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Posted in: Here’s why Japanese supermarkets play 'cheap' background music all day, according to Twitter See in context

I love the Don Quioxte theme tune and often sing it at home. Its usually a signal for us to pay a visit. But at the store itself a lot of the music is played so loud its distorted and in the men's underwear and sock section they creepily have the same Michael Jackson track on permanent loop also disturbingly loud. It's hard to believe it helps sales stall.

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Posted in: South Korean court orders Japan to compensate 12 former sex slaves See in context

In this modern world, with all its difficulties, it is stressful to have this issue raise itself. However, upon reflection the Japanese have apologised and paid cash many times. So, despite their wounds, it seems that the Koreans' should reflect upon why their own government hasn't directed previously paid Japanese compensation to the victims that Japan has twice now acknowledged? Did the Korean government steal it? Is it not now the time to stop playing the victim and grow up?

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Posted in: 9-year-old boy pushing baby stroller hit and killed by car at intersection See in context

Who is surprised by this? Japanese drivers believe they have right of way when they turn left even if there is a crossing there controlled by the green man. I see this happen all the time on Yamate Dore Avenue.

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Posted in: Mochi may be even more dangerous in 2021 due to coronavirus See in context

Mochi, the most boring bland food of all. Hard to believe it is even a food. Best avoided in my experience.

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Posted in: World closes borders to Britain as new coronavirus strain breeds panic See in context

Don't worry, Johnson's world beating track and trace system will save the day! Oh, wait a minute.

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Posted in: Do you think the media reporting details of suicides, especially by celebrities, causes an increase in suicides among the general public? See in context

Reporting a suicide is not a problem and probably doesn't cause a rise in copycat suicides. However, it is the way some of the media report celebratory suicides that causes the problems. Too often there is a media circus around a celebratory suicide. It is over reported and milked for the advertising dollar without even furnishing the audience with the number of the Samaritans or a suicide help line.

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Posted in: Gov't urges 'quiet' year-end, but will continue Go To Travel campaign See in context

Suga is right. I've had a three day Christmas holiday go to travel trip booked for months now. I need a break from this depressing virus and work. And I fully intend to take all necessary precautions so as not to catch or spread the virus. So why shouldn't I go on the trip? I'm exposed every day at work and on public transport anyway so what's the difference? Permanently shutting down, and ruining, the economy to slow the virus is like cutting off your nose to spite your face. People just need to socially distance etc.

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Posted in: Man who forced plane to land in Japan by refusing to wear mask continues stance at hotel See in context

What an utterly pathetic attention seeking A hole. I hope the airline at least charged him thousands for delaying the flight. And I hope the hotel have given him a life ban.

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Posted in: Spike in calls from empty houses to fire department in Akita City baffles authorities See in context

This is a simple case of crossed wires. That's why the british police use 999. That would require 27 pulses. The japanese fire brigade number of 119 requires only 11 pulses and the police number requires 12.

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Posted in: Japan's aid agency to launch support body for foreign workers See in context

They should stop japanese employers from getting rid of staff just because they' are approaching working for five years. Staff who work hard and have a good sickness record and no warnings or disciplinarys should not be disposed of like used tissues. Even if they were only given a five year contract. It's wrong if they are good employees. In fact, every employee in Japan should be entitled to an automatic permanent contract after completing a successful probationary year.

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Posted in: Coronavirus pandemic deepens Japan's demographic crisis See in context

There are billions of people already living on this planet who would happily move to Japan and make a life there. Japan should start inviting more of these people to its shores and make it much quicker and easier for law abiding foreigners already working in Japan to obtain permanent residency. That would solve the population crisis. Much better than trying to bribe people to have children that they dont really want.

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Posted in: Ardern wins landslide victory in New Zealand See in context

The latter vote could make New Zealand only the third country in the world to allow the adult use and sale of cannabis nationwide, after Uruguay and Canada.

What about the Netherlands (Holland) and Portugal ?

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Posted in: Wrongful convictions: U.S. police withhold evidence in many cases, study shows See in context

In the U.K all evidence has to be disclosed to the defense team. Is it not the same in the U.S.A? There should be harsh penalties for non disclosure, that would stop bent police and prosecutors as they faced jail time themselves.

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Posted in: Typhoon unleashes rain, strong winds on southwest Japan See in context

Good luck to everyone in Kyushu. I hope you are all okay.

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Posted in: 75 years later, Japanese-American man recalls bitter internment in U.S. See in context

Almost everybody involved in war, and on both sides, are victims of it. Their experiences are as meaningful and important as anybody else and deserve to be told and listened to. The only guaranteed winners in wars are rich capitalist arms manufacturers and they would love to silence all the victims of wars. Articles like this help people remember the victims of war and the horrors people faced. In that respect it's an interesting article and it's good to hear about this man's experiences.

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy arrested over fatal stabbing of woman in shopping mall See in context

How sickening that all the witnesses reported a man with a knife but the japanese system sees the murderer as an underage child whose identity needs protecting. Whatever your age murder is murder and there should be no protection for the culprit. Let's know all the facts. Then we can all debate why underage people behave this way and the causes. Sweeping it under the carpet because the murderer is underage disrespects the victim and prevents society exploring the issues that may have contributed to the creation of such angry young killers.

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Posted in: Abenomics failed to deliver as Japan braces for post-Abe era See in context

Abe San failed as he continued the failed right wing ideological trickle down economic theory of quantitative easing which funnels central bank created money to banks and the bond markets.

The next leader should try trickle up economic theory instead whereby the created money is spent into the economy on needed infrastructure projects(not vanity projects) education and training and programs of social improvement. This creates demand in the real economy, inflation and allows the government to collect more in tax revenue to balance the books.

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Posted in: Japan's 'flying car' gets off the ground, with a rider aboard See in context

Surely a flying car is really just a mini jet plane or a mini helicopter? Therefore, I can't see these things ever becoming as common as the humble automobile. There would be too much risk allowing ordinary people to travel in these things in large numbers. However, in a country like Japan which has frequent disasters such vehicles would allow emergency response teams to travel more easily. Even when roads were flooded and bridges destroyed these vehicles could still get there quickly. Then again wasn't Sean Connery's James Bond successfully using a flying car ie. minihelicopter decades ago?

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Posted in: 2 bogus gas company employees rob 80-year-old man at home See in context

In a former life I was a police officer in London East Finchley. The worst crimes I ever attended were those were a lying cheat tricked their way into an elder person's home and stole from them. It's a terrible evil crime preying upon the most vulnerable and usually leads to premature death as all trust is lost by the elder. I think life should mean life for such scum bag offenders.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 339 more virus cases; 1,152 nationwide See in context

Jjust wait until all the schools go back. Then the numbers will begin to rise.

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Posted in: Japan voices concerns over Chinese activity around disputed islands See in context

That would have to be one hell of a precision drop. Have you seen photos of of those islands? The biggest one is tiny.

Your clearly don't realise that troops can easily parachute from a plane and steer themselves onto the land or even land in the sea equipped with inflatable landing craft and then head for shore. Do you really think modern invasion forces don't have such capabilities?

What are they going to do if they land there successfully? The biggest island's a tiny bit of nothing, with no access for boats to drop off supplies. What are these "invaders" going to do? Insult the seagulls by singing patriotic Chinese songs to them?

If the Chinese manage to land there most likely the first thing they will do is plant their flag. Then they'll begin enlarging the island until it becomes a formidable military base. They could install radar, an aircraft landing strip, a safe harbour for Chinese war ships and surface to air missiles. Who knows what they'll do with it.

Meanwhile, you can keep dreaming that they'll just be singing patriotic songs to the seagulls as a hostile expansionist chinese dictatorship imposes its will yet again on another nations territory.

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Posted in: Japan voices concerns over Chinese activity around disputed islands See in context

Laying a minefield sounds a bit crazy. Mines aren't anchored to the ocean floor, are they? They could drift off and sink an innocent vessel from some other country.

Actually, mines can be free floating but they are usually tethered or anchored to the seabed. In this dispute, mining around the islands with fixed mines would immediately put a stop to any Chinese naval invasion ambitions. However, Japan would also have to consider the likelihood and possibility of an invasion by air. Troops are easily landed by parachute. Therefore, as a purely preventative and defensive measure Japan should probably station a garrison there and use a combination of sea mines, land based missiles and submarine defences to protect its sovereignty.

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Posted in: Japan to pitch Osaka, Fukuoka as int'l financial hubs after pandemic See in context

As somebody who moved from the UK to Japan to get away from the broken western capitalist race to the bottom, I wish Japan would stop trying to attract more foreigners and change Japan. Taxes may be higher here but it's one of the safest countries in the world. Its clean, public transport is excellent and although there is a lot of bureaucracy japanese public servants have all been really helpful especially considering my low level of Japanese. Japan also has plenty of police, no waits for medical care and ample cheap public sports facilities and consumption tax is below half that of the UK.

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Posted in: China's fishing suspension near disputed islands in East China Sea ends See in context

If somebody is sailing into your seas without permission that is completely unacceptable. They could be stealing fish or conducting reconnaissance operations prior to their secretly planned full on invasion. If I were in charge I would require my defense force to issue a warning via radio, semaphore etc to any foreign vessel in my sea area. The first warning would require the invader to immediately turn around and to begin sailing out of my sea area. It would include the requirement to have turned around within five minutes or I would sink them. After those five minutes had passed, if the invading ship hadn't turned around and was sailing out of my area I would have no hesitation in sinking it.

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Posted in: Pentagon to set up new unit to investigate UFOs See in context

Toasted HereticToday  12:18 pm JST

Although, it's also vain to think that in such an endless universe, they'd be interested in seeing this little backwater planet who's inhabitants are doing their best to wipe themselves out in a variety of unpleasant ways.

Or maybe these UFO's are simple probes visiting farm Earth from a hostile farmer planet to see if it's time yet to reap the harvest? We mistreat and eat almost every other species on our planet. So it's possible that actually we ourselves could be food for another alien species far technologically advanced than ourselves and with an appetite for Earth flesh.

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Posted in: Pentagon to set up new unit to investigate UFOs See in context

It's entirely possible that Earth is visited by aliens as travelers in the Sahara visit an oasis. There's plenty of water and more importantly fresh meat to be had before continuing their journey across the galaxy. Whether these things are from Earth, and man made, or from outer space we need to know. I've witnessed super fast objects moving in the night sky, stopping dead then moving off again at speed in the opposite direction. Such things are real and it's right to try to discover what they are and if they are a threat or not.

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Posted in: Plastic bag usage at Japanese stores down by 50%, but plastic bags sales through the roof See in context

My local convenience store charges for plastic shopping bags but meanwhile sells each single banana and even single carrots in its own free see through plastic wrapper. It's this individual plastic wrapping that needs to be tackled. It's completely unnecessary and that plastic can't be used for any other purpose.

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Posted in: Murdoch's Fox unveils global streaming for news channels See in context

Only a fascist fool would take their news from the dirty digger. That's why fox is Trump's favourite news channel.

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Posted in: Virus spurs Japan to develop contactless garbage collection system See in context

This a great idea and needs to happen asap. In my part of Tokyo we have to leave our rubbish bags out on the pavement under a net. They attract rats and birds frequently break into the bags searching for food. A metal container would stop all of that.

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