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Posted in: Feeling the heat See in context

Sand OK. Tokyo Bay water not so much.

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Posted in: Japanese horse Epicharis scratched from Belmont Stakes See in context

Very disappointed he was scratched. I was looking forward to him competing.

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Posted in: Toshiba to pay $3.68 billion for Westinghouse reactors in U.S. See in context

Udondashi: Japan Inc. was not forced to invest billions in Westinghouse or Rockefeller Center. Maybe you missed that Toshiba admitted Westinghouse was a mistake.

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Posted in: Shed no tears for Sharapova in fight against doping See in context

She's supposedly worth 135 million dollars. And even if her career ended, she would probably still make millions more in endorsements. I'm not worried for her.

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Posted in: Japan to tighten crackdown on coercion in porn video business See in context

Andrew Crisp: Since quite a bit of this stuff is distributed worldwide, I have to think the "legit' Japanese studios would keep records of proof of age. Otherwise, an exec could step off a plane in a foreign country and conceivably  face charges.

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Posted in: Japanese collector pays record $110.5 mil for Basquiat painting at New York auction See in context

Cliffy: He WAS a graffiti artist early in his life. And I have to disagree, I don't think the usual graffiti street art measures up to his skill level.

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Posted in: Miley Cyrus takes to Instagram to clarify hip-hop remarks See in context

Cyrus gave a generic example of sexually explicit lyrics about women, and said that such lyrics "pushed me out of the hip-hop scene a little."

Whatever your opinion of her, she was spot on about the nasty, misogynistic lyrics.

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Posted in: Made-in-China passenger jet set to take wing See in context

The power and control systems seem to be made in the west.

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Posted in: Trump enjoys health care victory; hails ties with Australia See in context

A "healthcare" bill that that's only about removing healthcare from the people who need it the most.  Do we laugh or cry?

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Posted in: Trump would be 'honored' to meet N Korea's Kim, if conditions right See in context

Seems obvious Trump has a thing for dictators like Kim, Putin, Erdogan, and Duterte.

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Posted in: Japanese museums abandoning no-photos policy See in context

Still, there have been cases in which photographers have damaged artworks.

So out of the millions and millions of worldwide museum visitors, how many photographers have damaged artworks?

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Posted in: Bra maker does its bit for Premium Friday See in context

Commuters are pushed onto trains so maybe potential shoppers could be pushed into stores.

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Posted in: Japan’s love affair with pasta goes off the rails See in context

One of my first times in Japan I ordered pasta in a pub and watched with horror as the cook squeezed ketchup in the dish. I can't say it was very tasty and I don't understand why this persists because ready made good quality tomato sauce is available. Is it cost and/or tradition?

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Posted in: Delta OKs offers of up to $9,950 to flyers who give up seats See in context

The old saying is true: Everyone has their price. If only United had thought of this.

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Posted in: Ethics textbook change causes widespread constroversy See in context

Meddling and micromanaging by the ministry culture police.

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Posted in: Musician Ian McCulloch flees Japan amid U.S.-N Korea tensions; show cancelled without notice See in context

"... in response to the news that there is an armed conflict between the US and North Korea,..."

So where did Ian and his manager read or hear that a war started?

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Posted in: High court upholds obscenity ruling against 'vagina artist' See in context

"The lower court ruled that the 3-D data “realistically reproduce the shape (of female genitalia) and stimulate the viewers’ sexual desire,” but the artworks do not immediately suggest they are female genitals as they are decorated and painted with colors different from skin color."

Not sure if this is just nuts or laughable.

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Posted in: Japan needs anti-smoking law ahead of Tokyo Olympics: WHO See in context

Utter rubbish. Ban smoking just because of a 2 week event, makes no sense at all.

15,000 people — mainly women and children dying per year from second hand smoke is not rubbish. And some other comments here about other issues being a priority is a false equivalent.

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Posted in: Trump's son-in-law met with U.S. sanctioned Russian bank; will testify See in context

For those of you who say there was no crime committed, that could the case. But remember the political expression: It's not always the crime, it's the cover up. Now there's blood in the water and the sharks are circling. Stay tuned.

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Posted in: Vietnamese detainee killed himself in immigration center, community leader says See in context

"Some detainees are held for months and even years with no clear knowledge of when they will be let out. Many develop depression and insomnia..."

Sounds like living hell.

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Posted in: Trump, GOP leaders pull bill to repeal 'Obamacare' See in context

IF they had a vote where everyone was on the record, Republicans would have abandoned ship and voted no in big numbers. The reason? Not because of the far right appeal to completely trash Obamacare, but because they would have to face the wrath of constituents losing healthcare insurance.

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Posted in: Trump to GOP: Pass health care bill or seal your fate See in context

Lies pushed by the Speaker, lies pushed by the Majority Leader, and lies pushed by the biggest liar of them all in the White House.

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Posted in: Trump OKs changes in GOP health care bill, winning support See in context

As some of you have suggested, this is strictly a political bill and not about healthcare as they would have you believe.

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Posted in: Trump OKs changes in GOP health care bill, winning support See in context

He's 100 per cent behind it until it fails miserably. Then he will pin blame on the convenient scapegoat (s).

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Posted in: Diet proposes one-off abdication law for emperor See in context

"So...don't make a habit of it?"

They don't want to create a precedent and make it too easy for a future royal family member to call it quits when the stress gets to be too much. Make them feel as if they are obligated for life.

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Posted in: Two halves of a whole: Japan’s habitual ‘labeling’ of bicultural kids See in context

Let's hope "hafu" will fade from Japanese terminology. As intermarriage inevitably increases, the term will probably lose it's stigma. It already has to a certain extent. Some kids nowadays think it's cool.

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Posted in: Japan one-ups Scotch with whisky, coveted around the world See in context

About ten years ago I bought bottles of basic Yamazaki and Nikka whiskies in Japan for reasonable prices. Now those prices have dramatically increased both in Japan and the US, probably a result of success and publicity.

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Posted in: China waits to hear why Japanese warship going to South China Sea See in context

She sounds quite anal.

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Posted in: U.S. military to deploy attack drones to S Korea See in context

Kim Jong-un should be programmed in these drones. Dear Leader Jr. would hide under his bed.

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Posted in: Trump open to tweaking Republican health care bill See in context

Trump vowed on the campaign trail to get rid of Obamacare and replace it with a program that offers better care more affordably, and covers everyone who needs health insurance.

Think he'll "tweak" the Republican bill to increase affordability and cover everyone? Think again.

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