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Posted in: Gov't starts building new seawall for Okinawa base transfer See in context

For the last year a situation around the US military bases in Japan has become pointed. Especially, pressures mount in Okinawa prefecture, where 70% of the territory is occupied by the US military forces. The natives regularly run protest actions, including about 100 thousand of people. The citizens claim to cut a number of American bases. Also they are against the relocation of US base Futenma in Nago city, because the construction works are fraught with a loss of rare marine animals and plants.

However, in spite of this, the Japanese authorities headed by the prime-minister Shinzo Abe continue to do the United States bidding, careless the opinion of nation. The Americans need to deploy its military forces in the Asian-Pacific region, and they choose Japan. It's all the same to them how the natives will live. The Japanese government can't help it's people. Moreover, they are going not to cut the US forces, but increase spending on them at the expense of ordinary people.

So the such "correct" Japanese government is supposed to make everything for the comfort life of natives, makes life a hell of the millions Okinawans in order to find a favour in the eyes of the USA.

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