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Paul Martinforeign correspondent comments

Posted in: Wales' best still to come, says Edwards See in context

AS Cardiff is my home town of birth I hope they beat everyone and especially those darn all blacks !

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Posted in: N Korea rebuilds part of missile site it promised Trump to dismantle See in context

The world is but a stage and everyone upon it an actor.....Shakespeare.

Leopards don't change their spots nor does Kim Jong Un whose temperemental mood changes

prohibit any serious belief in his ever changing behavior !

We should NOT be surprised if NK restarts it's aggressive provocations and actions again in the near future !

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Posted in: More Japanese companies could leave UK over Brexit: ambassador See in context

No Problem then China and others will quickly fill the gap and Brits. will most certainly boycott anything Japanese !

welsh expat foreign correspondent Asia Pacific.

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Posted in: Nuclear weapons on menu at Trump-Kim dinner See in context

There is talk in DC at high levels behind the scenes about withdrawing US military from Asia !  It's not about IF but WHEN ! America understandably is TIRED of being USED when Japan and Korea are quite capable of defending themselves !

Why should Americans risk their lives and US taxpayers bear the burdens of any foreign countries especially when those countries in reality intensely dislike the US and only want to exploit it to their advantage !

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Posted in: If you could get an interview with former Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn at the Tokyo Detention Center and were allowed to ask him just two questions, what would you ask him? See in context

Did you do what you are accused of ?

Reveal the other hypocrites and corruption in Nissan and other Japanese companies who haven't got caught yet ?

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Posted in: Japan manufacturing shrinks for first time since 2016 amid trade war See in context

Japan's economy will soon C R A S H ! No question in this writer's mind about that. And you don't need to be an economist to realize that ! Trump will continue to put America first and that particularly means US

auto manufacturers and jobs, THAT alone will affect the Japanese and European auto export markets !

No more gravy train rides for those countries who have long dumped their inferior autos onto US soil.

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Posted in: Ghosn again asks for bail; promises not to flee, pay for security guards See in context

He saved Nissan from certain ruin and now the company and Japanese gov't repay him by trying to destroy his reputation and life ! Not surprising Japan has a loooong anti gaijin history of doing such things to foreigners ! Nothing happened to Tepco directors after the worst nuclear disaster in modern times do to absolute negligence BECAUSE no one touches the Japanese ONLY gaijins that is crystal clear now !

Finally the Japanese press/media is focusing on the injustice facing ALL foreigners in Japan AFTER CNN and the foreign media started exposing it ! Don't stop there remember every Japanese prime minister that apologized for corruption when did they ever get prosecuted ? Let's face it folks Japan is a very racist, unfair country and society when it comes to EQUAL justice !

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Posted in: Australian PM slams 'ugly racial protests' in Melbourne See in context

I immigrated to Australia in 54, it was always a racist country, they urged uk and europeans to move their for just ten pounds a family because they were afraid of being overrun by the Chinese and wanted to keep the country caucasian. However as the father of Australians I understand the outrage against africans muslims and indians who have committed terrible violent crimes against innocent aussies in recent times and in this writer's opinion as a long time resident those type of immigrants should NEVER have been allowed into the country !

Australia would be better off as a republic with a right wing government would have ZERO tolerance for immigrants who commit violent crimes and fast track deport em !

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Posted in: Ghosn's detention extended by 10 days until Jan 1 See in context

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Paul Martin • 14 minutes ago

What justice system ? The MOJ (ministry of justice) HATES gaijin (foreigners) that's WHY there is a 99% plus conviction rate in Japan. The police, prosecutors,judges are extremely prejudiced and they RARELY if ever pursue Japanese especially wealthy connected ones like Abe who was recently accused of corruption. Every Japanese prime minister in memory has publicly apologized for corruption !

Having lived many years in Japan and having Japanese in my family including grandchildren I have NEVER seen fairness or real justice there yet.Police often stop foreigners to check their ID which is absolute racist profiling !

The outrageously expensive lawyers, IF you can afford them, ONLY care about grabbing all the yen they can but provide meek and useless defense ! Justice in Japan means protecting the prosecutors and judges reputation period ! This will NEVER change until foreigners there organize and protest en masse and the foreign press finally gets off it's useless butts and exposes the REAL Japan to the world ! A nationalistic police state controlled by despot minded hypocrites and morons !

Hakamada Iwao is a perfect example of how a nation of WAR CRIMINALS still in power treats even innocent people !

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Posted in: Russia holds naval drills in Sea of Japan See in context

It's a fear tactic to remind everyone that the US is NOT the ONLY superpower !

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Posted in: 2 dead, including police officer, after man attacks Toyama police box See in context

Most japanese cops or otherwise would react in self denial initially because it has always been a very safe society compared to other countries. There is a pattern here though and it appears that the few discontent resort to violence because no one cares or reacts to their frustrations or concerns,etc !

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Posted in: Man who slashed 3 people in Yokohama, killing 1, found dead See in context

What's happening is a reflection of a changing Japan...what used to be the world's safest country is now becoming more dangerous daily as discontents unleash there violence upon others !

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Posted in: Abenomics' impact fading at sensitive moment for Japanese economy See in context

Japan is the world's 3rd wealthiest country but the wealth is owned and controlled by only a small handful of people who would NEVER dream of sharing it with anyone....there lies the problem !

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Posted in: 'Wake up Punchy!' - Trump jabs back at De Niro See in context

Depicting mafia types on the big screen in movies like Casino best describes DeNiro's contribution to America...wow what a great role model and portraying a gangster rapist in Goodfellas...Trump was elected overwhelmingly to make America great again which he is achieving.

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Posted in: Abe pledges zero tolerance on sexual harassment See in context

If serious then he better close down Ginza's comfort clubs...lol...because that's where too many gov't officials and business men hide from their families to pursue mostly attractive foreign females for comfort ? gimme a break. The entire male lifestyle in Japan is involved with sexual harassment of women including many of Abe's associates and friends,etc...how's he gonna change that ?

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Posted in: S Korea says it wants U.S. troops to stay regardless of any treaty with N Korea See in context

South Korea has some 750,000 conscripted troops why would it need US babysitters ?

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Posted in: Yamaguchi to quit pop group Tokio over kissing scandal See in context

As a former top radio DJ who promoted the top bands I say no one resigns from a successful group unless they are absolutely guilty in their own minds and ashamed and embarrassed into quitting.

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Posted in: Police appeal for help from public over 2008 murder of 15-year-old girl See in context

Here's a suggestion locate the soccer team players and DNA them then test against DNA if any found on body...if that works I could use the reward. simple police detection procedure.

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Posted in: May Day rally See in context

Until there exists a REAL for the people NOT just the rich and powerful government in Japan NOTHING will ever change for the good and benefit of the populace !

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Posted in: Abe's office knew of possible problems with land deal documents: Suga See in context

Japan should follow South Korea's lead when they prosecuted and jailed their former president...never mind the bows and apologies...ONE law for all... NO ONE should be ABOVE the law be them Emperor or beggar !

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Posted in: Canada pharma tycoon and wife were murdered, private detectives say: report See in context

It doesn't take much smarts to figure out it wasn't suicide...obviously it was to silence them about some extremely potent business deal (s) which were unlawful or and money laundering activities,etc or whatever and IF the Canadian government did it's job properly, which is doubtful, the culprits might actually get caught and brought to justice !

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Posted in: China says U.S. warship 'violated' its sovereignty See in context

The US Navy has every legal right to sail anywhere it wants just as the CHinese or any other navy can sail within the lawfully agreed boundaries of the US. Countries cannot simply change international border agreement from sudden annoyance or ire just because they don't like it !

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Posted in: S Africa's ANC vows change as Zuma exit looms See in context

SA was corrupt, racist and terrible before the ANC gained power.....now it's much worse under the blacks for the blacks than it ever was under the whites !

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Posted in: Trump tells Democrats: No immigration talk until U.S. government reopened See in context

Trump is trying to curb undesirable elements from invading and overwhelming America.....something Japan has practised for generations !

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Posted in: Melted nuclear fuel seen inside Fukushima No. 2 reactor See in context

Are Tepco directors EVER gonna be held accountable or are they impune from scrutiny or responsibility ?

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Posted in: 2 U.S. airliners missing same landing gear part after landing in Japan See in context

Of course it's UNSAFE ! THose parts are not there for fun or display !

UNited Airlines continues to receive obnoxious publicity especially with their disregard for passengers I would NEVER fly with them !

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Posted in: Abe honors 'Japanese Schindler' in Lithuania See in context

Sugihara was a RARE exception among Japanese diplomats and officials most who were

ready to die for the Emperor without hesitation, having been brainwashed for centuries

that Emperors were living gods !

Let's hope that Abe did this for serious motives and NOT economic ones.

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Posted in: Mattis: No need yet to shoot down N Korean missiles See in context

The US has reached it's tolerance level with Kim Jong Un and offered every conceivable compromise in return for real peace talks and NK stopping it's nuclear and other WMD programs. It is clearly as daylight now that Kim is determined to continue his nuke ICBM's and daily threats to the US and the world therefore military eradication of the problem IS justified as a defensive move !

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Posted in: Japan condemns terror attack in Britain See in context

Terrorism spreads it's ugly, brutal wings across the world It is the destroyer of anything and everything free and democratic and it's despot manifestors would kill all humans but their own few fanatical,cold blooded murderers any which way they can ! All they know is to kill and kill again mercilessly !

This is why all civilized people and countries must unify to eradicate them !

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