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One of two things will happen now.....the US will focus on rapid new defense against incoming missiles programs. Or the US will be FORCED to consider military actions like zapping NK's missile launching and other facilities.

Mattis is wise to refrain from recommending military action at this time because the results would be devastating all around ! But we must realize that the further NK advances the more the world,especially close neighbors will be held hostage to their demands !

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Kim Jong UN is OBSESSED with missiles and he ain't gonna stop !

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Posted in: Cartoon capers: Abe uses offbeat PR blitz to rescue ratings See in context

Japan doesn't need to change Or to their system rearrange Great food, music, all is fine Provoking neighbors brings decline

Politicians are elected to lead Not protect corruption and greed Or make enemies next door And risk another war

Japan has been doing okay No need to create disarray Don't make the country falter And don't the Japanese way alter

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I have lived in Japan most of the time since 2008. My Sons are married to Japanese and my grandchildren are part Japanese. Japan is a great, prosperous country and a beautiful place too. Most folk are friendly and helpful even in these trying times. It is the handful of right wing politicians who drive around in their shiny black cars and flaunt their wealth and power,etc and who are directly descended from the war criminals who are the problem as I see it ! They are still trying Nazi war criminals but the vast majority of Japanese who committed horrendous, unspeakable atrocities upon their neighbors and tens of millions of people are still at large, confident, old as they may be, that they escaped justice scot free ! True Japan cannot forever apologize and kowtow to China and Korea but time past alone does NOT heal the war wounds and in many ways there exists a defiant arrogance among those in power towards the rest of the World ! Only those who are NOT Japanese but whose families and countries can !suffered during WW2 can !

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I live in Tokyo, MY Sons are married to Japanese and my Grandchildren are part Japanese. It is a great country and MOST folk are decent, honest, hard working and friendly people. But for some strange reason the diet and government seems to be under the perpetual control of those who would turn Japan backwards to the old days and the old ways ! It is internationally accepted that the BEST brains went into business.....Japan already has long standing disputes and resentment from it's neighbors and FEW friends except America who protects this country but whose leaders in DC are upset and frustrated with Abe's and other extremists endless provocative rhetorics which appear to be against the wishes of MOST Japanese!

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Further demonstrates that those of us who live in Japan have NO right or access to the VERITAS TRUTH ! What the government and rightwng politicins are saying in effect is the old adage.............


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Paul Martin says

11/23/2013 at 10:44 am

I live in Japan, My Sons are married to Japanese and my grandchildren are part Japanese. I am a foreign correspondent, former top British dj in America and Australia. I have lived all over the World. At 73 I have had enough experience as a World traveler and single father to know about the differences in countries. There is racism in every country, in the US for example there has always been separation by race, nationality,education and affluence. Where Singapore, HK, Korea and Taiwan. Japan has always been a completely different place to all the others though. There is a huge separation between the older Shinto leaning Japanese who still cling to the traditional Japanese ways and younger Japanese, many who have traveled, lived in and schooled in Western countries and many more who are married to gaijins, foreigners and who are a lot more open minded than their parents and grandparents,etc. I do NOT think that MOST Japanese are racist or anti-anyone, I believe a lot of it relates to NOT wanting foreigners to IMPOSE their ways or try to CHANGE the Japanese way of life which is rapidly becoming more Westernized as it is ! It is true that the wealthy, older property owners do NOT want to rent to foreigners and that the right wing politicians are determined to keep Japan Japanese and NOT multi cultural ! But it is a VERY safe and HONEST country and MOST Japanese have always been friendly, helpful and polite towards me and my family, so overall it is still a good place to live for everyone !

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**Japan is a great country, hard working, diligent and motivated society ! The country has repeatedly voiced regret and apologies over it's WW@ atrocities so China, Korea and others should stop hounding Tokyo because today's generation had NOTHING to do with it !I live in Tokyo, my Sons are married to Japanese, my grandchildren are half Japanese so I do understand something about the place. History aside China and it's lacky North KOrea are MUCH bigger threats in many ways to the region than Japan is today !

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Posted in: White House talks fail to end government shutdown See in context

**If the present Congress errs in too much talking, how can it be otherwise in a body to which the people send one hundred and fifty lawyers, whose trade it is to question everything, yield nothing, and talk by the hour?

Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson had it right even back then.....I believe this whole government shutdown, which is an embarrassment to the American people and the World...If it turns out to be petty vindictiveness on the part of the GOP for losing the is inexcusable and incomprehensible dirty political tactics! what else could it be at a critical opportunity like this ?

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Iran should be very careful what it wishes for.....the regime may well be expediting it's doom !

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