

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Posted in: Man arrested for taking 'normal' picture of woman on train See in context

Akiba Angel:

Pervy/weird, right? https://www.flickr.com/groups/2634506@N24/


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Posted in: Man arrested for taking 'normal' picture of woman on train See in context

The law in Japan is the same as the US & the UK to an extent. Google "shouzouken" which is one's right to image. In a nutshell, candid photography is in no way illegal. Not taking the photo, anyway. Selling/distributing is a different story. If you go on a crusade to say that taking photos without ones consent on the street is illegal/immoral/pervy then you're pissing on an art form. Makes me glad I left the country.

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