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The USA has gone big SUV and truck happy.

Amen, to that. God forbid they should just build a regular station wagon. I drive a Ford Fusion sedan, because they only offer a wagon in Europe (as the Mondeo). Here in the U.S., I have to buy an SUV to get that same functionality.

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Looks like I'll need to take a jar of Vick's with me when I go to Japan. I don't do well with, uh, "personal" smells, especially that particular funk of cheap cigarettes, mixed with B.O. and old perfume that wafts along with so many old ladies. A smear of Vick's under my nose works to dilute most odors, plus it makes people think I've got a cold, so they give me some space...

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Gasoline fires make HUGE amounts of toxic smoke. Years ago, I took a class as part of my job in proper use of a fire extinguisher, taught by the local fire department. For the fire, they used a 4' by 6' pan with about 20 gallons of gasoline in it. Once that pan was set on fire, it made such an enormous plume of smoke that we had a police helicopter fly over to check it out, because it had gone several hundred feet into the air. Knowing this makes the explanation about the KyoAni fire completely plausible.

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My heart goes out to the families and loved ones of all the victims of this horrible act. I cannot fathom the level of depravity it would require to commit such a vicious crime.

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This is very true. The animators of today would likely have been the directors and producers of the next decade, so the effects of this tragedy will have a ripple effect on the industry for a very long time. I only hope that KyoAni can rebuild and continue doing the quality work they've become known for.

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I will never understand what drives someone to act in such a depraved manner. Yes, I know mental illness must play a part, but ultimately, it takes some serious personal demons to want to lash out so violently.

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When did the G20 become "Take Your Daughter To Work Day"?

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Nah, I'll keep making mine the regular way. Microwaved beef is like shoe leather...

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