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Posted in: Hundreds leave quarantined cruise ship in Yokohama as coronavirus concerns grow See in context

@James Stowe Actually, every BRITISH person I knew in the UK had a culture of taking off their shoes and/or wearing slippers indoors at home, plus most people I knew washed their hands before eating. However, in pubs, I did see many other men not washing their hands after urinating.

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Posted in: Abe urges people with cold-like symptoms to avoid work, school See in context

The international school, where I work, told all workers that, if they didn't take their flu vaccinations, then any time off for "flu" (or possibly flu-like symptoms) world not be accepted for "sick pay".

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Posted in: Coronavirus infection cases spread further in Japan See in context

Masks can help in two areas:

1/ They can prevent moisture, continuing viruses contacting your face (and your nose, eyes, mouth etc), so can give limited protection from sneezes or coughs by others.

2/ They can protect others from YOUR coughs.

However, even at this level, the overhaul effectiveness in preventing viral infection is quite low. Globally, doctors have stated that regularly washing your hands with soap (and/or alcoholic santiser), coughing into the crook of your arm (or hand, providing you wash them afterwards ASAP), avoid touching your face and (of ill) staying at home and not going to work are the best ways to avoid infection.

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Posted in: Former 7-Eleven store owner sues firm over contract termination See in context

@Commanteer Actually that's a problem with other franchises, such as (one?) if the fast food restaurants. I can't remember if it was either McDonalds, KFC, or both? I read stories about franchises being given to anyone, which was good for the company, but not the franchise owners.

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Posted in: Human-hunting film set for release after Trump 'racist' row See in context

Whether this film is good or bad, I would assume that Trump and cronies wouldn't batter an eyelid if the positions were reversed in the film, or if it was about white republicans shooting ethnic minorities for giggles.

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Posted in: Seminars on how to buy a home in Japan as a foreigner and how to get the best financing terms See in context

Why have a seminar on behalf a weekday? Who could realistically attend it then? Why not two different Saturdays?

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Posted in: Health workers may not be using hand sanitizer properly See in context

Today, one of the Japanese nursery teachers, at my international preschool/kindergarten, dropped some plastic spoons onto the floor of the kitchen (which are used by staff and possibly some children who've forgotten their cutlery). She quickly washed the one she wanted to use with water, and put the other ones back into the zip-loc bag with all of the "clean" spoons, without washing them.

As soon as she left, I used soap and water and washed and dried the lot of them. I didn't tell the Japanese staff, because in my experience, staff such schools or day care centres think such behaviour is fine and might complain to a manager about my complaints...

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Posted in: CBS denounces threats against anchor over Kobe Bryant story See in context

Justice must be served to all, including the dead. It will allow Kobe's rep to be cleared if priced untrue and will allow possible victims, if alive, to move on with their lives.

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Posted in: Obamas' first film charts life in U.S. factory under Chinese bosses See in context

Sounds like the Chinese version of the film "Gung Ho".

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Posted in: Samsung ditches headphone jack after jabs at jackless rivals See in context

No headphone jack, no support from me. In Android circles, especially Note owners, this is a big deal. Many fans of the Note are vetoing this version and will upgrading to the Note 9 instead, or waiting for the (inevitable) failure of the Note 10, and a "fixed" Note 11 to include the headphone jack.

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Posted in: Man arrested for arson threat to Aichi museum over 'comfort women' exhibit See in context

Such a shame though that Japan isn't developed enough to show freedom of expression, or have a media that reports upon issues like the statue widely or objectively.

One day, Japan will join the rest of developed world, but perhaps, not today.

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Posted in: Diners in Japan serving up fresh concepts with socially aware approach See in context

I can see health, safety and labor standards being an issue here. Dangerously so.

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Posted in: Mini wearable personal air conditioner See in context

Meanwhile, in China, millions of cheaper versions are probably already being made.

I'll wait for the Daiso version, thanks Sony.

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Posted in: Sophie the robot whips up oodles of Singapore noodles See in context

Why didn't it only say "Nani shimashoka?" and have a different name?

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Posted in: Smoking bureaucrats find themselves on the outside looking in See in context

[quote]"In the case of the building housing the Ministry of Finance, smokers stroll over to the neighboring Kasumigaseki Building, which provides an outdoor patio for smokers.

"A near-panic ensued among the rank-and-file who were smoking when the minister himself dropped in to join them," relates a member of the cabinet office."[/quote]

So, the movers and shakers ARE still meeting together.

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Posted in: You won't miss the meat in these rice and edamame burgers See in context

Of course these are burgers. For those that understand the concept (and even the actual English language) :


noun [ C ] UK ​ /ˈbɜː.ɡər/ US ​ /ˈbɝː.ɡɚ/

meat or other food pressed into a round,flat shape and fried:

a burger and fries

a hamburger

a veggie burger"

(Source: - )

I wish these were for sale in Japan.

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Posted in: Strobing stage lights could up risk of epileptic seizures See in context

Honestly, this has been known for ages.

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Posted in: Raw, fried or on a bun: the many ways Japanese eat whale See in context

Surely the headline should read "The Many Ways HARDLY ANYONE IN JAPAN Eats Whale"?

I've seen brussel sprouts more popular than whale meat here.

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Posted in: New Tokyo ninja bar replaces darts with 'shuriken' and blowguns See in context

Isn't there already a ninja restaurant in Asakusa? It features caves, ninja magic tricks, etc, all built into the building/performed by staff.

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Posted in: Abe criticized for calling elevator installation at Osaka Castle 'mistake' See in context

I somewhat agree with him on this. Osaka Castle is a bit of a joke/perfect example of Japan's over engineering of things. It's MEANT to be an OLD castle, but it's believed that it's made mainly from concrete and features an elevator.

If the castle had an extension that technically wasn't part of the castle, that might work, but then again, we'd have a castle with an obvious extension attached to it.

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Posted in: Mobal's new SIM card bundle includes Drinking Passport and beer for rugby fans in Japan See in context

What Rugby fans? It's was basically impossible to get any tickets here.

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Posted in: Lone gamers a dying breed as community play thrives See in context

What an ignorant, badly written article:

"...The advent of streaming games Netflix style from the internet cloud promised to fuel those trends, tapping into the power of data centers to let countless people play simultaneously in shared worlds or tune in to watch."

Streaming games are NOT "multiplayer" games. They are simply a (single or multiplayer) game, streamed from an online source.

Also, solo gamers are not a "dying breed". One only has to look at the likes of Doom Eternal, God of War 4, Fallout 4, Cyberpunk 2077 and even many mobile games are all still single player experiences.

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Posted in: Kao's #beWhite campaign leaves firm red-faced See in context

I applaud the company for deciding to not use the slogan. What some posters may not have understood, is that we already understand existing terms, but an advertising slogan has room for ambiguity, which can then lead to misinterpretation and/or offense. This may especially be true in advertising, where ads often can be accessed, globally, out of their original context.

One only has to look at the United Colours of Beneton ads (featuring a black mother, suckling a white baby) to see how an image designed in one culture (in Europe, to show intimate and equal love between black and white people) could be misinterpreted in another (the USA, seen as a black slave "wetnursing" a slave-owner's baby).

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Posted in: Japan to expand language assistance, free Wi-Fi for foreigners See in context

If JR East could just put ANY signal connection on the Yokosuka line, from around Bakurocho to shinagawa, that would be great. It's so shocking that a mainstream line, in a mainstream area of Tokyo, has ZERO signal.

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Posted in: Spa! magazine apologizes for women's university 'sex listing' See in context

Anything that encourages the objectification of women to the point that sexual harassment or abuse is seen as permissable/encouraged is not acceptable in this day and age.

This doesn't mean that "sexual" matters, or tips on how to increase the chances of meeting potential sex/life partners is intrinsically wrong, but there are appropriate and inclusive ways to go about it.

Publishing lists of "easy, drunk women" isn't one of them. I'm honestly surprised that some posters here think it's fine. Perhaps they are mentally quite young/in their teens?

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Posted in: Woman stabbed while walking along street in Chiba Pref See in context

Apparently, it occurred 1km North of Tsukada station.

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Posted in: Hankyu fair showcases best of British goods See in context

You can get extra sharp/mature cheddar cheese from Costco in Japan. It's American, but nothing's perfect.

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Posted in: Sumo horse racing game returns with guest appearances from Street Fighter characters See in context

A browser based game? Lol.

Wake me up when this is on mobile.

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Posted in: Police arrest 5 men over illegal upload of 'One Piece' manga and translation See in context

Perhaps the silly Japanese police have tried to block this site?

But a simple VPN should bypass that.

Never been to the site, so I'm not sure what's on it, though.

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Posted in: TV operators seek silver bullet to fight online rivals See in context

No David, that would be "XBMC" or "Kodi". Google is your friend.

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