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Posted in: 3 people found dead inside car parked on forest road in Kanagawa See in context

Carbon monoxide poisoning occurs when carbon monoxide builds up in your bloodstream. When too much carbon monoxide is in the air, your body replaces the oxygen in your red blood cells with carbon monoxide. This can lead to serious tissue damage, or even death.

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas produced by burning gasoline, wood, propane, charcoal or other fuel. Improperly ventilated appliances and engines, particularly in a tightly sealed or enclosed space like the inside of a car, may allow carbon monoxide to accumulate to dangerous levels.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can be particularly dangerous for people who are sleeping or intoxicated. People may have irreversible brain damage or even die before anyone realizes there's a problem.

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Posted in: Emperor, family give first public New Year's greeting since 2020 See in context

Royal equals parasite.

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Posted in: Twitter outages hit thousands of users worldwide See in context

The chief twat, sorry Twit, has destroyed this company. Good riddance. A nest of slanderers and gossips hiding behind the pretence of free speech.

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Posted in: Mother, holding 2 children, jumps off platform into path of train; all 3 dead See in context

This is shocking. We need more details. What are their names? Why did she do it? Why aren't these horror stories ever followed up?

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Posted in: Musk tells investors he'll pause on Tesla stock sales See in context

Would you buy a car from Musk? I wouldn't.

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Posted in: Is Christmas the most wonderful time of year for you? See in context

I'm a sun worshipper so this cold, windy and dark time of the year is pretty horrible. That said, I enjoy sending cards, and giving presents, and it's good to have a couple of weeks off work. Christmas karaoke is always a laugh too. And the cheery Christmas lights and displays. But give me a sunny beach anytime instead.

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Posted in: Tokyo unwitting host to Chinese 'police station,' report says See in context

MarkToday  09:32 am JST

Not only China does this, other nations do it too

Care to share? And tell us, do you think it makes it okay if other nations do it too?

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Posted in: Japan starts alert system for quakes off northern Pacific coast See in context

Many experts had a very simple answer back then and it it's still the only answer now, Do NOT LIVE By The Ocean, let nature take it's course and NO ONE will get hurt.

I recently purchased a fantastic ocean view apartment near Atami. It's on a mountainside over 120 metres above sea level. Hence zero tsunami risk. But only 200 metres from the beach i. e ten minutes walk to the beach. So, it's perfectly okay to live by the ocean...just don't live at sea level.

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Posted in: Microsoft seeks to bring internet to millions in Africa by satellite See in context

Microsoft should do this for the U.K too. Why? Well, currently customers can only purchase internet via virgin fibre optic cable or B.T, and other operators, still using the old copper B.T lines. There's money to be made in the U.K. Just provide a decent service.

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Posted in: Prosecutors decide not to indict woman who set fire to hotel room in Tokyo See in context

By all means, if she wanted to die. But why by fire? The most horrible way to die? And why endanger the lives of all guests and staff in the four story hotel? And the fire could have spread to neighbouring buildings killing and injuring many more people including children and old people by the most horrible way to die : by fire? And finally, why wasn't she chatged? She is a grown adult of 31 wasn't she? She is not a teenager.

Maybe she just fell asleep after lighting a cigarette? Terrible mistakes happen. That's not arson.

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Posted in: Harry accuses Prince William of screaming at him, his aides of leaking stories See in context

Parasites. We need a U.K Republic.

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Posted in: Harry accuses Prince William of screaming at him, his aides of leaking stories See in context

If only these parasitic Windsors could be voted out!

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Posted in: Japan births at new low as population shrinks and ages See in context

There are already far too many people in the world. And who'd bring a child into this awful world anyway?

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Posted in: Musk gives ultimatum to Twitter staff: Work intense, long hours or lose your job See in context

So hilarious seeing what is happening to twitter. They weren't interested in removing the outright lies and defamtion posted about me on their site. That's despite my having proof of that. Twitter is a cauldron of gossip, slander and misinformation that profits from other people's misery. The sooner it goes bankrupt the better the world will be. Good ridance.

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Posted in: Kishida says Japan urgently needs to strengthen its military See in context

What happened to the new capitalism? Payrises for all? Tax cuts for the many? This guy is all hot air.

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Posted in: Man indicted for assisting junior high school girl to commit suicide See in context

All these suicide sites need to be closed down immediately. And this evil monster jailed for the rest of his life or hung by his neck until he's dead.

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Posted in: Over 80% of Japanese adults find tobacco smoke unpleasant: survey See in context

As an ex smoker that finally managed to quit the evil weed about 12 years ago, I can't stand the smell of tobacco smoke anymore. It makes me feel physically sick. Consequently, I don't spend any of my time or money anywhere that cigarette smoking is allowed. Japan should follow Europe and ban all indoor smoking in public spaces.

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Posted in: N Korean ICBM may have failed in flight, officials say; residents in Japan told to shelter See in context

Fire one back or stop complaining.

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Posted in: Tokyo trains ask people to refrain from wearing Halloween costumes that may scare other passengers See in context

Modern Halloween is the worst thing to come out of the USA. I'll tolerate it. It's okay if people want to party. But please do it in the privacy of your own home, or hire a venue. Definitely don't expect any respect if you're traveling on public transport in full costume.

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Posted in: Father arrested for leaving 4-year-old daughter in car parking lot to discipline her See in context

'Employee of his father's company'

Tells you all you need to know about this arrogant, spoilt, over privileged man child. Not fit to be a father, and deserves a prison sentence for neglect and child cruelty. As well as a huge fine.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, S Korea warn of unparalleled response if N Korea holds nuclear test See in context

One black ops predator drone, and a direct hit on rocket man, would end NK and free it's people.

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Posted in: Kishida orders culture minister to investigate Unification Church See in context

Why do any churches get tax breaks? That's what gave us scientology.

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Posted in: Unification Church tries to derail ex-believer's press conference See in context

It's time this evil cult was named and shamed. Confiscate all it's assets, and forbid all politicians from being in any way supportive of religions and cults unless they openly declare membership before standing for election.

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Posted in: Woman attacked by man as she walks home See in context

machidamichael. Put some links up if this happens on a daily basis. Which we all know it doesn't. And it's not a genius idea to start making citizen arrests in Japan. Just let the Japanese police do there job. Or, it will be you that gets arrested for obstruction of police.

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Posted in: Gov't unveils inflation-relief package See in context

So, raise interest rates to 2% to support the yen. Then, track U.S.A interest rates. Oh, and start generating your own electricity via wind, solar, H.E.P. pump storage, tidal, and even nuclear.

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Posted in: Abe's state funeral to cost ¥250 million See in context

Shouldn't the unification church pay, and all the politicians that are in their pocket? Why should ordinary tax payers foot the bill?

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Posted in: Japan signals return to nuclear power to stabilize energy supply See in context

Given the abject failure of Japan's politicians to encourage investment in solar, wind, H.E.P, tidal, pump storage, battery, and geo thermal then nuclear is the next best option. But this time don't build your operating reactors on a tidal flood plain prone to tsunami, and don't put your back up generators in the flood prone basement.like you did last time.You muppets.

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Posted in: Whistleblower accuses Twitter of hiding major flaws See in context

I contacted Twitter with proof from the Japanese prosecutor that what was written on their website was lies and defamation. They responded that apparently that isn't against their policies! So, they clearly have a problem with the truth, and are nothing but a cauldron of lies and gossip. The sooner they exit the market, the better we'll all be.

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Posted in: Over ¥4 trillion of public works budget unspent in FY2020, 2021 See in context

Any unspent money should be used to reduce the consumption tax, or used to fund pensions, or used to reopen all the many fountains and pools in the parks that seem to have been abandoned.

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Posted in: Do you think it is possible to remove the Unification Church's influence from Japanese political parties? See in context

What's a naturalization record?

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