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Posted in: Do you think it is possible to remove the Unification Church's influence from Japanese political parties? See in context

Given that the Moonies are a recognized cult elsewhere in the world, it should be easy for Japan to legislate to make it illegal for it's elected politicians to be members of cults, or to have to declare their membership of cults when standing for election. Indeed, in a democracy politicians should have to declare their membership of all cults, religions, unions, business organizations, charities, and any other paid employment. Otherwise how does the voter know who their politicians are really working for?

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Posted in: Ukraine targets Russian soldiers accused of threatening nuclear plant See in context

It's time for lying Putin's miserable invaders to return home to their orc stronghold. Go back to Russia.!

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Posted in: Japan to keep imported wheat price unchanged despite inflation See in context

Japan needs to raise it's interest rate to stop the freefall of the yen, otherwise the price of everything imported will continue to skyrocket. One has to wonder why Japan is currently determined to devalue its own currency. Incompetence, or a cunning plan?

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Posted in: Japan's population falls by record 726,342 to 125.93 mil in 2021 See in context

Hopefully less people means less competition for apartments, and so lower rents.

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Posted in: Foreign employees at Lawson claim unfair treatment such as forced sushi and Christmas cake purchases See in context

I understand now why the non Japanese employees at my local Lawson always seem so sad. What a disgrace Lawson is doing this to people probably only earning minimum wage, and probably having a family abroad depending upon them too. Shame on Lawson!

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Posted in: Japanese backing for military build-up likely to rise after China's missiles See in context

Even with a massive increase in spending on conventional weapons, Japan will be unable to defend itself and it's interests against China. China is too big and powerful. So, Japan should acquire some short range defencisive nukes capable of hitting any target in China, that can be launched from submarines and ships. Also, build some air force, and naval bases of its own on the distance islands it wishes to protect. But, none of this will change anything unless the whole world stops trading with China, and educating it's youth.

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Posted in: Work stoppages and no chatting at lunch: Japan Inc grapples with COVID See in context

Health authorities advise that those who test positive should quarantine for 10 days and their close contacts should isolate for at least five.

Meanwhile, in the real world, my school employer has made it clear that if I get sick I must use my own money to get tested, and my own rest days if I don't come to work. So, I'll be going into work whatever.

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Posted in: Pelosi says U.S. will 'not allow' China to isolate Taiwan See in context

WilliBToday  10:52 pm JST

Pelosi says U.S. will 'not allow' China to isolate Taiwan

"Allow"? Oh my. Lets see what her regime does once China imposes a naval blockade on Taiwan. More big words, backed up by hot air?

I guess you've never heard of the Berlin airlift? And that was the free world standing up to a massive nuclear armed superpower. Blockades can be broken. Check your history.

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Posted in: Pelosi says U.S. will 'not allow' China to isolate Taiwan See in context

Taiwan does not want to be assimilated by the Great Borg of China. It's right that the U.S.A should protect a democracy from being consumed by fascist China.

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Posted in: UK sea levels rising quicker than century ago: study See in context

Go to any beach in Japan and you'll sea that the sand bar extends well past the point of high tide.

These means that long ago, well before SUVs were invented, the water line was much higher than it is today.

You should have paid more attention in geography class. There are sea creature fossils near the tops of mountains because the land sometimes rises; and sometimes falls. Buy yourself a book about plate tectonics.

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Posted in: UK sea levels rising quicker than century ago: study See in context

Climate change is real. The world is warming. But it's a complete waste of time worrying about it, as the entire capitalist system will have to change before we have any chance of dealing with the causes. As long as we continue to allow the exploitation of the natural environment to enrich the 1%, Elon Musk's, Royal families and off shore tax cheats nothing will ever change. So, party on because it's all going down anyway.

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Posted in: Governments ramp up demands for user info, Twitter warns See in context

I have zero sympathy for twitter. Despite several protests they continue to allow defamatory posts to exist on their site about a friend of mine. They aren't even polite enough to give an explanation of why they are failing to enforce their own rules. So, it's time government imposed controls on all the social media companies. They exist only to make a profit for their shareholders, whilst posing as the upholders of free speech. It's only about the money, so regulate them like every other business is regulated

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Posted in: Japan urges Russia not to hold military drills around disputed islands See in context

John NounToday  04:58 pm JST

The islands belong to Russia, because Russia lost 26million soldiers defeating Nazism which Japan supported.

Spot on. Nobody can deny these embarrassing facts.

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Oh yes they can, because Stalin originally made a pact with Hitler, and was his ally. The Russians only fought the Nazis as they were double crossed, and attacked by the Nazis. There is no Russian glory in their battle with the Nazis. It was pure self defence. Check your history.

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Posted in: Japan urges Russia not to hold military drills around disputed islands See in context

Given that the Russian military drills near the Ukraine border were really the beginning of an invasion, Japan should begin its own military build up in the same area. The world knows the Russians are liars. Despite the Putin bots that infest these pages, and spew Kremlin propaganda.

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Posted in: Japanese government urges businesses to raise wages on par with price hikes See in context

Do these politicians not understand that businesses exist solely to generate as much profit as possible for their shareholders, or owners? Therefore, an urge is worth nothing. Try legislating instead. Force all companies to increase wages by 2 percent annually or face fines, and imprisonment. Then, we can believe you really want change and are determined to make it happen.

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Posted in: Japanese government urges businesses to raise wages on par with price hikes See in context

Meanwhile, in the real world my gig economy friend has just had his hourly pay cut to minimum wage.

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Posted in: Opinions are divided over the government's decision to hold a state funeral for slain former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. What's your stance? See in context

He wasn't slain, he was murdered. Why not use the correct word?

And I am against a state funeral. Why should the public pay for a funeral? Give us a tax rebate, and stop wasting our money.

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Posted in: Nintendo Japan officially provides spousal benefits to same-sex partnerships See in context

All the married couples at my Japanese workplace claim an annual tax rebate for their non working dependent partner. So, John San you are wrong!

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Posted in: Kishida blames inadequate police protection for Abe's death See in context

When I was a London Metropolitan Police Officer, I was frequently tasked with protecting famous people in public scenarios outdoors.

First rule for Police in these situations is be located all around the famous person, to face the crowd and watch the crowd at all times.

The fact that wasn't done here demonstrates that Kishida is right, and somebody needs to lose their job and pension for gross incompetence. I would suggest that person should be the commanding Police Officer, or Secret Service person responsible for Abe's Protection.

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Posted in: Ex-PM Abe in critical condition after being shot while campaigning in Nara See in context

I'm shocked by this, and feel really upset. I think because this sort of thing is so rare in Japan. His family must be devastated. I didn't agree with his policies, but nobody deserves to be shot at for their political views in a democracy. His 100,000 yen was a good send at a difficult time. I hope he survived.

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Posted in: Japan introduces up to one-year jail time for cyberbullying, online abuse See in context

I wonder if this new law will have any effect on the news gossip site 5CH ? They are hosting a page of extreme abuse, and defamation, about a friend of mine. And yet, despite the original poster deleting their account, the website is refusing to remove the posts. They think they are safe from being charged with any crime as they are based in the Phillipines. How will this law reach overseas websites?

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Posted in: Warming climate upends Arctic mining town See in context

And still the capitalist system is allowed to run rampant. Allowing individuals and business to profiteer at the expense of the environment. And we all continue to suffer. Things can only get worse.

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Posted in: Ex-KAT-TUN singer Tanaka arrested again for drug possession, 9 days after getting suspended sentence See in context

Just legalize all drugs, and as long as this guy isn't harming anybody else, let him enjoy his drugs in peace.

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Posted in: Japan's heatwave continues; Kishida calls for ramp-up of nuclear power use See in context

Take off your mask, you'll feel a lot cooler.

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Posted in: Japan's top court orders Twitter to delete posts on man's past arrest See in context

A friend of mine was arrested in Japan on suspicion of commiting a serious offence. Of course, all the media gossips and the rats that post to Twitter had a field day naming, shaming and condemning him. But, after a long investigation he was charged with nothing and released as he wasn't guilty.

But, because of the internet retaining information of his arrest he's been fired from two jobs, and has consequently found it difficult to get on with the rest of his life. I've been helping him try to get some of the filth written about him removed from different websites. But it's a long, tiring process.

So, before you all rush to judgement. Just hope it never happens to you. There does need to be rules on publishing the names of arrested people before they are even charged, and found guilty. Laws need to be introduced to prevent the sick, online gossips from ruining people's lives. And online news sites keeping their news stories available indefinitely.

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Posted in: China vows it will fight to the end to stop Taiwan independence See in context

Maybe West Taiwan is too stupid to notice that East Taiwan is already an independent sovereign democratic nation? And always has been.

China should get it's own house in order. Introduce real democracy, and stop saber rattling. And how about getting a grip on rocket man?

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Posted in: Japan's defense minister slams nuclear neighbors who 'ignore rules' See in context

The rest of the world must now issue West Taiwan with an ultimatum. Either stop supporting the crazy fascist dictator in North Korea, or East Taiwan will be given nuclear weapons. Maybe then, the rest of us adults can move forward in our lives without being worried by the basket case North Koreans and Great Borg of China

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Posted in: Survey suggests about half of Japanese companies has an 'old guy who does nothing' See in context

A more interesting question would have been, "Is there a guy/woman that owns your company and has never done a days work in their lives?'

Why so? Because they are the truly indolent in our society, feasting like parasites upon the wealth created by the rest of us. So, give the old working people a break. Start looking up at the people oppressing you, instead of down at your fellow oppressed.

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Posted in: Japan's outdoor mask relaxation yet to filter through See in context

I only wear mine now when entering a shop, other indoor space, or on the crowded trains. That's out of politeness as it's a confined space, and if I did have an infection it might help me not to infect others.

However, its utterly ludicrous to see so many people still wearing them outdoors. Fair enough if you are coughing and sneezing. But if you are well, take it off! Don't be another mask zombie. Enjoy fresh air on your face again, and seeing people's faces.

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Posted in: Japan eyes reform of outdated labor systems based on gender roles See in context

The tax system needs updating so that I can get tax relief for financially supporting my same sex partner through this pandemic. But then that would mean changing the homophobic Japanese mindset that currently bans the legal recognition of same sex relationships. Seems like Japan needs to recognize it's stuck in the past, at least fifty years behind the rest of modern western societies like the U.S.A and E.U.

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