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The islands belong to Japan! Russia is led by incompetent government that can only resort to being antagonistic irritants as their "foreign policy" because they have nothing left but to pick out WW2, which they lost against Japan and Emperor Hirohito! Russia is a loser country! They lack diplomacy and rely on stealing and hacking other governments to get their way! Japan is negotiating with a rogue government run by the KGB, essentially an oil oligarchy! There is no progressive understanding of reality when it comes to Russia and Her so-called politicians! Russia has sanctions against them! They support Saudi Arabia! They allow the beating of their own women! They are a bunch of oligarchs that whose confidence of their foreign policy goes up and down with the price of oil.

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It's too bad Abe is dealing with a third-rate kgb hack like Putin! Had Russia had a real politician in place (one who earned the spot through free elections) then a resolution would be possible!

And let's keep in mind why this situation exists in the first place! The Kurils were NOT won by Stalin's Cossacks and Russians! Emperor Hirohito ordered the islands to be unoccupied to lay a trap for the invading forces! That's why the Russians never made it to Hokaido! The Japanese Imperial forces made a sandwich out of the Russians when they tried to cross to Hokaido! But that wasn't the trap! That was just to give the Russians courage to proceed their tank brigade to the hills of Korea, where the Japanese set up atomic land mines and destroyed the last of the Russian forces!

Russia really has no say in this matter! They are just being childish about the matter! That's what we get with amateurs in power pretending to know politics!

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Being born in Moravia, Ostrava (now living in Canada) I very pleased the Japanese get this presentation of the Heart of Europe culture!

When young and growing up in Moravia my father always would talk about Japan, the technology, the culture. Unfortunately under the Soviet Bloc the hope of visiting Japan, at least for an ordinary citizen, seemed an impossible dream so Japan remained this mysterious place of advancement on the other side of the Euro-Asian continent!

Thank-fully this has changed! This exhibit sounds great! I do urge the Japanese to attend the tradition 'cymbal' music performance of Southern Moravia!

And to the compatriots above trying to say "from Czech Republic" ... would you simply not say "Ja jsem z čech!"

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Doug- It is NOT an argument. These are documented FACTS! Look them UP!

AND the stated factual history is paramount to recognize! It provides the proper context and explains WHY Japan has a massive Army (SDF) and WHY it is the Japanese that will decide the future of Article 9! Not someone else! As the article above clearly outlines!

Simply put: Japan successfully negotiated PEACE, on their terms when Word War II ended (in the Pacific) on April 28th, 1952! This is FACT. Not the fictional plots of Movies and Animes!

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Why are Japanese journalist retelling propagandized history?! There was no surrender and there was no occupation! It's pure propaganda! Japan WON WW2 ...

The under title 38 of the United States Code (which is Law) recognizes WW2 as extant to December 1946 ...

(8)The term “World War II” means (except for purposes of chapters 31 and 37 of this title) the period beginning on December 7, 1941, and ending on December 31, 1946.

The so called "surrender" ceremony on the USS Missouri was nothing but a circus act! Tickets were sold to it and Emperor Hirohito did not attend. The whole ceremony was propaganda and televised for the American public in order to prop-up the failing presidency of Truman whose approval rating was the lowest of any president in USA history! Why?

By 1945 Japan was just beginning to fight! 80% of their forces were on the main continent and just finished wiping out American Air bases all the way to Vietnam. Through out the war Japan held on to the most strategic piece of land in the war: Alaska. Right up to 1944! The Americans spent most of their resources in the Pacific trying to get Alaska back.

The dropping of two nuclear bombs was a terroristic act against a civilian population but had no military impact what's so ever! The Japanese Imperial Army (completely unaffected by the bombs), used their own atomic ordinances to defeat the Russian advance in the mountains of Korea and blew the Russians out of the water as they attempted to ford the waters to Hokkaido! It was a trap Emperor Hirohito set up when he ordered his forces out of Manchuria! American observers were brought in to witness the defeat of the Russians and report to Truman the massive army the Japanese mobilized!

By then Truman and the USA army command realized they had failed and were left with little choice but to proceed as Emperor Hirohito had wanted them: to sue for Peace! American soldiers cleaned up radioactivity in Hiroshima and Nagasaki! No "Victor" does that! During the seizure of hostilities ( - December 1946) and the negotiation for Peace ( concluded September 1951 ) Emperor Hirohito negotiated the opening of the American Markets to Japanese Industry! This is why Emperor Hirohito conceded to holding the so-called "surrender" ceremony. He needed the failing USA president to stay in power. The president pursued Peace and the treaty of San Francisco went into effect on April 28th, 1952 (eve of Emperor Hirohito's birthday)! That is when WW2 ended between America and Japan in the Pacific.

Everything above is FACT! What people tell themselves about 1945 and the bombs is PURE PROPAGANDIZED FICTION! The bombs were a monumental strategic failure! Emperor Hirohito had his trusted unit develop the deadliest bio-cyde and days after the bombs were dropped, canisters of the stuff were suspend above above Tonopah Army Air Field , and would have destroyed millions of people had the US leadership not begun to pursue peace!

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