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Posted in: Tokyo begins quiet weekend, but some go about as usual See in context

Warning that Tokyo is on the brink of an explosion in virus infections, Tokyo Gov Yuriko Koike requested Wednesday that the city's nearly 14 million residents stay home this weekend and work at home as much as possible on weekdays

Despite this my crazy employer wants all teachers to go into work on Monday even though it's the middle of the school holiday.

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Posted in: Telework, stockpiling spread in Tokyo after Koike's press conference See in context

The politicians cause the panic buying with their incompetent lack of planning. They should have announced that all essential shops like food stores, drug stores and alcohol stores will remain open and people will be limited to buying only one or two packet of any item for the foreseeable future to prevent panic buying. Also that there will be set times each day when only the elderly and essential workers can shop to ensure everybody is able to purchase what they need and stop the hoarders making the situation worse.

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Posted in: Guide to reduce virus risks issued for schools before reopening See in context

The classroom I mostly work in is about 4 metres by 8 metres. A lot of that space is consumed by storage cupboards etc. In the tiny bit of space that remains 20 students and I are crammed together. There is only one 20 minute outside playtime a day. For the rest of the time we are all in close proximity. I've been constantly suffering a series of headaches, sore throats and diaorrea, coughing and sneezing for months. That's what happens to elementary teachers working in such conditions. If the government are serious about suspending the spread of this new virus they would not be allowing staff or students to continue to work together under such conditions. If they were really determined to slow the spread and defeat this virus reopening the schools is a foolish and self defeating decision.

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Posted in: Britain's Prince Charles tests positive for new coronavirus See in context

Don't worry corona won't kill a Windsor parasite. All the best doctors in England will be working day and night to protect the parasites. Meanwhile, God help their working class subjects on trolleys in the corridor(if they're lucky).

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Posted in: Koike urges Tokyo residents to stay at home at weekend See in context

So koike wants Tokyo people to self isolate until April 12th whilst PM Abe wants the schools back in on April 6th? Talk about mixed messages !

As a Tokyo primary school teacher I have zero chance of not catching this virus as at work I spend at least four hours a day in tiny classrooms with up to 40 children all of whom are constantly sneezing and coughing on me. So forgive me if I don't waste my school holiday self isolating if you're going to force me into exposure to the virus again on April 6th. I could be killed in the new school term!

This spring break might be the last holiday I ever get thanks to the utter sxxt show of bad management and reactionary governance.

I'm sorry guys. I'm enjoying my holiday. I'm going outside. I will enjoy the blossom. I'll wear a mask. I'll be careful but I am not spending my possibly last ever holiday stuck indoors.

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Posted in: Parents worried about impact of school shutdown See in context

Schools are not babysitters. If you can't live with your children at home for a few weeks why did you have them ?

And at my school the children get to play outside for only 20 minutes a day so they are missing no exercise at all. Let them go to the nearby play grounds and enjoy being children for once. Virus is much less likely to be spread outdoors compared to at home or in a classroom environment.

Alternatively let's coup all the children up together in tiny classrooms again, share the virus together and then the kids can bring it home to their parents and grandparents and kill a lot of their teachers too. Then a few weeks may turn into many months off school. I guess then these parents can really complain.

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Posted in: Cluster suspected at Oita medical center after 2 more virus cases confirmed See in context

You guys must be living in a different Japan than me. I travelled from Shinjuku to Gotemba this weekend and on a 50 seater coach there were only two other passengers in both directions. I've also never seen the Shinjuku area so empty or so few people traveling on the Fukutoshin line. Almost everybody I did see was also wearing a mask.

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Posted in: Japanese household assets hit record ¥1,903 tril See in context

In the UK households' dream of being in credit. Unfortunately, it's required to be in debt. Please Japan don't let the money men enslave you.

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Posted in: Lower house passes virus bill allowing Abe to declare emergency See in context

Meanwhile all the playgrounds I pass on my way home from work are full of children and ringing with the sound of joyous adult free play. The students will learn valuable life skills having this extended school holiday and are far less likely to spread or catch a virus outdoors than they are coupled up in cramped classrooms. Enjoy it while it lasts kids.

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Posted in: Asian stocks plunge; Nikkei falls below 20,000, yen surges See in context

The yen has strengthened against the pound.

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Posted in: Out of school, Japanese children are isolated by coronavirus policy See in context

There is a reason why virus spreads more successfully in wintertime. It's because most people are all in close proximity indoors together. So one child, or teacher, infected with a virus has a statistically very high chance of infecting every other human in a classroom/school environment. And that's why Abe has closed the schools.

Meanwhile, if a virus infected child or teacher interacts with other people in the outdoors the chance of spreading virus is greatly reduced as they are outside.

Therefore, the safest thing for working parents to do with their children is either order them to stay isolated at home or spend the day in the local park.

Being in any form of classroom or daycare enclosed environment is almost guaranteed to spread virus.

And whilst children may not be dying from this Corona virus...they will be delivering it to their elder grandparents. That's if they are exposed. So Abe was right. And parents need to think about the virus exposure they have forced upon their children.

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Posted in: Abe's abrupt call to close schools triggers confusion See in context

Well done Abe. In the school I work at there are classes with more than fifty percent of the students already off school with flu. Yet the school wont close because they are terrified of the parents. It's about time government made the idiots in charge of education close down the schools. They are super breeding grounds and transmission sites for viruses. It's a dereliction of duty to force people together into poorly ventilated cramped classrooms during a potential deadly pandemic.

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Posted in: Travel giant Expedia to cut 3,000 jobs: report See in context

No surprises here. I once tried booking a hotel with as I was promised 10 percent off the price if I entered a code. Of course the code didn't work and I had to jump through a lot of hurdles to get my money back. I simply took my business to instead.

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Posted in: Tokyo residents oppose new flight plans for Haneda See in context

One of the biggest drivers of climate change is the massive amounts of CO2 produced by aircraft. They also produce huge amounts of poisonous fumes which will further pollute Tokyo air. There is absolutely no need for more aircraft. Every time I visit Narita the place is half empty. I hope the residents get their way and these unnecessary flights are abandoned.

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Posted in: Japan to tighten screws on tech giants to ensure transparency See in context

This law is a good idea. All giant companies are monopolistic in nature and that is always bad for the consumer. Giant traditional companies are often forced to sell off whole sectors to improve competition and to open themselves up to regulators to ensure that there are no anti-competitve practices taking place. Why should big tech monopolies be treated any differently than traditional companies?

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Posted in: Latest Tokyo Olympic ticket lottery: 1 mil offered; 23 mil sought See in context

My partner and I tried three times for tickets now. Got nothing. I'm secretly pleased. The Olympics is suppossed to be about the best athletes in the World competing peacefully. Instead, it has been hijacked by the nationalists and these days is all about flag waving and representing your country. It's a shame that ugly nationalism has to spoil what could be a great Worldwide event.

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Posted in: Car hits, injures 3 children on crossing; driver arrested See in context

Whilst I often see Japanese pedestrians waiting at the crossing, even when there is no traffic, for the green man. The same is not true for drivers. I live by a major highway with a long crossing. It is controlled by green and red man and a red stop light to indicate that cars should not go when the green man is lit. However, every driver treats this crossing as a give way. If there isn't a pedestrian actually on the crossing they simply drive through the red light and ignore it. I have seen countless near misses as pedestrians and cyclists move onto the crossing because the green man is lit. And a moped nearly ran me down last week. It's disgusting and I have yet to see a single police person stop and report any of the drivers committing these road traffic offences. It shames Japan and should be stopped immediately.

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