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Paul Martin comments

Posted in: Female imperial family members to be barred from key succession rite See in context

Isn't it time to ABOLISH all the UNELECTED royal species ?

They are merely remnants of archaic systems seized by ruthless despots !

Emperors, kings,queens,princes,etc never do anything good for the masses

they live in luxurious guarded palaces and castles while the ordinary hard-

working people struggle to survive !

Welsh expat foreign correspondent Asia pacific.

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Posted in: Japan conveys concern over Tillerson statement on 'comfort women' See in context

The US secretary of state is the 3rd in line of the Presidency and not obligated to face censorship especially from foreign governments before making statements. As America is a FREE country citizens can voice or write their opinions without fear of reprisals !

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Posted in: U.S. could use Japan's missile defense system to attack: Lavrov See in context

Moscow is as usual speculating hypothetically. Only the US knows what covert and overt action is in place everyone else will be surprised and caught off guard...NEVER underestimate America's resolve or capabilities history shows the results of those who did !

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Posted in: Japan to take part in drill with U.S. carriers near Korean peninsula See in context

Actually here's what very well might happen if things get outa hand even more.

Kim keeps provoking by firing even more deadly nukes all over the place, Trump sooner or later loses it and orders US forces to attack NK South Korea and Japan are history !

This writer has Japanese family including grandchildren and of course hopes it never happens but it MIGHT and sooner than the Japanese and South Koreans imagine !

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Posted in: 11 trade ministers announce TPP pact but won't endorse it yet See in context

Any country who thinks they can survive and prosper without US involvement is kidding themselves !

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Posted in: Trump, in new dig, mocks N Korean leader as 'Rocket Man' See in context

This reporter predicts, given the present tensions, that North Korea is just weeks away or very close thereafter to ceasing to exist as a threat or country and if Kim Jong In isn't killed in the US blitzkrieg he will surely be well dug in deep under one of his mountains which with a bit of luck will also become his and his warmongering cronies tomb !

Wise Japanese and Gaijins would be smart to get the hell outa Japan until this all blows over because be sure the country a prime target for North Korean reprisals if that is they are still able to retaliate after MASSIVE US military attacks !

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Posted in: Election campaign reflects Britain's global retreat See in context

Most Brits. including this writer want O U T !

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Posted in: U.S. tries new diplomacy on N Korea See in context

ANYTHING beats war !

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Posted in: Japan to go nuclear-free during safety checks See in context

For my 2 cents worth ANYTHING nuclear is NOT good in Japan !

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Posted in: New wiring defect found in ANA Dreamliner See in context

We were looking forward to flying on it.....now NOT A CHANCE......too many problems !

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Posted in: Japan hails Spain lifeline as 'major first step' See in context

**But of course he would hail it...lol...how much risk did it entail for nippon...lol ?

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Posted in: U.S. to shift most of its naval fleet to Pacific by 2020 See in context

**A very wise and necessary decison on America's part. Military threats from other regions are minuscule these days with the exception of jihadists of course. The real problem is china's military build up.....like the tortoise it may be slow.....but still deliberate and unyielding in the long run.

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Posted in: Putting a price tag on jailing foreign criminals See in context

Deportted foreigners cannot re-enter japan with false identification without detection now because they have the fingerprint ID system in place. The unfair and preposterous treatment of foreigners incarcerated in japanese prisons is against ALL international human rights accords japan is obliged to honor ! The 99% conviction rate is unaceptable anyway you look at it and is well known to protect the so-called reputations of prosecutors and judges.Foreigners have long been arrested, prosecuted and jailed in japan often for trivial matters and with extreme prejudice ! The stringent regulations of inmates and the attitudes of japanese guards,etc is also extremely harsh from what my sources inside those prisons tell me. The whole justice or should I say injustice system against geijin (foreigners) does japan irrepairable harm because japanese are foreigners everywhere outside of japan and the compassionate assistance japan received during that recent horrible quake and tsunami, plus the US protection,etc comes from FOREIGNERS ! japanese in large numbers study and work in many foreign countries.....they are treated well there and the japanese government and bureacracy should ensure reciprocation to ALL foreigners living in japan !

Paul Martin, Foreign Correspondent, Broadcaster, Writer-Director.

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