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Despite the fact free protestations of the likes of Bjorn Templeton the facts are as follows.

Most cyclists are highly responsible and try their best to travel safely and considerately.

Cycling is a growth activity and industry in Japan. It provides many jobs in manufacture and sales.

Cycling is a clean, green way to travel as no pollution is produced. Nobody ever died from breathing the fumes from a cyclist.

Millions of people cycle in Japan every day without incident. Very few people are ever killed or injured by cyclists.

If dedicated cycle lanes were built cyclists would not use the road.

Most cyclists using the pavement do so at just above a walking speed and always give way to pedestrians.

I regularly see motorists watching TV or using their mobile phones when driving.

I regularly witness motor vehicle drivers running red lights and failing to give way to pedestrians on pedestrian crossings.

Car drivers kill many, many more people than cyclists do.

Car drivers pollute the air with their foul exhausts and tyre wear. This not only causes the premature death of thousands of people every year but also contributes to global warming.

Despite car drivers seeming to pay more taxes than cyclists. In fact the importation of oil to convert into petrol in Japan is a drag on the Japanese economy as it has a negative effect upon the balance of payments. This negatively effects the value of the Yen and means all of us have to pay more for everything we import. So, we are all massively subsidizing motor vehicle drivers.

It's time Japan embraced cycling as the Netherlands has and encouraged more lazy, selfish, arrogant and dangerous car drivers out of their vehicles.

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Paul14 time you left Tokyo, Cars are staying, cars are needed, for the economy, the employment, the tax and many other factors, bicycles contribute nothing to the economy, no ongoing tax revenue, nothing towrds the road ways the cycle lanes or anything, just users and takers who think it is their RIGHT to do as they like how they like when they like where they like with no regard for anyone else using the footpath or the roadway.

Bjorn Tomention it's time that you realized that cars are unsustainable. The manufacture and use of bicycles also contributes to the economy, and employment, as well as purchase tax when they are bought. Meanwhile, the import of oil to Japan to produce petrol to power your favorite mode of transport is actually a drag on the economy as it is an import and affects the balance of payments negatively. That means a lower value yen which makes all of us in Japan poorer so actually everybody in Japan is subsiding your obsession with driving a car. Also, as I stated in an earlier post... in my experience cycling in Tokyo it is the motorists who are the takers. They think it's their RIGHT to do as they like, how they like, when they like, where they like whilst polluting the air and hurting all of us, as they are too lazy to walk or cycle. They drive over pedestrian crossings whilst pedestrians are still using them and they treat left turns against a red traffic signal as a give way. Only this morning I was almost wiped out by a black taxi doing an illegal U Turn.

It's time motorists got real and recognized that they are the problem. They are the polluters. The murderers of countless people in road accidents. They should get real , learn to cooperate and understand how the road and road users behave and move. If they learnt some basic sense , awareness , laws and exercised some common sense all of them would leave their cars at home and use public transport, cycle or walk.

Cars don't obey the traffic rules and why you think it acceptable to describe your fellow road users as numb skulls on a bike just further demonstrates your supreme arrogance and lack of care. You shouldn't be allowed on the road.

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cracaphatToday  09:02 pm JST

Good luck with that.Japanese for the most part, don't bother with looking left or right or checking for other riders when riding.Gives me the shiz.

You should try cycling and you will see that car drivers are just as bad. This morning a black taxi did a U turn right in front of me and it was my right of way. He forced me to brake sharply and almost come off my bike on a busy road. it seems that there's a disease that car drivers have that makes cyclists invisible to them. Or it's just dangerous, inconsiderate and lazy driving coupled with a King of the Road attitude. The police and authorities should massively clamp down on dangerous car drivers in Japan. You only have to read some of the comments here to witness the absolute ignorance and arrogance of many such car drivers and their feelings of superiority over cyclists.

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Get out of the god damn way, learn the road rules, stick to them, stop impeding the flow of traffic , learn how to SHARE the damn road which also means pay your fair share, either you are behaving like a pedestrian therefore you are in the same classification ( so stay off the damn road) or you are a vehicle ( so act like one and move with in the bounds of the traffic) or stay the F home.

What a hypocritical comment. It's car drivers who present the greatest danger to other road users in Japan. They kill many more people than cyclists as well as contributing to climate change and asthma, allergies etc. They also regularly drive across pedestrian crossings whilst the green man is still lit and drive through red lights when turning left. Roads are also paid for from general taxation so cyclists also pay for roads. Everybody pays for the roads. Any taxes on motorists are used to repair the constant damage motor vehicles do to road surfaces and to treat those made ill by road pollution. That;s where your car taxes go. So, get off your high horse, and off your lard axxe and get on your bike.

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It's time the government recognized that motor vehicles are the problem in Tokyo. They pollute the air and they are always driving across pedestrian crossings whilst pedestrians are still on the crossing. They also treat red lights when they turn left as give way signs. The authorities should reduce traffic speed limits to 20mph/32kph and build a dedicated bicycle lane along every road so that cyclists don't have to take their lives in their hands at the mercy of lazy polluting car drivers. People should celebrate clean cycling.

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None. But my car did hit a cyclist once and he fell to the ground.. It was on a blind T intersection. I was at the bottom. When the light turned green I started forward turning left. Then a cyclist came at great speed running the red light right in front of my car which bumped him and knocked him to the ground. Luckily he knew he was the idiot in that picture and he apologized. Had he called for police the system here would have put me in jail. Had he killed himself I would have gone to jail.

Why am I not surprised you've hit a cyclist? You're whole attitude is that it's everybody else's fault when road accidents happen. You should have seen that cyclist and braked in time so as not to hit them. You were clearly not paying attention. You were at fault.

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Don't assume that kind of road like Tokyo residential area where you expect pedestrians or bicycles in any corner of the street. On the other hands on national highways you can drive on same roads for several days without seeing any bicycles at all, so drivers will expect a car with all light head and tail light but suddenly when encountering a slow moving bicycle that quite often without night time reflector or sufficient light will lead to accident.

Motor vehicle drivers should not be behind the wheel if they are not prepared for the unexpected. And if you encounter a cyclist on a narrow road you should be patient and wait until you have room to pass safely i.e by giving the cyclist a wide berth. Anything else is just impatient dangerous driving and motorists deserve to be prosecuted if they fail to be courteous, considerate and patient towards other road users including cyclists.

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Japan is right to do this as statements by the UK are utterly meaningless. The UK is currently suffering from its own suicidal decision to do brexit and by not taking the corona virus seriously. The UK is a far, far away place from Hong Kong and the UK is allowing the Chinese to build its 5G network and a nuclear power plant. So Hong Kong is low down on its priority list. Talk is cheap and brexitard UK is looking for a trade deal with fascist China at any cost. So why should Japan sign up to such a UK proposal? Japan should make its own decisions and its own criticisms.

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This is for you Artemis Rodgers

If the car driver had passed a driving test and wasn't drunk or speeding s/he would have known to give a cyclist s/he was passing a wide berth so that even if the cyclist was drunk and fell suddenly from their bicycle then the car would not harm the cyclist. This is considered in law in all modern nations the responsibility of drivers and as an ex cop I know its a fact.

One wonders why you are so quick to blame the cyclist? How many cyclists have you injured or killed? Do you think getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle makes you king of the road ? And be damned anybody on two wheels?

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All of you who bought cheap Chinese goods and turned a blind eye to the human rights abuses are about to reap what you sowed. The evil authoritarian Chinese dictatorship will first impose its will upon Hong Kong and on all who trade with her. Stand up to this new fascism now or watch it roll over your dead corpse.

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I've visited this Buddha several times and it's always had a serene expression. Has this photograph been doctored as the Buddha looks miserable?

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Lets hope this law puts an end to the scam used by companies in Japan where they employ workers from noon until 9 everyday but class their employees as part time to avoid making any pension contributions.

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Its reinforced for me the need to get out of debt and build some savings as quickly as possible. Governments across the world have shown they weren't ready either with the right health equipment or the means to properly help those unable to work and earn money.

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Hit and run seems common in Japan. Is it ? And do police ever catch these murderers and what are the penalties? It would have been good if the article had explored this.

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These reality shows prey upon vulnerable personalities most of whom are desperate for fame and acceptance at almost any cost and as such have fragile egos. They really should provide 24 hour care for the human beings they are exploiting and be held responsible if any suicides happen otherwise their shows should be closed down.

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When I'm walking down an empty street I don't wear my mask. But as soon as I go in a shop I put it on. Better safe than sorry.

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Not enrolling in the national health system is illegal for over 20's. So if you don't pay, you are breaking the law. And then if you bust your legs they will ask you pay the accumulated fees from the time that you stopped paying.

If this is true thanks for the advice. I wasn't aware.

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I've been paying into Japanese health care for over two decades, and it's always "paid out" when I needed it.

So I'm not sure why you are talking about hypothetical made up situations that don't exist in relation to whether to pay for a real world service.

The premise of the article is that the Japanese health system is about to collapse because of Corona virus. If that is hypothetical then great. But if it happens then I'm paying health insurance for what ? I won't be able to get treated if I need it.

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I think that if you can afford to pay, but stop stop paying insurance, you should lose all eligibility to hospitals. If you want access, you can back-pay for the years when everyone else was.

If you're ok being turned away from any hospital you try to go to, then I say go ahead, stop paying.

I guess that you don't understand that if you don't have government health insurance, and you get sick, then you are expected to pay 100 percent of the cost instead of getting your two thirds reduction? Hence why I said I may as well save the money. Especially as even if I get sick it appears there won't be enough hospital beds to treat me anyway. Did you think I was trying to freeload? Tell me why you would pay into an insurance fund that apparently won't pay out when you need it? Is that what you advise ?

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I'm currently paying 38000 yen a month government health insurance and you're telling me there's only 5 ICU beds per 100000 people ? WTF. I think I'll stop paying and save the money instead. What do you other readers think? I'm in good health. Probably visit a doctor on average once every twelve months. I'm 50.

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Pepper the robot is annoying as possible. Much better to be greeted by a live human medical expert.

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The novelty of working from home soon wears off especially when one realises you're always at work when you work from home. And it's not like most Tokyo people have a spare room to set up a workspace at home.

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I'm with Shinsei and as long as you use their Visa Gaica card every month the banking including withdrawals is free. Only difference here with Sony is the reduction at Sony stores. I was originally with SMBC and they were absolutely awful requiring a 3 hour visit every month to transfer funds abroad. I can do it on my mobile app now with Shinsei.

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All the Apple fan boys will be kicking themselves after spending a fortune over the years on basically rubbish phones with zero security. Alas Saint Steve Jobs might have to be re-evaluated.

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Posted in: Japan to boost stimulus to ¥117 tril due to cash payouts to ease virus pain See in context

Bear in mind that the Japanese tend to be pretty big savers on average, and tend to be more risk-averse than your average Westerner. So I respectfully disagree, and think that people who don't really need the stimulus money will be more likely to save a big chunk of it if they can.

You are absolutely right about older Japanese who already have savings. Most of them will probably bank it, or put it in a shoebox under the bed. However, there are millions of below 30 year old Japanese with no savings who work in low paid jobs and effectively live hand to mouth. Those I know, who despite the virus still have some income have already told me they're planning on spending their 100,000 on a treat for themselves. Clothes, music, food etc.

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So in basic terms for those without the IQ, it means not only your children but your childrens children will be indebted to the system well beyond their means , and that is exactly the way the want it.

You clearly haven't noticed that these national debts are rarely, if ever, repaid. Governments simply service the interest on the bonds they sell and often even create more bonds to service that interest. The U.S.A has been doing that for decades now.

Also, governments that have their own currency such as Japan can simply use quantitative easing whereby their own state Bank simply buys back government bonds with money it creates out of thin air. Then, when the government makes interest payments on the bonds it pays itself. The Bank of England successfully used this method to rescue the City of London Banks after the last global financial crisis. So don't worry too much because your children and children's children should be okay for the foreseeable future.

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Vehicles in Japan should be forbidden from crossing over pedestrian crossings when pedestrians are still using them. Yes, even when they're turning left.

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It makes absolute sense to give everybody this payment. Firstly, it will directly help those struggling without income because of the virus without them being required to provide numerous required proofs of income. Secondly, the money going to those who don't need it will act as a huge stimulus to the economy as it's spent on extras that otherwise could not be bought. And finally, this huge cash injection will kick start inflation, lower the value of the yen and help Japanese exports.

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This is a failure of government. In a crisis like the present day novel Corona virus...shops should be required to limit the number of items each customer can purchase and ban customers who attempt to circumvent the rules by returning frequently. Also, customers that like to pick up, touch and replace items back on the shelf should be banned. The rule should be that if you touch it you must buy it. Both rules would immediately stop the older retired hoardes from buying up all the stock and spreading the virus by manhandling products they then leave on the shelves.

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One wonders if it's even worth continuing to pay 38000 yen every month into the Japanese Health Care system ? What's the point if when I get sick I can't be treated as the system is overwhelmed ?

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