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Posted in: Japan, China hold first security talks in 4 years See in context

No matter what Japan does, China has only one intention, to steal even the tiny islands that have never belonged to them. Do not trust them any farther than you can throw them!

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Posted in: N Korea fires seven missiles into sea See in context

It would be great to read a story of how the guiding systems in their rockets were hacked and made them return to sender hahaha.

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Posted in: Netanyahu assails Iran nuclear talks in speech to Congress; Obama disagrees See in context

Most of those who have posted comments against the prime ministers speech to congress have failed to acknowledge one very important and simple fact. Iran has repeatedly "LIED" about their aspirations for a nuclear Iran. They have repeatedly called for the destruction of Israel. As the leader of a country under constant threat and constant terrorist attacks from terrorists and major sponsors of terrorism, how would you deal with Iran? Why nott allow the prime minister to make his case after all he grew up and was educated her in the USA.

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Posted in: Prominent Russian opposition figure Boris Nemtsov shot dead See in context

Putin, Stalin whats the difference!

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Posted in: China launches website on disputed islands See in context

The Chinese government only knows three things: LIE, CHEAT, and STEAL.

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Posted in: S Korea balks as U.S. picks Japan, Australia to service F-35s in Asia See in context

South Korea has itself to blame for this decision! Can a country that continues to harbor unfounded hatred since WW2 for one of our closest allies be trusted?

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Posted in: Made-in-Japan Godzilla to return after Hollywood hit See in context

I cant wait to see it!!!

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Posted in: Policewoman grabs groper on train See in context

It would be fiting to classify perverts like that as sex offenders.

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Posted in: 3 Chinese men arrested for buying too many diapers See in context

Diapers, the new weapon of mass destruction. This world of ours has gone to the toilet!!!

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Posted in: N Korea's Kim reappears after extended absence See in context

that does not look like the fat head himself!!

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Posted in: Five seats are up for grabs in 15-member U.N. Security Council See in context

Its to bad the security council cant come up with a way to remove the the true pariahs Russia and china from their permenant seats. They cause more misery and suffering in the world than anyone else in history has!!

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Posted in: Large amount of trash and waste left on Mt Fuji See in context

Make the climbers clean it up. Shame on them.

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Posted in: Auto parts supplier NSK fined by China in anti-monopoly case See in context

Sell the stupid Chinese government cars and don't sell them parts!!!

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Posted in: Stalker jailed for 22 years for killing ex-girlfriend See in context

life in prison would have been real justice.

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Posted in: Aum cultist sentenced to five years in prison See in context

Life in prison would have been justice. She knew exactly how deadly sarin gas is or she would not have eagerly helped to make it.

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Posted in: Man drives car into police HQ in city in Nagasaki See in context

He should have been shot! He was clearly trying to kill police officers!

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Posted in: Japan says sex slave issue not a diplomatic topic after Obama comments See in context

Our president is a true diplomatic fool!!! Real stupidity is the only thing that I can think of that would lead him bring up this issue. Why blame the present day government of Japan for something that took place during WWII?

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Posted in: Osaka bar manager fatally stabbed See in context

Cowards kill women!!

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Posted in: China frees ship after Mitsui O.S.K. pays $28 mil See in context

That is just outrageous piracy. China is turning into another Somalia!

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Posted in: DPJ leader tells Washington audience Abe destabilizing Asian region See in context

I cant belie ve this guy. Would you rather have the useless and inept OBummer like we here in the US have. I would trade for a tough conservative like Abe any day. Someone has to stand up to bullies like china!

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Posted in: Japan berates China's Xi over Nanjing remarks in Berlin See in context

Enough already. How many times does Japan have to apologize only to be demeaned by a hypocritical Chinese commie leadership. They should look back at what their own "DEAR LEADSER" Moe se "DUNG" as in crap and ask how many millions of his own people did he starve to death! Stinking hypocrites that they are!

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Posted in: Chinese sue Japanese companies, gov't over wartime forced labor See in context

China can keep on dreaming. Japan should bring back its manufacturing to its homeland and other friendlier Asian countries!

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Posted in: N Korea rescinds U.S. envoy's invitation to seek Bae release; Jesse Jackson offers to go See in context

The weather is easier to predict than N Koreas mood swings !

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Posted in: Murder suspect shot by police after crashing stolen taxi See in context

I really like the way policemen in Japan deal with thugs. I hope the good officer makes a speedy recovery. Its too bad the suspect lived.

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Posted in: The pope's divisions See in context

I am bewildered and dumbfounded how anyone can make the assertion that the holy father Pope Francis is a socialist. Obviously the author does not understand Catholic doctrine. From the very beginning of the Catholic Church our founder Jesus Christ made it clear that he was closest to the poor and sick. The very famous saying of our Lord Jesus "it will be easier for a camel to pas through the needles eye than it will be for a rich man to enter into heaven" resounds today as it has with all previous Pontiffs. Therefore those who criticize the Pope for admonishing the rich or greed is sorely missing his message.

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Posted in: China says Abe not welcome after Yasukuni shrine visit See in context

Abe knew exactly what he was doing and i don't believe he meant to insult South Korea. As for China who cares, a country with one of the worst human rights violations in the history of mankind. I wonder how many millions Mao Se "dung" starved. Hypocrites, I suppose all the oceans belong to them. And our president "O Bummer" a rotten phony himself has the gall to criticize one of our best allies. Maybe he should explain why he has our ,IRS, The Census Bureau manipulate and lie to the American people then he might have a shred of credibility to criticize someone else.

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Posted in: Hollywood struggles against new film meccas See in context

While some correctly point out that lower taxes are an incentive, lets not forget what Hollywood has done to directors such as James Cameron. When Hollywood handed out their awards the year Avatar was made they completely ignored him. I did not know too many people who saw Avatar and did not like it. It was a big hit for Cameron! Great acting, special effects, story line you name it, what was there not to like. Yet Hollywood did not give him not one Oscar. Hollywood is getting what it richly deserves.

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Posted in: Apple asks U.S. court to ban Samsung phones, tablets See in context

As an American I hope Apple does not prevail. The only thing American about them is their name. As a matter of fact they are one of the most un-American companies around. Besides Samsung products seem to be better.

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